7 Best instant loan app in India 2021 | without salary slip

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If you want to know how to get an instant loanSo you are at the right place – In this post we will give you information about those instant loan apps, from which you will be able to get your Phone Pe Loan very easily sitting at home –

Best Instant Loan Apps


As its name suggests, Instant Loan means getting an instant loan.

There are many types of small expenses, which sometimes require immediate money ( Personal Loan ) to meet them.

Now there are some Instant Loan Apps that provide you an instant loan in 30 minutes to 24 hours after completing basic KYC.

Whether you are a Self-Employed or a Salaried Person, this Instant Loan App is going to be useful for every person who will provide you a loan on phone.

Qualifications for Instant Loan

Talking about Instant Loan Eligibility, the terms and conditions are different for all the apps.

✦ we’ll talk about some Basic T & C, which will receive an Anjenda – 

  • Age should be more than 21 years.
  • Income should be more than 15,000.
  • Aadhar, PAN and Bank details are mandatory.
  • Credit score must be 650+.

1 Money View

(Get Instant Loan Without Salary Slip)

Money View Instant Loan App

Money View is the fastest way to provide instant personal loans.

Once the application is submitted and eligible, it gets loan approval in just 2 to 5 minutes and the amount is credited to your account within the next 24 hours.

You can take a loan up to 5 lakhs, but for that the following eligibility criteria should be –

  • Age 21 to 57 years
  • Salaried or Self Employed
  • Minimum ₹13,500 monthly income
  • savings account (for loan amount)
  • Cibil Score at least 650

Along with this, you should also have these documents –

  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Bank statement (PDF format)

How to take a loan from Money View App?

1. First of all install the app.

2. Click on Get An Instant Loan.

3. Now select between Salaried and Self Employed.

4. Then complete 5 steps, which include –

  • Loan Application
  • Document Verification
  • Enable EMI Auto-Debit (NACH)
  • Review & Submit Loan Agreement
  • Money Transferred To Bank

5. And in this way you will get loan on mobile itself.

2  Dhani App

(Best Unsecured Personal Loan For Salaried Person)

You Can Make Your EMI Cheaper. Here's How Manoj Did It with Indiabulls Dhani - Wide Info

Dhani App is also a better option for Instant Loan where you can get loan approval from 3 thousand to 3 lakh in just 3 minutes –

type of loan unsecured personal loan
Qualification For 21+ age, self
employed and employed
rich app interest rate 13.99%*


To apply you must have the following documents –
  1. Pan Card Details
  2. Address Proof
  3. Bank Details

Along with this, if you use Dhani App for shopping or any other expenses, then you get 5% discount on every payment.

3 Money Tap

(Fastest Instant Loan With Full Security)

Through MoneyTap App, you can take an instant loan of 5 thousand to 5 lakh at an interest rate of 1.08%-2.03%.

A special benefit in this is that you have to pay interest on the same amount, which you have used.

for example –

Ramesh took a loan of 50 thousand from MoneyTap for 1 year, on which the interest rate is 15%.

But Ramesh uses only 30,000 out of that, so Ramesh’s total loan return amount will be = 34,500 (30,000+15%)


(Best Instant Loan App For Self-Employed)


PaySense One app where an online instant personal loan is offered |

With the help of this app, you can submit KYC Form without any credit history.

Also, you get different EMI options, which you have the freedom to choose as per your wish.

You can get a loan of up to 5 lakhs at an interest of 2.33%, for this, you just have to follow these 3 steps –

1 Check Eligibility –

  • Indian citizens
  • Age 21 to 60 years
  • Salaried or Self Employed
  • Minimum 12,000 salary / 15,000 self employed income

Upload 2 documents –

  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Income Proof &
  • A Selfie

Received 3 Loan Amount –

After this your loan will be approved within 5 hours and money will be transferred in your account.

5 Credy App

(Fastest Instant Loan Without Documents)

Credy Instant Loan App

Credy is very Quick, Easy & Safe in the case of Instant loans.

You can take a loan of 3 to 15 months with low charges, interest rate, and credit score.

The loan amount can be between 10 thousand to 1 lakh, on which interest is charged at the rate of 1% to 1.5% per month (12% to 22% p.a.).

Money is transferred to your account within 24 hours after the loan is approved.

Also, the charges are as follows –

  • 3% Loan Processing Fee (₹500 minimum)
  • 2% on early payment, while
  • 2% of EMI (Per Week) for non-payment of EMI

How to Apply In Credy App –

1. First go to credy.in.

2. There on getting Instant Approval –

3. Now fill in financial details and click on Next –

4. After this, by giving some other information, click on Apply –

5. By doing this your loan process will be easy.


NIRA App provides you a loan in the form of credit –

  • 2.5% की Interest Rate
  • Loan amount from 3 thousand to 1 lakh
  • Loan tenure of 3 to 12 months

In this, the interest on the loan amount is charged on the basis of when the loan was taken, how much was taken, and when it was repaid.

Also, it shows the result of your application within 3 minutes of applying.

On approval, you get the Phone Pe Loan immediately.

7 Cash-E

Cash-e is only for the salaried persons, who can apply in it with their following documents –

  • Pan Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank statement
  • salary slip
  • KYC Form

In this, they will get a loan of 5 thousand to 2 lakh – for a period of 15 days to 6 months.

Whose interest rate will be = 1.75% to 3% per month.

★ Important Points

There are many things that you have to keep in mind while taking a loan –

☆ Eligibility

In this, it is seen whether you are eligible to repay the loan amount or not.

For which mainly he checks your Financial Status, Age (21-60), Documents and Credit Score.

A credit score is important as it strengthens your loan application profile.

But if your credit score is not good before your credit score improve |

☆ Interest Rate

The interest rate is the most important in this, because the lower the interest, the more easily you will be able to repay the loan.

The interest rate of all Instant Loan Apps is given above, which you can compare and select the best app for yourself.

But sometimes this app tells its real interest rate last.

Therefore it is important that you read all their details and T&C carefully before applying.

☆ Documents

As a document, these loan apps can ask you for many documents, such as –

  • KYC Form
  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • bank details
  • salary proof
  • Income proof (being a businessman) etc.

☆ Loan Amount

Lone The more – the more you take the time to pay it, so you have the required EMI Calculator to apply to calculate the EMI and required by the loan |

In general, loans ranging from 5 thousand to 5 lakh can be taken with the help of these Instant Loan Apps.

Also, the entire amount received is directly transferred to your account.

☆ Charges

Charges are an important part of the loan, which includes –

  1. Processing Charges
  2. Late Payment Charges
  3. Pre Payment Charges

To reduce or avoid these charges, you have to take care in advance.

Some apps hide the charges and show them after the application, so you have to know all these things beforehand.

☆ Bank Account

Once the loan application is accepted, the money is transferred to your bank account within 24 hours.

That is why it is important that you should already have a bank account.

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★ FAQ’s

If you also have any questions related to this post, then you can ask in the comment box –

1 What is the most important thing to get an instant loan?

  • Age 21 to 60 years
  • a bank account
  • 650+ credit scores
  • Proper document with income proof

(All the things given above are required to get the loan.)

2 Where to get the lowest interest instant loan?

For this, you can try Credy, MoneyTap, PaySense, and IndiaLends Apps.

3 What are the charges on Late Payment or Pre Payment?

  • Charges are less in some apps and more in some.
  • But generally, it can range from 2% to 3%.
  • Before applying, know about all the charges well.

4 From which app we can take a loan without documents?

If you want to take Instant Loan Without Document, then you can use Credy App and MoneyTap App.

5 Can only a salaried person get an Instant Loan?

It is not. Both Salaried Person and Self-Employed Person can apply in this.

8 How much loan is available on how much income?

Salaried Person can take a loan on a salary of 12,000 and Self-Employed on the income of 15,000.

9 What will be the EMI on my 50,000 loans (with a 1.5% interest rate)?

If you take a loan for one year then it will be = 4,590 per month.

But some Instant Loan Apps give you the freedom to select the EMI plan.

Summery –

I hope that the information about how to get a loan from mobile will be very useful for you.

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