30 Best Business ideas for starting with low investment | By Tricksskill

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Business ideas for starting with low investment | By Tricksskill
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Business ideas for starting with low investment By Tricksskill

Small Business Ideas: Dear readers, we keep giving you beneficial, best business ideas through articles on our website. Similarly, in this article, you will be given good information about profitable business ideas starting from low cost. If you are planning to start a small business, our article at the beginning of the Business Idea (Small Business ideas) will be very helpful.

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Here is a list of 20 such small business ideas and information about them that you can start and earn good profits. The good thing is that you do not need a hefty amount to start them, meaning these are all low investment business ideas . You will get good information about all these small business ideas today, let us tell you that these small businesses come under the category of small scale industries . The special thing is that it can be done by all business students, housewives or anyone else.

“No business is small or big”, this dialogue is quite famous, in fact, this is true, in today’s time, whether a successful person is Dhirubhai Ambani or the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi, he has done very small business (Bhajiya) in his life. fry and sell tea) but due to your hard work, you have become such a big businessman and successful person, just start.

30 Small Business Ideas In (Business To Start With Low Capital)

Whether the business is small or big, it does not matter if it is successful. All these businesses given below may be low-cost work or small business ideas, but if you start this business with true mind and hard work then you will definitely get success and you will be able to earn good profits from them. Let us know about some low investment 

1. Mobile Repairing Shop

Business ideas for starting with low investment By Tricksskill
Business ideas for starting with low investment By Tricksskill

This is a very modern and high earning business idea. You do not need a lot of money to start this business, but to start a mobile repairing shop, you will have to learn mobile repairing skills from a trained person or training center.

To start a mobile repairing business, you just need to have a small shop and training, then you can start this business with 10-15k rupees. The future of this business is secure. As the use of mobile is increasing, the demand for mobile repairing is also increasing.

2. Vehicle Washing Business

Vehicle Washing Business
Vehicle Washing Business

If you are interested in doing vehicle washing business then this business is Evergreen. You only have to make one time investment to start this business. You can start this business well in 20-30k rupees. Today there is a car in every house, it means that the future of this business is absolutely safe, you can start this business and earn good money daily.

3. Buying Household Goods

Buying Household Goods
Buying Household Goods

If in simple language, then this business can also be called junkyard business. This business is a very simple and small business idea running every month of the year. If you are willing to do this business of buying and selling used goods, then you can also make a fixed shop for it as well as buy old goods from outside in your village and city.

You can do this business in many ways, you can start the business of buying and selling just one item, such as home use electronics, newspapers or junk, old utensils, old mobiles and laptops etc. You can sell used items on websites like OLX for good prices.

4. Kirana Shop

Kirana Shop
Kirana Shop

Grocery store is a very good business under small business ideas. You can start this business in your locality, town and village. All the members of your household can help you in this business. This business running every month can become a source of your good earning.

Your profit will increase as soon as you start selling more goods. You will need 40-50k rupees to start a grocery shop. As your business grows, you can also start home delivery of essential household items.

5. Computer Coaching Institute

Computer Coaching Institute
Computer Coaching Institute

If you have technical skills, you have a good knowledge of computer, then you can start computer training coaching institute in your locality, village and town. If you do not have computer knowledge, you can hire a good computer teacher. Nowadays, this business is on top in view of the increasing use of computers. All the students and girls are keen to learn computer.

You can earn money in the form of Fees by teaching computers to children. You can start this business with 70-80k rupees. If this business of yours is successful then you can earn good profit from it.

6. gym / yoga classes ( Gym / Yoga Classes)

gym / yoga classes ( Gym / Yoga Classes)
gym / yoga classes ( Gym / Yoga Classes)

Today the business of Gym, Yoga Classes is counted among the best business ideas giving good earnings at low cost. If you want, you can start the business of gym or yoga class in your city town by keeping yourself or a good gym trainer on month’s salary. Nowadays everyone is very conscious about their health, in such a situation the business of gym can become a means of earning well.

You can start the business of Gym / Yoga Classes by seeing a good location and you can take fees in the form of monthly or package from the people who take your service.

7. DJ Sound Services (DJ Business)

DJ Sound Services
DJ Sound Services

Nowadays it has become normal to have DJ on every wedding and party occasion. In such a situation, the business of DJ is a good business coming in the category of small scale industries . You can book DJ’s in the programs happening in your area, along with you can also provide services like sound service. If you yourself are interested, then you can keep a person with knowledge of good DJ on your own. You can earn lakhs from this business in the months of marriage procession.

8. Bank Agent Business

Bank Agent Business
Bank Agent Business

Under Digital India, ever since the dream of making India digital was seen by Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, lakhs of digital jobs have been generated in India. If you want to start a good earning business with less effort, then you can work as a bank friend of any of your banks (Bank of Baroda, State Bank of India etc.).

As a bank friend, instead of going to the bank, you can start work like depositing and withdrawing money, account opening etc., in which you will be given some commission from the bank. This is a zero investment business, to start it you have to contact the manager there in the bank branch.

9. Joining Network Marketing (Network Marketing Company)

Joining Network Marketing
Joining Network Marketing

In today’s era, this way of earning money from zero investment is at number #1. You can join a good network marketing company (westige, kalpamrit) to start this business. To join the company, you just have to buy some products of the company with a small amount. In this business, as you make your network bigger, your income will increase.

Note- To join network marketing company, call on 8650540823.

The future of network marketing in India is secure and there are plenty of network marketing companies available. Keep in mind that while joining the company, you have to collect good information about it because in this era of unemployment many fake companies are also in the market. Today many people in India are earning millions from network marketing.

10. Salon Business

Salon Business
Salon Business

In this era of fashion, every person wants to look good, in such a situation, the business of salon is a very profitable business. Before starting this business, you should take training of related work in it, if you want, you can also hire good professionals. But this increases your cost. To start a salon business, you have to have a good hairdresser or salon interior.

You can start this business by looking at a good location in your town or city. This business running every month of the year can earn in lakhs.

11. Electronics Store

Electronics Store
A woman looking at a wall of televisions

In today’s era, kitchen items like mixer, roti maker, microwave have become electronic, so you can understand how beneficial the business of electronic store is. Let us tell you that the profit is highest on electronic items. You can also start the business of selling all electrical appliances or repairing business by starting an electronic store business in your locality or town. This is a good business idea to start with very low cost.

12. Sewing Shop

Sewing Shop
Sewing Shop

This is an Evergreen running low investment business idea. To start this business, you will have to spend some money to buy a sewing machine in the beginning, after that your profits will increase as you grow the business.

To start a sewing shop business, you can hire a good sewing master on monthly salary. The future of this business is secure and your business will continue as long as people keep wearing clothes.

13. Garments Shop

Clothing shop business is a way to earn very good profit in less effort. To start this business, you have to buy goods with some money in the beginning, after that you can sell it and run the same process again. You can start a Garments shop by looking at a good shop in your locality or town.

During festivals and weddings, clothes shops are always crowded, so you can understand how good this business is. If you want, you can also earn money by selling clothes. Which business can you take your clothes online as well? You can also sell your clothes online by creating a seller account on shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon.

14. Juice Corner

If you are planning to start a business in the summer season, then the best business idea is to have a juice shop. This low cost business can earn you lakhs of rupees in just a few months of the year. In this business, you can sell different types of fruit juices (pomegranate, mango, pineapple juice, sugarcane juice). If your business starts doing well then you can also start home delivery of fruit juices. You can also start a modern juice business at a certain juice shop or car and sell juice in the street or locality.

15.Breakfast Shop

To start a breakfast shop business, you just need to have some money and a little skill. You can start a breakfast shop business in the area around you where there is a good population. In this business, you can sell things like tea, breakfast items, sweets etc. This business, which can be started with little money, is based on your hard work and enthusiasm.

If you become successful in this business then you can also convert your shop into a good brand on a large scale. You can also hire a person on monthly salary to make breakfast, the good thing is that your family members can also help you in this business.

16. Fruits Shop

Starting from a very low cost, this small business idea is a good earning business running all the months of the year. To start a fruit shop, you need some money, after that you can sell those fruits and increase your business again through this process. You can start the business of selling fruits by planting fruit ready in your village, city or town or by opening a certain shop.

Along with growing the business, you can also start the business of home delivery of fruits and fruit juices. To start this business, you just need to have a little 10-15k rupees.

17. Coaching Center

If you are educated and you can teach children, then you can start a coaching center business at your home. You can start this business with zero investment. Apart from this, you can also start a coaching institute by keeping good teachers on monthly salary. If you want to do this business on a slightly larger scale, then you can also start coaching institute for job preparation (ssc/bank/army).

Along with increasing the awareness of people towards education, this business is also very good and future is secure. Apart from all these, you can earn good income by visiting some people of your locality or town at home and teaching coaching to their children.

18. Delivery of Goods Business (Goods Delivery )

If you live in an area where people do a lot of online shopping, then the business of online delivery of goods will prove to be very good for you. You can start product delivery business by contacting companies selling goods online (flipkart, amazon, snapdeal) etc. To start this business, you do not have any special qualification, you do not need much capital here.

You can hire some boys for this work on Monthly Salary and start this business. Apart from joining these companies, you can also do business of delivering goods sent by people from one city to another.

19. Dance classes ( Dance Classes) 

Dance business is a very model business, if you know how to dance well, then you can give dance tuition to people around you, for this you can start a dance class. Apart from this, if you do not know dance, then you can earn well by starting dance classes by keeping a good dance master, monthly salary.

If you have a good number of students, then you can earn good money, you can take from ₹ 500 to ₹ 2000 as fees from each person. The good thing is that you do not even need to invest a lot to start this business.

20. Nursery Business

Nursery business is the best business among small business ideas. To start this business, you need some little space where you can plant this plant. Your family members can help you in this business. You do not even need to invest much to start a nursery business.

To increase your business, you can sell plants in the city or even in the city with the help of a vehicle. Along with this, you can also take online orders by building your website and can also do home delivery of plants at people’s homes.

21. Beauty Parlor

If you are a woman and are thinking of starting some new business, then the business of beauty parlor is a profitable, excellent business to start at a low cost. You can start a beauty parlor business from your locality or home. You will easily learn the good work of beauty parlor in 3-4 months by staying with any beautician.

If you do not want to do this business yourself, then you can keep Beautician on Monthly Salary and can do the work of increasing the business as an owner yourself. You just need to have some money to start this business. The beauty parlor is crowded on the days of wedding parties and festivals, so there are immense limits of income in this business.

22. Real Estate Business

The job of a Real Estate Agent is to get you property, sell, prepare, etc. If you are thinking of starting a new good business with very little investment (zero investment), then Real Estate Business is best for you. In this business, you have to collect and keep the details of good properties. Show these properties to those who want to buy property. If someone likes the property and buys it, then he can take 1-2% of it as commission. As your business grows, your earnings will also increase, especially this business runs well in cities.

23. YouTube Channel (Become Youtuber)

If you have any kind of skill like cooking, teaching, technical knowledge, reading news etc. then you can start your own YouTube channel. If you want to start a YouTube channel in a good way, then you must have a mobile phone with a good camera and a Mice. To upload a good video on YouTube, you have to learn a little video editing. Today, millions of people in India have become millionaires from YouTube while their investment was initially zero. How to make YouTube channel? You will get all this information well on Google for free.

24. Become Blogger

Blogging is the most famous and best way to earn money online, if you too have done very little money sitting at home, zero investment is also thinking of doing a good business, then you can start blogging. To do blogging, you must have a laptop or PC, after that you will have to create your own website by taking domain and hosting.

If you write good articles on this website and get ranked in Google, then you can earn money in many ways. Thousands of people do blogging business in India and earn lakhs of rupees in this way in a month. There are many ways to earn money from blogging, such as Affiliate Marketing, Google AdSense, E-commerce etc. To learn blogging, you will find very good videos and courses on google and youtube for free.

25. Social Media Manager

Ever since Jio has come to India, Digital India has got a lot of boost. In such a situation, the number of internet users is increasing day by day in India. In such a situation, every company, famous personality needs a social media manager. You can start this business as a small company alone or with a few people. To start this business, you need to do a course in Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Comes in a period of 3-6 months, you can start the business after completing the course. The future of this business is very secure and has immense earning potential.

26. Professional Freelancer  

Freelancing is a very good way to earn money online. Maybe you do not consider Freelancing as a business, but if you have any skill like video editing, audio editing, writing, scripting, voice over, web designing, web development, application development, then you can make good money by doing online work related to it. can earn. There are many freelancing websites in India on which people sitting at home are working and earning lakhs a month with zero investment. Gradually, as soon as orders start coming to you, you will go to a professional freelancer and start earning well. You can start online freelancing business by visiting these websites.




27. Catering Business

This business, which gives a lot of money in the session of wedding parties, comes under low investment business ideas. In view of the increasing population, the market for cooking business is very safe and earning well. To start this business, you have to make a team of good confectioners and better, then you can take orders for cooking in weddings and parties. You can start this business with zero investment. To promote or increase the business, you can contact the Event Manager and give him some commission according to the booking.

28. Bakery / Home Canteen

Bakery or home canteen business is a very simple and low capital business to start. By starting a bakery business, you can make biscuit, cream roll, breakfast etc. and distribute it to small shops. In the business of home canteen, you can start home delivery of food at home or in the office. Both these businesses are long term business. Your family members can also help you in the bakery canteen business. If you do not know how to make food items, then you can keep a confectioner or crater on monthly salary.

29. Interior Decorator  

The business of Interior Decorator is very model and unique business idea. This low cost business is growing very fast nowadays. In this business, you can do the work of decoration of people’s house, office, kitchen etc. To start this, you have to maintain contact with painters, masons etc., you can take orders with all these people. Nowadays there is a good demand for Interior Decorator in big cities and also they take good money for their work.

30. Candle / Incense stick Business

The business of making incense sticks is a small scale industry starting with very little capital, less effort and more profit . To promote such industries, many loan schemes are also being run by the Government of India. You can learn to make candle incense sticks sitting at home with the help of internet. You can also make direct sale to shopkeepers by making different types of candles. There is a huge demand in the market of candles during Diwali. In the business of incense sticks, you will get good profit at a very low cost.

♦ Conclusion ♦

Dear readers, I hope that this article has been helpful to you in starting your business. Post written by us “Small Business Ideas in | Business ideas to start with less money “ How did you like it, do tell us in the comment. If you have any question related to this article, then definitely ask it in the comment section as well as do not forget to share the post with your friends.

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