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10 cheapest countries in the world
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Today you will know that the 10 cheapest countries in the world are the cheapest to live and travel here if you go to visit here, you will get things at a very cheap rate according to your currency, it is very cheap to live here, eat and travel if you go to any If you are planning a tour in the country, then this country will be best for you because it is very economical to travel here.

Here we have given the list of top 10 countries, most of them are poor countries and their currency rate is very low, but all these countries are very beautiful countries, and their beauty is such that it was not captured in the camera. Can go

Of these, countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, and Sri Lanka are very close to India, so you will not have to pay much for the flight to go here many tourists come to these 10 countries and tourist visa is also available here very easily. That is, in a country like Nepal, you can go without any visa and in many other countries, the visa is available hand-in-hand.

10 cheapest countries in the world

Let’s start this list and see about the 10 cheapest countries in the world. Here the list will start from 10 and end at 1, the tenth country here is the most expensive of the ten in this list and the number one country is the cheapest among these 10 countries.

10. Belarus

Belarus is a country full of historicity, when you enjoy tea and coffee sitting in the restaurants and hotels here, you will feel as if you are in the time of the Soviet Union, here you will find many old museums in which you will find a lot of old times. Things will be seen.

Beautiful lakes, beautiful cities, and parks are ready to attract you here. Here Belarus ruble goes, 1 ruble of Belarus is equal to ₹ 22 of India. If you want to travel to Europe cheaply then Belarus can be very affordable for you.

9. Sri Lanka

Most of the Indians from Sri Lanka are also recognized by the name Lanka, Sri Lanka is a very beautiful country located at the bottom of the map of India. The Sinhalese language is spoken in Lanka, which is considered the home of Ravana in ancient times, here along with geographical beauty, the beauty of tradition is also plentiful.

Here, very beautiful sea shores, high mountains, and lush green forests will be seen. Here ₹ 1 Indian rupee is equal to two Sri Lankan rupees.

8. Nepal

Nepal is a neighboring country of India, where you will not need any kind of visa to go, you can enter Nepal even by showing the Aadhar card of India, you will feel almost like India in seeing Nepal, it is natural beauty and The country is famous for its monasteries.

Nepal has the highest Buddhist and Hindu population, apart from this, there are Christian Muslims and other minorities too. There are many such beautiful places in Nepal, which you will be mesmerized to see, here the most beautiful Kathmandu is considered which is the capital of Nepal. Is. India’s ₹1 is approximately equal to 2 Nepalese Rupees in Nepal.

7. Moldova

If you want to travel to Europe very cheaply, then the country of Moldova will be very economical for you. And you can have fun here.

Malkova country’s nightlife is very famous, although the currency here is 4 times that of India, still, this country will be very economical for you, 1 Moldovan Leu here is equal to 4 rupees of India.

Every year millions of visitors come from all over the world to see the beauty of this country, here you will find great hotel restaurants as well as great food that you can splurge on.

6. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a Caribbean country, which is located in Central America, it is a very beautiful and magnificent country. The natural beauty of Costa Rica captivates everyone, with lush green forests and many waterfalls to be seen here.

Costa Rica is also known for its many drinks, people often come here to have fun, you will feel like a king when you sit with a drink on the breathtaking beach here. The currency here is also very cheap, this country will be very economical for you, India’s ₹ 1 has 8.56 Costa Rican currency here.

5. Chile

If you want to enjoy a jungle trip and trekking with friends, then Chile is the cheapest country. Let’s have a country full of natural beauty and people get mesmerized by the beauty of the mountains here. Chile has many beautiful cities as well as natural beauty, this country is very good to visit and is also considered safe. Here the cost of Indian Rupee is around 9.84. Due to the cheap rate of currency, you can easily roam around Chile.

4. Hungary

Hungary is a very beautiful country in the world, where you can roam for very little money. In terms of expenses, you will get the country of Hungary almost like India, here you will easily get a hotel for one night between 700 to thousand rupees.

Hungary is also a country full of historicity, along with the natural beauty here, the beauty of Hungarian cities will also fascinate you. The foreign currency that runs in Hungary is only 0.21 against Re 1 .

3. Bolivia

South American country Bolivia will be very cheap for Indians and it ranks third in the list of cheapest countries in the world. There are many rivers, forests and historical buildings to see in this country, which is very attractive, it is a country full of historicity, to see which millions of fighters from all over the world come every year.

There are many hot water sources in the country of Bolivia, which we also call hot springs in English, many people also come to this country to enjoy them. Here one Indian Rupee is 0.095 Boliviano. Due to the currency here being almost equal to India, you will not see much difference in money, so in terms of expenses, you will feel almost like India.

2. Cambodia

Cambodia is the second cheapest country in the world, living here, eating and drinking everything is very cheap, this country is known for its natural beauty and temples. The most famous temple here is Angkor Wat, which makes it easy for you to understand Hinduism, a lot of research work is done here often, and scientists keep visiting these temples trying to find history.

₹1 in India is equal to 55 reals of Cambodia. Tourists from all over the world come here to see the old ruins, the Royal Palace and many Hindu temples.

1. Vietnam

Vietnam is known as the cheapest country in the world, it also comes in the list of beautiful countries. The natural beauty of this country is very attractive, every year lakhs of fighters come from all over the world to see this country. If you are planning to travel somewhere and do not have much money, then you can visit Vietnam very cheaply.

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There are many Buddhist temples here, with which many mythological stories are associated, people eat delicious food found in this country. The rivers of this country, the mountains are the center of beauty of this country, as well as the War Museum and French architecture remains the center of attraction. Indian Rupee 1 is equal to 321 Vietnamese Dong.


Here we talked about the 10 cheapest countries in the world , in this list, along with telling about the countries, we have also talked about the geographical beauty and currency there. If you are planning to travel abroad and your budget is very tight, then you should definitely choose one of these 10 countries. Hope you liked this article and definitely share it with your close friends. See you in a new article.

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