21 Signs You Are Not Very Attractive

21 Signs You Are Not Very Attractive
21 Signs You Are Not Very Attractive
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21 Signs You Are Not Very Attractive

All of us sometimes feel unattractive.

Lately, I’ve been feeling personally unattractive, so I researched what it is that makes a woman attractive.

This article is the result of that research.

I disagree with a lot, but these are all signs of unattractiveness that emerged from a study.

Nobody likes to feel unattractive.

When you let yourself go, people aren’t inclined to tell you to your face that they’re treading unattractive territory.

You could hint at it, but most likely it will make you uncomfortable.

Because of this, it’s important to be self-aware if you’re doing something wrong.

It’s not just about beauty, it’s also about health.

It hurts more when other people insult us than when you insult yourself in any way.

And often what other people think of has an impact on how you see yourself.

That’s sad but true.

It is very important that you take care of yourself, no ifs or buts; because attractiveness has a lot to do with being well-groomed – attractiveness is not just the beauty we are born with.

The normal person some days feels really good about their appearance and other days they feel like the most unattractive person in the world, and that’s totally normal.

Remember: attractiveness isn’t just what we see with our eyes, it’s also what we feel with our heart and soul.

Here are the signs that make a woman a little unattractive.

1. You lack self-confidence

21 Signs You Are Not Very Attractive
21 Signs You Are Not Very Attractive
Confidence is half the battle when it comes to attractiveness.

Stand tall and proud and believe you’re hot and just get out there and enjoy life.

2. Nobody flirts with you

When you’re out with girlfriends, you notice that the boys/guys buzz around your girlfriends like bees around flowers.

But they don’t flirt with you except maybe once or twice.

In these situations, you feel sorry for yourself.

You shouldn’t feel sorry for yourself though, because these types of men are the most superficial.

Nobody wants a superficial man in their life.

3. You have bad teeth

A yellow, crooked smile makes someone look less attractive.

If you’re worried about your teeth holding you back, see your dentist.

He can advise you and show you what you can do to get a beautiful smile.

But you shouldn’t overdo it and get a Hollywood smile because you will lose your uniqueness.

4. People don’t look you in the eye

You’ve noticed that people don’t look at you.

This affects your self-esteem.

5. You have often felt ugly

That doesn’t mean that if you feel ugly, you are.

That’s just a feeling and it doesn’t have to be true.

6. You have a bad relationship with your body

Are you friends with your body?

Eat healthily, take care of him as lovingly as if he belongs to the most important person in the world because he is.

Take good care of your body because it is your temple.

7. Difficult to take a good picture of you

Do you really need to go through your photos of yourself to find one you like?

Do you often tell yourself: “The photo is poorly lit” or “The angle is bad” etc.?

Maybe you’re not photogenic and you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

8. You are overweight

Obesity drastically reduces a person’s attractiveness, and it is also dangerous for health.

Of course, we believe in #bodypositivity and loving yourself the way you are.

But if you can become a better, healthier version of yourself with a healthy diet, is it wrong to change?

9. They are unkempt

This applies to both men and women.

Scruffy eyebrows, hairy backs, wild beards, overgrown body hair – these don’t look good on other people.

Of course, unless you’re intentionally letting everything run wild to prove something, you should do yourself a favor and groom yourself.

10. They have no or too much butt

It hurts to hear you have an ugly butt.

If you think about it a lot, go to a gym and work on yourself.

11. You have bad skin

While it’s not fair that some people are prone to acne and others aren’t.

While there may be a few, very rare instances where a dermatologist can’t help, with a little patience and good skincare, you can definitely have the best skin you’ve ever had in a few months.

12. They hate looking at themselves in the mirror

There are people who can’t stop looking at themselves in the mirror.

They check every mirror or reflective object they pass.

But you? nope

You get by with the 5-minute check in the morning.

13. You envy other women

You envy some women.

These women are endowed with good genes, good childhoods, and everything else.

This envy strikes when you see someone really pretty or really sexy, and especially when that person has a boyfriend who treats that woman like royalty.

We all envy such women.

14. They bend over when they walk

You should try to walk proud and upright.

Poor posture is the worst.

Not only does it look unattractive, it also makes you look unhealthy.

Walk tall and tall, lift your chin a little, and look out at the world like you’re ready for anything.

15. They have dirty nails

One look at your dirty nails and others can’t help but wonder, “How can this woman not find two minutes to cut her nails?”

16. They have bad hair

A bad haircut can greatly affect a person’s attractiveness.

Before you let your stylist do your hair with scissors, be clear about what you want.

17. You don’t get compliments

If you ever date a really attractive person, you will witness them receiving comments and compliments about their looks.

When someone is undeniably hot, that becomes a topic of conversation.

18. You sometimes neglect personal hygiene

There are days when you forget to put on deodorant or brush your teeth.

This is perfectly normal.

But when those “some days” turn into “most days” and you realize people give you weird looks when you’re around them.

You should think about what you should do differently.

19. You worry too much about what people think of you

You are insecure and it shows.

You have never felt special and in fact, you feel like everyone is against you so you are sensitive and overly sensitive to criticism.

It doesn’t have to be attractive.

You need to love yourself more and confidence will come naturally.

20. They have bad tattoos

Not all tattoos are bad, some are even sexy even if they cover half the body.

But then there are a few tattoos that turn everyone else off.

Terrible tattoos don’t sit well with most people.

21. They wear ill-fitting or mismatched outfits

Baggy, baggy clothing is just as much a fashion faux pas as tiny mini dresses on the wrong woman.

Find out what suits you and is appropriate for your age.

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