Best Online Learning Platforms For Kids In India l Online classes for kids 2021

Best Online Learning Platforms For Kids In India
Best Online Learning Platforms For Kids In India
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Online classes for kids l Best Online Learning Platforms For Kids In India

1. Byju’s

With a shift of perspective from rote learning, Byju’s bears the torch for online education in India. Byju’s app was launched in August 2015 to assist kids in grasping concepts more readily.

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It offers a range of interactive and animated videos, original content, and simulations that assist kids in watching and learning. The app offers both free and premium subscriptions.

  • Offers free counseling
  • Gives access to competitive exam practice papers
  • Offers scholarships
  • The app has a user-friendly interface.
  • The Quizzo section helps kids compete with other students from around the world.

Suitable For:

  • Students from Grade 4 to 12 and CAT, IAS, GRE, GMAT aspirants

2. Class Saathi From TagHive

The app also brings impressive administrative features for teachers that allow easy quarterly and yearly reviews to create better learning outcomes. Other features like assistance for slow learners, classroom clicker solutions, and innovative feedback make this app an ideal choice for a better teacher-student relationship.

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Online classes for kids


  • Provides detailed content as per updated NCERT
  • Comes with features backed by AI
  • Real-time feedback helps teachers evaluate individual performance
  • Statistical data helps identify areas of improvement

3. Insult App

It is an easy-to-use app that offers rhymes, stories, and games for Indian preschoolers. This helps engage them better at learning the basic concepts that form the building blocks for later years of schooling.

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Online classes for kids

The animations and colorful illustrations make learning a fun activity, keeping your kids interested. With the app, your little one can learn the basics of language and phonics, mathematics, and science, and helps boost cognitive development.


  • Multiple learning themes to select from
  • Built exclusively for Indian preschoolers
  • Instils social and life skills in kids
  • Ad-free to ensure complete safety of your child

Suitable For:

  • Preschoolers

4. Kidero

Kidero by MomJunction offers a vast range of online learning videos for kids through live classes.

Online Preschool Activities for Kids & Toddlers | Learning Videos for Kids

Online classes for kids

Kidero brings online classes for kids like yoga and meditation, Bollywood dance classes, storytelling, basics of self-defense, among many other interactive courses that help your kids hone a host of skills.


  • Live classes from experts
  • Offers a wide range of courses
  • Limited intake to ensure complete attention from instructors
  • New courses are added regularly.

Suitable For:

  • Kids from 5 to 12 years

5. See

Vedantu was founded 9 years ago in an effort to connect teachers and students via an online platform, making tuitions accessible to all. One of the best online learning platforms for kids, it offers both free and paid content and tuition.

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Online classes for kids

That way, students can learn without giving up or feeling burdened.


  • Gives students the liberty to choose their tutor
  • Offers personalized live online teaching
  • Offers useful doubt clarification from tutors

Suitable For:

  • Class 4 to 12 and NDA, JEE, NEET aspirants

online classes for kids during lockdown

6. Chandamama

India is a country with a rich cultural history and heritage, and we have been passing our culture on to future generations through stories. In our country, stories play an important role in acquainting kids with our culture.

The website also features games like jigsaw puzzles, memory games, Funzone, etc. to promote overall cognitive development in the early years.


  • Stories in a variety of languages
  • Multiple categories to choose from
  • Helps instill interest in children towards Indian history and culture
  • The website also offers educational games

Suitable For:

  • Kids from 3 to 10 years

7.Kindergarten Kids Learning App

The Kindergarten Kids Learning App, developed by Greysprings, offers educational games for toddlers and preschoolers.

Besides the basic concepts crucial for toddlers, this app also helps develop linguistic skills with engaging visual stimulation.


  • Offers activity-based learning
  • Colorful and attractive designs for kids
  • Features games

Suitable For:

  • Ages 8 and under

8. WhiteHat Jr

The demand for coding seems to be increasing every day. If you want to make the most out of the lockdown and train your child in a course with serious future outcomes, coding is an option worth considering.

Karan Bajaj, the founder of WhiteHat Jr, founded it in 2018 exclusively to finetune young minds for coding and app development.


  • Helps develop technological aptitude in children
  • Offers a free class for trial
  • Prepares kids for programs like Silicon Valley Challenge and Fellow 15 Under 15

Suitable For:

  • Ages 6 to 18

9. ChuChu TV LITE

Online learning for kids involves rhymes and jingles extensively. ChuChu TV LITE App brings highly interactive and colorful videos to your phone or TV to help you engage your kids with an added educational value.

Whether it is alphabets, animals, shapes, or colors, weekdays, fruits, etc., you can depend on ChuChu TV to build the basic schemas in your kid’s minds.


  • Kid-friendly application
  • Compatible with chromecast and Apple TV
  • Features child lock
  • Offers great parental control

Suitable For:

  • Kids from 1 to 6 years

10. Vedantu

Vedantu was founded 9 years ago in an effort to connect teachers and students through an online platform, making tutoring accessible to all. One of the best online learning platforms for kids, it offers both free and paid materials and tutoring.

In this way, students can do without any burden or giving up.


  • Gives students the freedom to choose their own tutor
  • Provides personalized live online learning
  • Provides useful doubt clarifications from tutors

Suitable for:

Class 4 to 12 and NDA, JEE, NEET candidates


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