Easy Steps to Install Ungoogled Chromium

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What is Ungoogled Chromium?

Ungoogled Chromium

To keep it simple, let’s understand what Chromium is. Chromium is the open-source framework and engine from which Google Chrome was derived. Furthermore, Google Chrome and Chromium are two different browsing systems. Also, Chromium cannot be used as a substitute or alternative to Google Chrome. Ungoogled Chromium is quite different from Google Chrome.

Chromium is related to “safe browsing” as per its name and functionalities. It also works based on Google Location Service. Ungoogled Chromium helps in the improvement of your online privacy as this browsing system eliminates the “phoning home” for Google servers.

To make you understand, let me take the help of an example, “Safe Browsing” regularly sends data related to the sites that you browse to Google. Google ensures that the browsed sites are safe. This feature ensures safety and security but somewhere it is not compatible with following standard internet safety checklists. This leads to browsing and clicking on “unsafe sites” as well.

This issue is related to “Safe Browsing.” Ungoogled Chromium is introduced after removing all defaults by Google. Ungoogled Chromium keeps an eye on your safety and it shows “No Search” whenever it catches something “unsafe.” In the next section, let’s see how we can download, install and configure Ungoogled Chromium in Windows.

While Ungoogled Chromium is known for its robust and safe working…here are some of the faults observed in Ungoogled Chromium:

  • It is generally maintained and created by a small team of developers.
  • It works slowly sometimes (developers are already working on this issue).
  • Volunteers have created binaries.

How to download Ungoogled Chromium browser?

Download Ungoogled Chromium Broser

Downloading procedure of Ungoogled Chromium is not that difficult or complicated, but it still requires more steps. It is also because Ungoogled Chromium does not own its website. The downloaded files are hosted by the GitHub repository.

Download: Ungoogled Chromium

This link shows you the repository’s download page. You can download it according to the volunteer’s package for installation.

Once you have accepted the warning related to the risk, you will now have to select the appropriate operating system you’re currently working on. While selecting the operating system, make sure you’re choosing the right one. If you’ll download the wrong file, it might not work on your system.

Additionally, you don’t have to look at updating the version as the page tends to be updated with all versions.

Once the zipped file has been downloaded, try to verify the file you’ve downloaded.

Launching the file in Windows

I have taken the help of a freeware tool named Checksum Calculator.

Follow these below steps now:

1. Open checksum calculator.

2. Click on Browse

3. Now select the downloaded Zip file.

4. Select MD5

Checksum Calculator

5. Now, click on Calculate

6. Now, click on the Copy button once a random string of letters and numbers has appeared on the screen.

7. Now, copy the numbers and letters and paste them into the compare field.

8. Click on Verify.

9. If you get the following message, “Correct, two checksums are the same” you’re almost there.

Information - Checksum Calculator

In the next section, let’s see how to install and configure Ungoogled Chromium in Windows.

Installing and Configuring Ungoogled Chromium in Windows

Now, we are working on installing the correct binary file for our Windows PC. Follow the below steps to install and configure:

1. Once, you have downloaded the .exe file. If you have downloaded Zip File, please extract all the files first.

Download Zip file to extract file

2. Approve the security warning and click on Run.

3. Once, the dialogue box has appeared on the screen, click on Install.

4. After installing, a new window named Chromium will appear on your screen.

Updating to the latest version

Once you have downloaded the updated version, later all the updates have to be installed manually. This means Ungoogled Chromium does not notify or check for updated versions automatically. You might have to check continuously for the latest versions. Deleting the older version and downloading the newer version is convenient for all users.

Additionally, always remember that the services of Ungoogled Chromium are not related to the servers of Google. Therefore, there won’t be any automatic updates.

Ungoogled Chromium is a robust platform for privacy and security. However, some users do not feel ‘user-friendly” while for some professional workers, it seems great. Below is the link to download Ungoogled Chromium.

Download Link: Ungoogled Chromium

I hope this blog helps you to install and configure Ungoogled Chromium in Windows. Comment down your views and experiences on Ungoogled Chromium. For more such tech-related content, follow Tweak Library on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!


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