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It is said that “every small change is part of big success”. That person made such a big company on his own, whose value is more than one lakh crores today, yes we are talking about revolutionizing the field of education, owner of BYJUS COMPANYBYJU RAVEENDRAN, you have contributed to BYJUS You must have seen it on your TV, but knowing the beginning of this company, you will also be surprised and you will also feel that if you have passion in your mind, then nothing can be done. Let’s know the story without wasting any time BYJUS –


Byjus Raveendran was born in a small village Kannur in azhikoda. Both his parents were teachers, his father’s name was Ravindran, and his mother’s name was Shobhanavalli. Is. He also has a younger brother, since childhood, byju was very fond of playing sports, he used to bunk his class and go to play cricket and football, his father also did not say anything to him, he knew that as much as a child in class He can learn much more outside the class than he cannot teach. This was the reason why his parents never forced him to study more, he believed that a child should study with his mind, byju was very much in love with maths since childhood, it is very good for him to do the math. It used to be that even today he gives great credit for his success to his love for maths. His childhood was studied in Malayalam medium school, he knew that if he wanted to move ahead in life, he would have to learn English, his passion for sports also benefited him. He learned by listening to the commentary on English sports. From this, you must have understood that how much passion was there in him to learn anything since childhood. Later on, his childhood had a great influence on his life.


BYJU later completed his engineering studies, after that his job got his job in a Pan Ocean shipping company in the UK. He worked in that company for 2 years when BYJU APNI came home on leave, then some of his friends asked him for his help in the CAT exam, BYJU loved to fall in the same way, he used to teach the children of his village, that’s why He also helped his friends in the CAT exam, and on the compulsion of his friends, he himself gave the CAT exam, this exam was not an ordinary exam, it was one of the toughest exams in the whole world, but BYJU passed this exam. Amazing he scored 100 percentile in the very first turn, all his friends were surprised but BYJU thought it would be just a joke,


BYJU RAVEENDRAN The company had become very successful even before it was started, their method of teaching had become so famous that every child preparing for CAT came to know them, their way of studying was so different that the children were getting coaching from far away. They used to come to pick up, and the number of students had grown so much day after day that at one point BYJU had to book auditoriums for all the children to attend, they started teaching in the auditorium every Saturday and their influence slowly spread in every big city. It seemed, now every Saturday he would have been Bangalore, sometimes Chennai, sometimes Delhi, or sometimes Hyderabad. Children were crazy about his method of teaching because BYJU believed in teaching concepts, they believed that if the child understands the concept well, then it becomes easy for the child to clear the competition.


By the way, the idea of ​​starting a company never came to BYJU’s mind at the time of the job, so BYJU considers himself a teacher before considering himself as a billionaire or owner of a very big company. So you must be thinking that how did the idea of ​​making BYJU a company come about –

1 – When BYJU used to teach children, they often felt that many children who are preparing for big exams like CAT, but all those children are not clear about the basics very well, and this is the condition of a big city. It is for the children, the children of the small town would be in worse condition than them and it was not possible for a single person to go everywhere and get the children, then he thought that something should be done to improve the education of the children.

2 – The second reason was that he knew that there is a lot of shortage of good teachers somewhere in India, everywhere the syllabus is the same, but all the children do not have the same knowledge, inside India the same teachers, the same There is a great lack of education, this inspired him to do something.

3 – He had a desire to do something but some big idea was not coming to him, so one day an incident happened to him which inspired him to start a company –

One day he could not go to his class due to some reason, thousands of children were waiting for him, so seeing the children waiting, someone played an old video of BYJU sir in which he was explaining the concepts of math, and then listening to what happened Later, BYJU SIR was surprised, not a single child got up in the whole class, every child understood the class better, BYJU got the idea from this thing, then in 2011 he got his wife whose name – Divya Gokulnath Together with, started a company named Think and Learn.


After starting the company in 2011, and after seeing such good growth, in 2015 the company started an application and the company has been known as BYJUS THE LEARNING APP since then, it is a study APP, and this In the app, a small child can easily understand every concept, some of the features of this app are –

1- The way of learning from this app is completely different, usually children are taught from books in school, but in this app, children are taught through movies and animation so that children remember anything for a long time.

2- In this app, there is the syllabus for every class and one board so that the child can read completely.

3- A child can read from it throughout the day whenever his mind wants.

When this app came into the market, this app shook the whole educational structure.


BYJU APP started showing its effect on the market as soon as it came in the market, this app was downloaded by 55 lakh people in the first year itself. Since then it has not taken the name of stopping, in 2017 2 CR in 2018 5 CR people downloaded this app and changed the way their children fall.


From the very beginning, the speed of the BYJUS app was going very well, but the turning point of the app came with its proper marketing methods, BYJUS knew that Bollywood is very popular in India. People trust more on the talk of big actors than themselves. This was the reason why BYJUS took a big actor like Shahrukh Khan in its marketing company and this accelerated the growth of BYJUS KI.

In the first one day, 80 thousand downloads got pouched in this way of the company which got 9 thousand downloads. Seeing every parent’s faith in BYJUS increased and they started falling for their children from BYJUS.



There are many big reasons for BYJUS to grow up, let’s know some reasons –

1- Good Marketing – The biggest credit for such a huge success of BYJUS goes to good marketing. It is said that no matter how good your product is, if its marketing is not good then it can never be successful. BYJUS knew that Bollywood and cricket are two things everyone likes in India. For this reason, Byjus invested big money and made both India’s biggest star Shahrukh Khan and India’s India team the means of his marketing. Due to this Byju’s got great success and Byju’s spread rapidly all over India.

2- Dunda the right problem – It is said that a company becomes big only when it finds the right problem and gives its solution. BYJUS also did the same, he knew that the biggest problem of India is the falling level of education, lack of good teachers, and the way of children’s education, BYJUS found a solution to all these problems and spread his word everywhere.

3- Increase your quality – Byju’s never let the quality of his teaching fall. Byju’s gave India’s best teachers a chance to teach through its medium and joined hands with big companies like DISNEY to teach kids with the help of technology and through good animation. Today you will be surprised that Byju’s spends about 3 million dollars or more than about 22 crores to create class content.

4- Officer of studies at all times – In India, children were forced to fall at the same time, but Byju’s did not do this, Byju’s gave freedom to every child and encouraged them to study according to their own accord, Byju’s App A child can read whenever he wants.

5- Showing the power of technology – Today we all know what is the power of technology, but often our parents see its weakness by not looking at its strength. The biggest problem in India was that parents used to try to keep their children away from mobile, they used to think that mobile keeps children away from studies. But Byju’s knew that in today’s time, you cannot keep children away from the mobile, that is why Byju’s explained the power of mobile to the parents and told them that the child can fall from the mobile.

6- To make children love studies – nowadays children do studies only because of the fear of their father but Byju’s changed this thing, Byju’s gave this slogan of his company – “Make your child love studies” and Byju’s He tried his best to do this, linked his way of studying with life so much that the children stopped feeling that they were studying. This is the reason that in the BYJUS app, children are able to study for 64 minutes but even 20 minutes in class becomes heavy for them.

7 – Take care of every child – It often happens in class that teachers either pay more attention to the children who come first or pay more attention to the children who do not do well in their studies, but in this, most of the children of the class are behind. gets released. Byjus caught this problem and made his app such that he teaches according to every child, if a child likes to fall from movies, then the app explains to him from movies, if a child likes to fall from graph then so The app changes itself according to that child, this feature of the app completely changed the way children study and forced the children to love studies.

8 – Teaching the syllabus of all the states – India is a very big country, there are many boards here, some children study from CBSE and some children from ICSE, Byju’s understood this problem and kept content for every child on his app so that every child The child can connect with Byju’s.

9 – Working on the freemium model – Usually parents had to pay fees everywhere to take the class, and if the children did not like the teacher’s education, they did not get the money back, but Beejus solved this problem too Kardia, Byju’s told the parents that before taking Biju’s classes, you should get trial class for your children and if you like, then get your child to participate in Byju’s, and Toh and Byju’s also said that if within 15 days If the child feels that he is not getting any benefit from Byju’s, then his full fee will be returned. This claim gave confidence to the parents and the growth of Byju’s increased more rapidly.


Today BYJUS has become the NO.1 education company not all over India but in the whole world, if I talk about numbers, then you will be surprised to know that today the total value of BYJUS is more than 1 lakh crores, and if you follow this blog If you must be reading it after a few months, then I am sure that its value would have increased more than 2 times, let us know how this company became the second-largest startup of India and the largest startup of education in just 10 years –

Biju’s first funding was given by RN CAPITAL in 2013, it was Series A funding, then Series B funding was given by SEQUOIA CAPITAL, then a memorable moment came for Byju’s when  Mark Zuckerberg and his wife’s company CHAN INITIATIVE for Series D funding invested in Byju’s, Byju’s was the first such company in Asia which was funded by this company. Then the value of Byju’s was about 3339 crore pouches, after that after the funding of Series F, the value of Byju’s was 4339 crore pouches, in 2017 corporate funding was received, in 2018 Byju’s made history, his value reached 100 million dollars i.e. 7315 crores and he Got unicorn startup status.

In 2019, a company of QATAR invested and raised the value of Byju’s to 41600 crores. In 2020, TIGER GLOBAL invested, which increased the value of Byju’s to 60,000 crore pouches. In the same year, Beejus made another history and the company got the status of DECACORN COMPANY and the value of Byju’s was 1200 million dollars, which means about 73000 crores. In March 2021, Byju’s got another investor MC GLOBAL and Byju’s value was 95102 crores pouches. In today’s time, Byju’s holds a value of more than 1 lakh crores. Today more than 4000+ employees work inside Byju’s, today the revenue of 1 month of Byju’s is more than 150+ crores, today more than 50% of women employees work inside Byju’s.


1- The first thing we get to learn from BYJU RAVEENDRAN is his passion, he used to study in a Malayalam school in childhood but due to his passion, he learned English only by listening to the commentary.

2- The second big thing that we get to learn from them is their tendency towards sports, generally in middle-class families, children are kept away from sports just thinking that our child will be away from studies but BYJU is proud of his success. He gives the biggest credit to sports, he believes that from sports, a child can learn some important things of life which classes can never teach him. Even today, despite being the owner of such a big company, he spends his free time in sports, he loves to play football, cricket, table tennis, and he keeps trying to learn new sports every time.

3- The third big thing that we get to learn is that Biju never started a company to earn money, he believes that if you start a company just to earn money, then you will not achieve great success. You will find

4- Time has nothing to do with success, today Biju has shown that in today’s world, the time has nothing to do with success, if you have the ability to work hard, and you work in the right direction. So you can get more success even in less time, BYJUS has done that in just 10 years which many companies are not able to do even in 50 years.

5- Whatever you are falling, do not fall for marks only, often children study only for marks, due to which they become successful in the examination but fail in real life, BYJU loved math in childhood But he never fell for maths marks, this was the reason why he was able to do so much in life only with maths.

6 – The most important and last thing you can learn from BYJU RAVEENDRAN is their mindset towards their choices, they believe that your competition is no one else, only you, if you only try to improve yourself. If you do, no one can stop you from succeeding in certain life.

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