Best Top 10 Video Editing Apps For YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels

Best Top 10 Video Editing Apps
Best Top 10 Video Editing Apps
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Best Top 10 Video Editing Apps For YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels

This is the reason why many people are not able to edit their videos well and they are not able to make their YouTube Shorts Video even if they want, so today we can tell you in this post 9:16 Video Editing Apps or so. That is, all the Video Editing Apps available on Google Play Store or Internet that support the Aspect Ratio of 9:16 used for Shorts Video or Instagram Reels will tell about the same Free Video Editing Apps.

We have brought only the best such applications for you people, which all people like to use very much and you will not need to spend a single rupee to download, so just like this you will have to visit our blog. Have to support and keep giving your love in the comment box below, let’s know about Top 10 Video Editing Apps For YouTube Shorts,

Free Video Editing Apps For YouTube Shorts

Look, you will find many such Video Editing Applications on the Internet that can edit your videos very well, but some of these applications have the problem that you can download videos with YouTube Shorts or Instagram Reels in them. Can not edit because these two videos uploaded on any other short video platform are full-screen videos.

All the applications are not able to edit the video with Full Screen, then in such a situation, that application is of no use to you, to make this work easier for you, we have brought some of the best Video Edit Karne Wala Apps from the internet here. Using which you will be able to edit the video of your YouTube Shorts or Instagram Reels very comfortably.

All the video editing applications we have told about in this list are all free apps, but they also come with a premium version, using which you can use the extra features given in some of their premium versions, for which You will have to pay a little charge, also if you want to edit the video in a normal way for free, then you may not have any need to take the premium version.

Come on, now you can download whatever application you like from the list given below, that you have also been given a link to Google Play Store, for that you just have to click on the download link and you can download it. You can download the application for free only.

1. Kinemaster: Video Editing App For YouTube Shorts

You must have heard the name of this application, because all the people who edit their videos on mobile, those people say that this application is the father of everyone in editing videos, inside this application All of you will get to see all the features that you will use to edit the video from your computer.

And we have included this application in the first application of this list, when you will use this application, you yourself will say that this application is a very good application.

By using this application, you can very easily create good videos for your YouTube Shorts or Instagram Reels, just for that you should have a little knowledge about Video Editing, if you are new now, then you will find some of them on YouTube. Video Editing Tutorials will also be available by watching which you can learn about Video Editing.

I would advise all of you that if you people have even a little knowledge about Video Editing, then you should use this application and make good videos.

I will not say at all that there is no such application other than Kinemaster that can edit good videos, I told Kinemaster Application as the best application because in it you have thought about editing your video as well. You can edit the same type of video using this application because in this you will get all the tools to do video editing, almost all of them will be available to watch in Kinemaster.

Download Application

2. InShot: Video Editor & Maker

Kinemaster Alternative Download I’m seeing about an application that is almost an app that competes with Kinemaster, for those people whose mobile is not able to support Kinemaster Application, then you can download this application. The special thing about this application is that if you have little knowledge about video editing, then here are some such tips, according to which you will just one click and apply that filter in the video you are editing. Will be done.

This Video Editing Application slightly changes the way you edit videos, if you are just recently learning to edit videos, then you can use this application.

By using this, you can apply slow motion video, fast video, keyframes, animation text, transition, if you want to put all these things in your video, then you can easily use this application.

Download Application

3. VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow

If you guys were searching for a professional application to do video editing, then now your time ends here. The application has just recently been uploaded on Google Play Store and in a very short time, it has more than 5000000. More downloads have been completed.

So from this, you can get an idea of ​​how much the application is being liked, using this you can make videos and Instagram of your YouTube short or you can also make full videos for YouTube.

You must have seen that in the videos of many video creators, a piece of music keeps playing in the background, if you want to put that kind of music in your video, then this application can be the best application for you.

And if we talk about some of its special features, then using it you can Zoom in/out the timeline, Curve speed, Green Screen/Chroma key, Keyframe animation & curve, Mark the music rhythm, Create quickly with Beats Clips, More transitions between Video footages All these features can be used by downloading this application.

Download Application

4. PowerDirector – Video Editor

All people have their different likes, whatever one person likes, it is not necessary that everyone will like that thing, I am trying to say here that I have seen many such people. Those who do not like to use the Kinemaster application, then I learned from those people about this application whose name is PowerDirector, this application is also used by many people to edit their videos.

And we can also say that if it is seen that after Kinemaster, this is the application that most people are using it today, there is some special feature among this application for which people like it so much.

By using this application, you will be able to edit 4K video as well and not only this, when we record the video, our camera moves in it and the footage of the video is not stable, using that we can stabilize all those video footage. Which we can also know by the name of video stabilizer.

If you want to make this type of video in which you want to remove any background of your video, then for that you have to use a green screen and then by using the feature named Chroma Key given in this application, you can set the background of the video. can be easily removed.

Download Application

5. FilmoraGo Video Editor & Maker

Wondershare Filmora is considered to be the best software to be used in Windows computers or laptops because you must know that when we want to edit video, we must have an expensive computer laptop for that but with the help of Wondershare Filmora software. With this, you can easily edit your video using this software in low budget or even a cheap computer or laptop.

So when it was seen that this software is being used a lot in Windows computers and laptops, this company thought that now let us make our own Video Editing Application for Android mobile as well, then go and download this application on Google Play Store. Uploaded.

Since then till today this application is very much liked. By using this application, you can use Stunning Video Effects, Keyframe animation tool, Trim and cut video, Apply different color filters, Export in HD quality, these are some of those behind which are used. You can do this in this Video Editing Application.

Video editing is such a skill that it depends on you how much you can think because the video editing application you will use if the same application is given to another video editor who has a lot of knowledge about video editing. He will be able to edit a very good video with you.

Download Application

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All of you people who want to make videos for their YouTube Shorts but do not have any idea about a good video editing application, then you can use this application, this application will give you access to Google Play Store. But you will have to spend 230 MB to download it.

This application is a very big application, that is why its size is 230 MB, all the people who have used it have given it good reviews on Google Play Store.

If you want to make Slow Motion Video and you people do not know how to make any such video, then all you have to do is to make the video at 60FPS from the camera of your phone and add it inside this application by using the Slow Motion feature. You can easily make any of your videos as Slow Motion Video.

Not only this, here you will get more than 1000+ Text Design, Ready-Made Templates, Filter & Effects, Music & Sounds Effects, Make Clone Clips, Slow & Fast Motion, Export Videos In HD Quality, New Transition Added. etc. This application comes with more such features.

So then you guys want to download this application, then I have given its link to you guys below by clicking on which you can download this application, you people should download this application because of this because when you are in it If you edit the video, then no watermark comes on your video.

Download Application

7. Node Video – Power Your Creativity

Friends, this is the strongest video editing application in this list of ours, when you download this application, then you will see that it has many types of features, using which you can edit your video by taking it to a different level. But I am talking about Professional Video Editing, you must use this application once, you can get it to download for free on Google Play Store.

Using this, you can also create 3D models in your video and use Limitless Layers & Groups, Precise Video Editing & Rich Possibilities, Super Fast Rendering, Editor, Masking, Color Correction, Optical flow, Saber, Puppet Pin, etc. And even better features are yet to come inside this application.

When I used this application only then I realize that this can be the best video editing application ever Huh.

It can be a little difficult to use it with your hands because the interface that has been made is very different, you can use it in such a way that you can connect the mouse used in your mobile to the computer. If you delete the video, then you can get some ease in making the video.

Download Application

8. VivaCut – Pro Video Editor APP

This application is a professional video editor app. Rating of 4.6 on Google Play Store is true, it turns out that this is a good video editing app, you will need 70MB to download this application and it Will work well in your low-budget smartphone too.

If you want to edit your videos in a very good way, then you can use this application, here you can change the background of your video and talk about color correction now, then that too can be done with this application.

This Video Edit Karne Wala Apps has been downloaded by more than 5 crore people from Google Play Store and with the help of this one small application, you can edit very good videos like if you need to edit your video. If you want to remove any part or join two or more videos together and put any song in that video, you can do all such small and big things with the help of this application.

Download Application

9. Video Maker YouTube -VideoGuru

This is a free video editor and it does not mean that if it is a free application then when will you get the features in it Money may also have to be spent.

You can use different types of filter transitions in your video here by just one click, not only this, the ones you get perfect in this video editor are such effects that make your video editing experience very different. carry away.

If you guys use this application then you will not get any watermark in it and you can control the speed of your video if you want to slow down your video if you want to speed it up then all that you can do is with this editor. can help.

For that, you will just need to download it on your mobile and when you edit one or two videos, after that you will be able to run the application well, after that you will be able to edit very good videos from here.

Download Application

10. GoPro Quik: Video Editor & Maker

You must have heard the name of GoPro, it is an action camera maker, if you see the quality of its camera, then you can be blown away that how can this small camera record such a good video, then the same The company has made this a video editing application.


Using this application, you can start any video of your mobile and can edit it as well, I hope you guys will definitely like this software because it is very easy to use but In this you will get to see some features.

But the features that have been made in between are good for editing a normal video and I can also say that you will be able to edit your video very well by using it, so download this editing application soon. You will find the application on the Google Play Store.

Download Application

Friends, I have told you all about Best Video Editing Applications For YouTube Shorts in this post and all the applications mentioned here are free, you can download it from Google Play Store without paying any money.

And all the applications included in this list are also easy to use, if you people do not have much knowledge about Video Editing, then for that you learn about Video Editing for a few days, then you can use them easily. can do.

I hope that you guys must have liked our post here, then you can share it with your friends and if you want to give any suggestions or you have any questions related to this post, then you can comment below. You can tell by writing in the box.

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