15 ways – Earn money online seriously and quickly

15 ways - Earn money online seriously and quickly
15 ways - Earn money online seriously and quickly
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The topic of “making money online” is becoming more and more important every day. Not only because of the current pandemic but also because of the fact that there are more and more opportunities these days and that children grow up with the Internet and technology from an early age, more and more people want to earn their bread (or more) online.

Before we talk about the best ways to make money online, let’s clear a few basic things out. What is actually meant in this article by “passive”, “serious” or “fast”?

What does “passive” mean to earn money online?

Earn money passively” – sounds great! However, most don’t realize that passive income as one would imagine in the online area, Selten so really passive is.

Properly passive income can in most cases only be achieved by investing in stocks or real estate. Here you get an income for which you can do not have to do anything, besides finding out more, making an investment, and twiddling your thumbs.

The “Earn money passively online“, Which everyone is talking about, is called” passive “because – after an initial build-up phase – you get a comparatively large amount of money for comparatively little effort. And the also while you’re not doing anything about it.

The first examples probably come to mind are The blog or YouTube in mind.

Guess what … To be with The blog or YouTubes To earn good money, you have to crack open the A… At this point, I don’t want to go into too much detail. Only that much:

It takes time until you can live well on YouTube income 200 videos on average … It takes a 15-minute video to film and post-process 12 hours on average. “Passive“Doesn’t sound like that to me.

Why is it anyway worthwhile?

Well, it’s very simple: It’s still better to hardly earn anything for months or years and then get 10.000 EUR per video afterward than to work 40 hours a week and earn 70.000 EUR a year, isn’t it?

Why so many people “passive money“Wanting to earn is because there is incredible potential behind these methods, with relatively little effort a lot of money to earn.

BUT: No matter what you choose – be it blogging, YouTuber, Affiliate Marketing, Amazon FBA, etc. … It means a lot of unpaid work at first as well as a certain Risksthat nothing or not much getting around.

Actually logical: If it were easy, everyone would do it and everyone would be rich.

On the other hand, however, it means that Possibility to be able to afford a penthouse in NYC in a few years – or after a few months the life of a digital nomad that one has always dreamed of.

So what you need most of all is Perseverance – but also the Motivation in the human body and facts about the Courage to sit down, learn, and then really get started.

What does “serious” mean to earn money online?

Serious Making money online means generating income without …

  • Rip people off;
  • Making false promises to people;
  • Lying to people;

That means IF you sell something, then the buyer is fully aware of WHAT he is buying and what risks, advantages, disadvantages, and consequences this purchase has for him.

This is not the case with SOME network marketing systems (also called MLM systems). Others are perfectly legitimate.

If you only sell people GOOD products with a healthy relationship between price and performance, then you are doing a lot right.

What does “fast” mean to make money online?

Earn money quickly online Of course you can too. But that is most than not passive, and the amounts often leave something to be desired.

These are mostly Services that you provide online and for which you are paid.

Examples of making money FAST on the internet would be Fill out surveys or Live online courses keep. Platforms like fiverr.com are a way to make money fast online. Service providers of all kinds can be found there, from graphic designers to copywriters. More on this below.

You get your money quite fast after doing the work for it. However, it can be compared (if at all) to a normal hourly wage.

In terms of the time required, it is often no less as if you were doing an office job (or only slightly less).

From the explanations described above, it can be concluded that
that “passively, seriously and quickly” bites. 

11 Passive and Reputable Ways to Make Money Online

Although to the best of my knowledge is not possible, passively, seriously and quickly There are now numerous ways to make money online passive and seriöse To earn money. But the whole thing works not very quickly.

If you want to pursue any of the following strategies, you have to do your job as real business regard. That means: a lot of timeMotivationpatience, and possibly (depending on the strategy) also a little Money invest.

1. Earn money passively online with affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing means the Promotion of products to make and for every purchase one commission to get for it.

When you have decided on a product (s) that you want to promote, you receive for each product an individual link. As soon as someone else clicks on that link and buys the product, you get one commission. The whole thing sounds simple, but it is not an easy way to “a lot of money” close.

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to worry about the production of these products and all the trimmings and still profitieren can.

The downside, however, is that anyone can do it and the competition is fierce. There are also many on the internet spammer who just wildly distribute their links and thus other people get someone’s nerve. That throws a bad light on anyone involved in affiliate marketing.

Another disadvantage to this method is that it can is harder than it seems to get a good income with it. Because: often (not always) the commissions are small and the links are not clicked enough. Besides, most of them make the mistake of not doing the whole thing passive to tackle. How to do it correct concerns and yourself sustainable a passive one Income with affiliate marketing, you will find out here.

2. Passive Earn money online with Drop servicing

Dropservicing means getting paid for a service that someone else does. So you accept an order from a customer and subcontracted then another service provider who carries out this order.

The idea behind this is that you can tell the other service provider paid less than you get from the customer. You can think of it as having an agency.

For example, you can search online for customers from whom you receive graphic design assignments, and then those assignments from cheaper Let graphic designers do it.

If you want to make money online with drop servicing, the best way to do this is to get yourself to build a professional website and this attracts customers.

Since you hardly have to do anything, except to pass the orders to a service provider and the results back to the customer, there is a lot here potential, with just a few clicks to make a lot of money. As with all of my recommended strategies, however, you first have to make it this far to win customers over.

3. Earn money passively online with dropshipping

With dropshipping, you are looking for customers for a product (vs. a service with drop servicing), that you do not manufacture yourself and do not have in stock. As an online retailer, you only care about them Processing orders.

Most of the time it works like that, you get one Online Store builds up or products beyond known Online sales platform offers. Often it also makes sense to place advertisements.

If a customer orders a product, you order this product as a “drop shipper” from the manufacturer (or wholesaler) and ensure that it is sent directly to the customer from there.

The online retailer can determine the price for the product that he would like to ask the customer. Usually, by working with the manufacturer or wholesaler as a dropshipping partner pays a cheaper price, he makes a PROFIT with every product sold.

This process can be automated via platforms such as Shopify and is therefore passive.

4. Earn money passively online with native ads

Native ads are advertisements that are not recognized as such at first glance. They submit in the structure of the website one that you are on. Mostly they are News sites or pages with many Articles.

Because the native ad looks like an article, the reader gets it not as advertising perceived and thus not ignored.

If the reader then clicks on this advertisement, he is redirected to a website, on which there is an article. The article is about that Product to be sold with the native ad.

Although it is an advertisement, this is again withheld from the reader. He should still think that he reads a perfectly normal article.

On the side of the article, however, are already advertisements to see that lead to the product. Even within or at the end of the article the reader will through links made aware of the product.

Both the advertisements and the links within the article lead to Affiliate Links to the product. The person who placed the native ad receives an affiliate commission for every purchase. Hence this strategy is one Subsidiary form of affiliate marketing.

5. Earn money passively online with blogging

Yes, you can with blogging really make money. For more and more people these days it is even becoming Main source of income.

Writing the blog article requires though a lot of work and is therefore of course not passive. However, these are the amounts that you get after a certain amount of time automated can achieve with his blog, there are no upper limits.

Once you’ve built a certain readership, there are a few ways you can passively generate income from your blog. Thereof Google Ads is the most famous source of income.

6. Earn money passively online with Amazon FBA

You have probably heard of “Amazon FBA” before. But what does that actually mean? FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon“, That is, order processing by Amazon.

The online giant offers you the opportunity to get your own billion-dollar To make use of the platform and to offer products on it. That way you automatically have Millions of customers by the hand.

With FBA, as a retailer, the step of order processing is also taken care of: Amazon takes care of shipping and logistics and reserves them a percentage of the revenue.

Once you have prepared everything and your goods are in the Amazon warehouse, the whole thing works passively via the Amazon platform from The customer orders, Amazon sends and the seller makes a profit. So a perfect deal for everyone.

Selling on Amazon FBA also takes a lot of Preparation as well as Know-how. It is advisable not to simply offer anything or your own favorite products on Amazon. You should first research carefully for which products a Demand exists AND which products on most profitable are.

7. Earn money passively online with Amazon KDP

Would you like to realize yourself as an author or for other reasons sell a book, then it is easier than ever today: Amazon makes it possible for you to be on its platform “Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing” Can offer their own texts for sale. All you have to do is upload it and add a book cover.

For many, Amazon KDP is a platform for online passive money to earn. Instead of taking weeks to write a book, many outsource this process. On platforms like fiverr.com, you find authors who do it for you – that has to be done too not even necessarily expensive.

Similar to Amazon FBA, it also makes sense here to are not to orientate yourself on what interests you. Rather, one should publish books for which it is currently some demand gives.

How to find out which books it is one for Demand there, and what else you have to pay attention to, you can find out, for example here. If you don’t feel so confident in English, you can access this post-www.deepl.com to translate it into German.

8. Earn money passively online with YouTubes

Successful YouTubers are one of the most popular nowadays wealthiest People in the world. However, as a YouTuber, you first have to make it to the top or at least so far, that you generate income with your videos.

That can with regular uploads (about once a week) last between a few months and a few years. Even so, there is still a chance that you will end up being rewarded for your perseverance.

If you want to start a YouTube career, you need to start out no way with expensive equipment. A good cell phone camera and free editing programs will do the trick for now.

However, you should be prepared to take a lot of pictures before you are satisfied with the result. Post-processing also takes time longer than you think: For a 15-minute video, this can take 8 hours or more.

Passive is this method because even when you are not working, through ClicksAdvertising revenue, and Product placements Money flow in.

TIP: If you don’t dare to be in front of the camera, you don’t necessarily have to! Many explanatory videos, for example, have been created purely with graphics or PowerPoint slides. They still get clicks!

9. Earn money passively online with online courses

Another way to passively make money online is to sell online courses. You can do that on platforms like www.udemy.com.

The downside is that these platforms are one relatively high percentage retained from sales revenue. The advantage of this is that most people search for courses on these platforms. So the customers are already there.

If you don’t want to use a platform, you can too his own website / online shop build up with video courses. You have to have this website too, of course, market yourself which means more work and/or capital investment. But you have to I Niemann deduct part of his income.

If you can explain well, there is a lot to be said for selling an online course. After all, it’s a way over many years a small or large amount passive get in. Even though you are once only made the effort.

Maybe there is a topic that you are particularly familiar with. If then also that Demand that’s what is there for – great! Take advantage of that.

If one Demands a topic, you can find out by looking at the Keywords for this topic in a Keyword Research Tool enter. The tool tells you exactly (not as inaccurately as the Google Keyword Planner) how often these keywords and related terms are searched for each month.

You can then go to udemy.com, for example, look for courses on your topic. If there are no or very few courses, then this is your chance!

10. Earn money passively online with MLM structures

Multi-level marketing or even network marketing MLM is another way to get one passive income build-up.

MLM means being yourself A company’s products are sold, but a “parent“Employee has. This superordinate employee benefits of the income that is made.

Oneself is also looking for employees who sell products from the same company. From their income then you benefit yourself, as well as the employee who is superordinate to you. You can feel like a Tree structure. imagine

Again, however, it takes a lot of work and patience until you have built that income.

But let it be said that not all MLM systems are reputable! Because many MLM systems work in such a way that you have to pay a lot to be able to participate at all. This often says not the product itself in the foreground, but the Requirement to bring new members on board.

Reputable systems are designed so that you primarily sell a HIGH-QUALITY product and you are looking for employees who also primarily sell the same HIGH-QUALITY products.

An example of a well-known reputable MLM system would be NuSkin.

11. Earn money passively online as an influencer

Yes, an influencer is really a profession these days too. Why? Because it a lot of work is and man potentially good can live on it.

An influencer is someone who has many in one or more social networks followers, so a big one Reach, Has. This is achieved through content that is interesting for many users of these social networks. So interesting that they check it out regularly.

By its great Reach does an influencer have an influence on what people see. As the name suggests, it can do a little with it rethinking and relaxing are influencing each other., what you think. Most of the income is generated by influencers Advertising partnerships which means that companies pay them to advertise.

A big part of an influencer’s life is definitely Post photos or videos. You have to be the type for that and you have to enjoy it. If this isn’t for you, better try one of the other 10 methods above.

It’s quite hard to get one that big Reach to build up that one can make a good living from it. However, in terms of revenue, no upper limits placed

Earn money online seriously and quickly – 4 ways

Okay, now let’s get to the quick, reputable ways you can make money on the internet. With “fast“What is meant here is that you get paid for something you do after 1-2 months at the latest – once. This means that this way of making money online is not passive.

1. Earn money online seriously and quickly with surveys

All popular One of the methods that counts is “completing surveys”. A well-known platform through which you can do this is called Swagbucks have some great offers.

The maximum earnings on Swagbucks are 50 EUR / hour or 50 EUR / survey. And that sounds pretty good! Bear in mind that one with no previous knowledge needs to be able to earn money online there.

Anyone who wants to, can register there. The registration process is quick and straightforward – you can even register with Facebook if you want.

On average you do 30 surveys per month, which leads to a maximum of 1500 EUR per month can come. It takes a survey only 10 minutes on average.

Swagbucks have some great offers however, there are other ways to get money. The platform also pays you for activities like watch videos, surf the web, fill in little guessing games, etc. Another platform that offers this is ySense.

This brings us to the second method to earn money quickly and seriously online …

2. Earn money online seriously and quickly with clicks

As mentioned under point 1, you can also earn money online by doing certain ACTIVITIES on websites. For example watch videos, Answer quizzes or click something.

You can also get paid to do so clicks links in emails. These links then take you to a website that you have to leave open for a few seconds. That’s it, you get money for that. This variant is called “Paidmailer“.

There is also those Home page clicks that you get paid for when you visit a website every few seconds. That is too quite an easy way to earn something on the internet.

PTC pages are also a well-known income opportunity. PTC means “Paid to Click”, so “paid to click“. The problem with these sites is that it is many fraudulent sites that just disappear in the end and don’t pay off. So it is Caution commanded.

3. Earn money online seriously and quickly with services

 There are many services that are complete from home have it carried out.

Choosing this method to make money online, however, requires that you have one (or more) specific ones Acquires ability, preferably even for Professional will. Because you still have the most success (= money) when you Expert is in his area and one good performance delivers. Otherwise, you go with all the competition under.

Either you build yourself a website for its services and markets itself – for example as a web designer.

Or one logs on to platforms, for example on www.fiverr.com, and creates a profile there as a service provider.

Both ways have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Over a Platform to go has the Advantage, that it is visited by many customers every day. But that’s what there is Disadvantage, that the competition is incredibly strong. So you have to do it first to get on the first few pages in order to be found by the customer at all, which takes time.

If you choose the path of your own marketing, then you have to have just as much time and possibly also Advertising costs Accept until the business really flies. But that’s what you work for more professional and can higher prices desire.

Examples of online services are: programming, video editing, graphic design, translation, copywriting, giving live online courses, working as a virtual assistant, etc.

4. Earn money online seriously and quickly with computer games

Who likes to play computer games and already experienced player is, for whom this is maybe the right way to get around Earn something online.

You can with computer games money in two ways to earn:

Either you let yourself be Playtester pay. That means looking for bugs in games – either logic or programming errors. The hourly wage here is usually only between EUR 7 and EUR 15.

Playtesters can either be via Portal or you apply Vacancies from manufacturers.

Or one pays on various portals a stake for playing and tries to beat his opponent. However, this is risky as you are just as good just lose your money can. Therefore, it is also comparable to gambling, and one should be aware of the ADDICTION POTENTIAL.


When it comes to “earn money online seriously and quickly”, it definitely depends on what kind of guy you are and what is more important to you. Would you rather quick money, then choose one of the above quick ways to make money online.

Is it more important to you, to build a passive income, than invest more ENERGY and TIME?

Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages.

Either way, the nice thing about it is that the internet makes it possible at all these days

You are currently reading the article: “Earn money online seriously and quickly – 15 ways”.

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