42 content ideas that always work in social media

42 content ideas that always work in social media
42 content ideas that always work in social media
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Here are 42 content ideas that always work in social media. If you really want to be active (and therefore more successful) on social media, you have to post quite often. Despite the editorial plan, you can run out of breath.

Variety in content is one of THE success factors for your social channels.

That’s why I have 42 content ideas for you – all of which have been tried out and found to be good. However, you have to decide for yourself and your accounts which formats are particularly important.

Tips and insights behind the scenes are sure to go down very well with a photographer. If you are a mindset coach, quotes are more likely to be a reach booster. In principle, however, all suggestions can be implemented by everyone – just with the right priorities.

Which formats are right for you? Find out The motto is: “Trial & Error” or “Trial makes you smart”.

42 content ideas that always work in social media

2021 Content-Ideas tricksskill
2021 Content-Ideas tricksskill

1. Introduce a book

Reading is a great way to balance your stressful everyday life. So just share which book you are reading right now or which is your absolute favorite – and why. But you don’t have to recommend a technical book for the devil. It can also be a great novel.

2. Share a quote

Quotes (almost) always work. Which of us is not good for a little motivation and inspiration in between? Since the captions (i.e. the picture captions) are sometimes not read, your quote is best saved in a graphic – beautifully designed, but striking. If you then insert a little call-to-action in your caption and encourage sharing, your quote should have a good reach – regardless of whether it comes from the Dalai Lama or your granny.

3. Pass on helpful information

Instagram has already tinkered with its features again? Or the absolute guru in your field shared a new insight in his new blog article?

Why should you use the knowledge only for yourself? Tell about it in your story or your feed or share the article directly (if that’s possible on the platform). In this way, you show that you really know your way around the industry and create trust with your followers.

4. Start a competition

Okay, okay, sweepstakes may already be exhausted, but guess what? They still work. The price must of course be attractive to your target group. If you want to combine the whole thing with your own products or services, you can, for example, advertise your new product for exclusive pre-testing or a free session with you.

By sharing and linking, your reach shoots immeasurably.

5. Take a challenge

Challenges go in a similar direction to the competition, but your followers have to do something themselves. There are basically two types of challenges

  • Raffle: eg send your best photo from XYZ. I push the most beautiful photo in my story.
  • Knowledge: Here you give your followers tasks that they have to do. The gain is new knowledge. This can also work great with services.

However, the topics must also fit your business here.

6. Introduce yourself and/or your team

Who is actually hiding behind your account? Are you an alone fighter or do you have great employees? Maybe even animal support? The performance can be classic or creative. How about, for example, if your employees introduce themselves to Sandra in five emojis?

Giving your account a face creates closeness and trust.

7. Allow a look behind the scenes

In addition to the people, your followers are also interested in the trimmings. Just show them your workplace (especially in summer when you are sitting on the balcony or in the garden) or take them with you to production.

A special highlight is sneak peeks: You show a tiny glimpse of a new product or service. That creates tension.

8. Take your followers with you through a typical day

Nothing works before the first coffee. But then it goes straight to the desk. Check your e-mails first … Sounds totally lame? Your followers are sure to find it exciting. It shows them even more precisely what makes you tick and thus builds trust.

You can show your everyday life particularly well in your story. In contrast to the feed, the pressure here is much smaller that everything has to be perfect.

9. Take your followers with you to events

Are you planning a great event today, where you might even learn something? Then share it in real-time with your followers. You can also use your story for this. And who knows, maybe the event will even share your story and you will catapult your reach upwards.

10. Explain what you are actually doing

Have you ever run into a virtual assistant? At first, I didn’t even know what that was supposed to be. So much is hidden behind the name. From telephone service to social media strategy.

Therefore, make it clear what you stand for (even if you are not a virtual assistant).

11. Share successes and milestones

In social media, the social thought prevails more and more: You win and lose TOGETHER. Therefore, let your followers participate in your success – they will be so happy for you. Even if it is “only” the 300th Instagram follower.

12. Stand by your mistakes

I don’t know anyone who always runs smoothly. We all make mistakes. There is no shame in that. So be honest and stand by it when you are not in the flow. This shows your humanity, builds trust, and also takes the pressure off others.

13. Be grateful

Do you finally have the 500th follower that you have been waiting for so long? Then show a little gratitude for everyone who made this success possible: your followers, colleagues, family, friends …

14. Share customer feedback

If you do a good job, you will surely get a lot of positive feedback. You can post them without looking arrogant. Your feed shouldn’t just consist of great feedback, though.

15. Ask for feedback

Go on the offensive and ask your followers and/or customers what they like about your products or your account and what they don’t. However, you may not want to be in 10 legal cases with your clients.

16. Solve a problem

And a concrete one. Do your followers all have time problems? Share your ultimate tip for better time management. Your followers can start something with it.

17. Reveal which tools you work with

What would we be without our tools? The feed would be ugly, you would have to post manually, posting videos would be utopian, etc.

There are so many great tools out there that do a lot of work for you. Your followers may need a little tutoring. Therefore, give an insight into your very personal toolbox.

By the way: If you don’t have any special tools, surely there are routines or little hacks that make your everyday life easier, right?

18. Debunk a myth

There are myths in every area: Five meals a day make you fat, SEO is difficult, the hamburger comes from the USA.

Clean it up – but in a charming way. A little quiz is also funny: What did I come up with and what is the truth?

19. Draw attention to your offer

Even if social media is not (only) intended to sell your products and services, you should still incorporate self-promotion over and over again. This is very easy for some people (e.g. product for IG Shopping), others have to tell a little story and show the customer what he gets out of it. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Show on which channels you can still be found
  • Present your freebie
  • Explain your product/offer (also in combination e.g. with a discount campaign)

20. Answer frequently asked questions

There are bound to be questions that your customers keep asking. These are the topics that are particularly hot for them. Take advantage of this by answering these questions for many before they even arise.

If you have a large collection of questions, you can also make a small series of them.

21. Ask a question

Actively contact your followers and involve them. Show them that they and their opinions matter. For example, ask what your biggest challenge is currently (yeah, also new topic input) or which excursion destination in your area they recommend.

But you can also ask for their favorite tool or let them vote on the topic for your next blog post.

22. Show yourself or your product in action

Telling about your services and products is all well and good, but it’s even more exciting when your followers can get a real picture of them. Grab your best friend and do a little photoshoot with her and your product. Or let her take a photo of you during a consultation.

23. Nutze User-Generated Content

Why does everything yourself when your customers are already using your product? Simply send you photos of your satisfied buyers and share them (of course only with their consent). You can also create your own hashtag under which your followers can post and find photos of your products.

Make sure to link the buyers here as well. That shows your gratitude and could even extend your reach.

24. Reports of current developments

Are there any breakthrough changes in your industry? Or maybe just small ones? Show that you know about this by sharing the information.

25. Provide hard facts

Facts and figures don’t sell, but they are always interesting for your followers. An example would be Instagram user numbers. It’s best to write a short explanation of what these facts mean for your followers.

26. Share an infographic

Some topics take a lot of words to explain. A short infographic can help here, in which you briefly and visually show the key points – or just entertain.

27. It has to be a little fun

Your content doesn’t always have to be deadly serious. With so much brain food, your followers need something to smile about every now and then. GIFs, memes or fun facts are ideal here.

28. Start a hands-on activity

No, not an embarrassing “now everyone clap” action, but your followers should be active. For example, let them finish a sentence (if money were worthless, I would …). This is a great way to increase interaction and learn more about your followers at the same time.

You can either pack the sentence to be ended directly in a graphic or put it in the caption.

29. Gehe live

Going live is a great way to interact directly with your followers. Define a topic, prepare yourself and announce the life in your feed and in your story. Your viewers can then ask questions in real-time.

30. Honor a special day

Would you have thought that there really is something to celebrate every day of the year? Sweatpants Day, Cuddle Your Cat Day, or Eat Your Vegetable Day. There’s something for everyone.

If in doubt, there are also the days of the week: Motivation Monday, Tip Tuesday, Throwback Thursday, etc.

31. Share your new blog post

If you want to position yourself as an expert, you probably have a blog (or a podcast, a YouTube channel or or or). If you publish something new there, you should definitely advertise it on social media as well. Your followers should also benefit from your knowledge.

32. Post a mini-list

Sharing a list like this on social media posts is utopian. The font size should be tiny. However, you can take a few points from large lists and turn them into a small graphic (eg “My top 3 content formats”).

33. Promote events in your industry

Events are a great way to network and find out about the latest developments. If you go to a trade fair, conference, or Barcamp yourself, report about it beforehand. Perhaps someone will answer who is also leaving and you are no longer alone.

34. Make a video

Video content is on the rise and is particularly popular with social media. Instead of just writing down your tips, turn them into a video.

35. Start a series of posts

Series makes it easy for you because you don’t have to constantly come up with new content. How about, for example, a tip of the week or a product of the week?

36. Do an interview

Let other great people have their say on your profile. An interview allows you to network further and at the same time bring experts on board.

You can do the interview live or record it beforehand and upload it (e.g. in the story).

37. Tell something personal

Your followers would like to get to know you in order to be able to trust you and your business. A personal anecdote can work wonders: Do you volunteer? Do you have a hobby? Where is your favorite place to relax? And how did you actually get into self-employment?

38. Take a quiz

Quizzes are funny and immediately encourage participation – at least if they are interesting. Then there doesn’t always have to be a price.

Thanks to the quiz function in the Instagram story, it’s super easy.

39. Share your mission

Your mission is your goal or what drives you. If you want it to be short and painless, all you need is: I’ll help [target group] [your goal for your customers]. For example, I help female founders to become visible online.

But it’s nicer when you build a story around your mission: Why do you do what you do?

40. Post something strange

What was your worst advice? What’s the tastiest thing you’ve ever eaten? It can also be unconventional on a business account.

41. Do a shout-out

A shout what? In a shout-out, you introduce other profiles. This can include profiles of people you know and appreciate personally, who inspires you or who simply have great content. The profiles should of course be relevant to your target group.

42. Share your learning of the week

As the saying goes: you never stop learning. Even if you don’t consciously take any further education, every week offers new insights about yourself, your business, self-employment, God and the world, and so on. Let your followers grow with it.


You have now received 42 ideas as inspiration. But there are certainly at least 200,000 other great content formats. The most important thing is that you think about how you can use the individual formats for yourself.

First, pick four or five that you will use over and over again. You can use your insights to find out which ones have been particularly well received and which ones your followers find less cool. You should reconsider the latter – and maybe replace it with other ideas.

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