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5 Dangerous Apps Which Can Land You In Jail
5 Dangerous Apps Which Can Land You In Jail
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In today’s post, we are going to tell you about 5 mobile apps, which you may have to go to jail. In these Mobile App, not only India, almost all the country has a ban on these applications. However, searching for these apps for a long time on google may not be able to get any app even though you are promoting crime by doing this. Because of which you may have to face a lot of problems after going ahead and friends, we do not want our visitor stuck in a confrontation with the police. That’s why today’s post is for you only, which must be read by the end.

Note: Never try using these apps else you’ll end up in jail or losing all your important data!

1. Spoof App: Get Fake Call

The Spoof app is used for calling Spoofing. Call spoofing is such a technology that you can use someone else’s mobile number and call someone else. Which was being used by many people due to illegal activity, which banned the Spoof App. In such a way, if you use any Spoof App or website, you do not have to do any illegal activity or any other person, you will have to wind up the direct jail because this app is black-listed.

if possible, stay away from the app with Spoof or you only use it for knowledge.

2. WifiKill: To block wifi

The name of this app is revealed only to kill WiFi, by using this Android App, you can turn off others’ WiFi networks. If someone has made a chain of Wifi networks, then target one of the networks and block its Wifi from it, asking indirectly, you can disable any WiFi network in your network sitting in the house.
The reason for this feature was a lot of problems, and because of this Wifi kill has been officially banned.

3. Popcorn time: To download the latest movie

Popcorn time is an app where you can find as latest movies as you want in all HD quality. If you visit this site or download a movie from this app then you will have heavy! Why going to this app gets your IP address trace and this application is black Listed, which is a criminal who uses this app, which is promoting piracy content.

4. Blackmart: To download mobile app paid for free

You will never find this app on the play store but if you have downloaded black mart from any of the above So let’s just remove it from mobile now because blackmart alpha is the complete replicated play store, so that’s the full duplicate play store.
Now talk about the different real play store and duplicate play store, the black listed app of the word is available free on the black mart, and make sure if you are using this black mart you get 100% problem Will to have to face
black mart has not been restricted in India only but if you use this app, you break these rules because of which you are called a criminal.

5. Torrent: To download movies, app, free

About torrent, all of you would know which was a popular website where you could download the latest movie, Software, Game. But all the data collected there used to be piracy, due to which the developer and movie Producers had to suffer a lot of losses, and this is promoting the torrent piracy material at the big level, because of the Indian government, as well as more ban on the uses of the torrent.
If you visit the first link on your computer or on a mobile search torrent, or if you download data from there, you will have to pay a fine of 3 years in jail or 2 lakh.
Now whether these applications are to be used or not, they fear you because our job was to warn you that we have done it.
It is a replica of the play store. it is restricted globally, but if you use it, you break the law.


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