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How To Delete PhonePe Account Permanently in India
How To Delete PhonePe Account Permanently in India
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Frankly speaking, I don’t recommend anyone to delete such kind of helpful apps. Since 2017, when UPI was launched, it helps us a lot and our valuable times. Now we don’t have to go to Bank to transfer the balance from one account to another.

PhonePe is India’s no 1 UPI application. By PhonePe, we can Recharge, Pay Bills (Electric, Gas, Water, Broadband etc), Shop, Ticket Booking (Bus, Train, Flight, Cinema etc) within a click from our Smartphone. It saves our valuable time and we will get some cashback too.

On this website, I have already written an article on how to transfer PhonePe Wallet Balance to Bank Account. I hope this article on “PhonePe Account Delete” will also help you.

PhonePe Account Delete Permanently

There are a lot of reasons behind deleting the PhonePe Account permanently. If you have multiple PhonePe accounts then can delete your account. Also if you have switched your UPI based number then also you can close one PhonePe account. A few users also delete PhonePe account because of their customer service or not giving cashback offers like before.

how to delete phonepe account permanently

There is no direct option available to delete the PhonePe account permanently. You can delete your PhonePe account by contacting their support system.

You can delete the PhonePe account permanently through PhonePe Android & iOS Application or from the PhonePe Official Website.

How To Delete PhonePe Account Permanently

  • Open PhonePe App >> Tap on the question mark on the above section (?)
  • Now choose ‘My Account and KYC’ on the Help section.
  • Choose ‘My PhonePe Account Details’.
  • Deleting my PhonePe account >> Select an option like ‘I have not happy with PhonePe’.
  • Now choose ‘Contact Support’ >> Select language.
  • Answer all your problems related to PhonePe. The PhonePe support team will reach you through Phone Call or Email within the next 24 hours.

PhonePe Account Delete through Website

  • Open PhonePe Official Website.
  • Log In >> Scroll down and select the ‘Contact US‘ button.
  • There are two options available to contact the support teams such as Email and Phone Call.
  • Choose your preferred choice and they will reach you within the next 2-3 business days.

PhonePe Wallet To Bank Transfer Process

A lot of users wants to know how to transfer PhonePe Wallet balance to Bank Account Free. Some users earned cash back in their wallet, which they want to transfer. At the same time, some users want to transfer the added wallet money into Bank Account.

There are two different methods available which you can use to transfer your PhonePe Wallet Balance to your Bank Account.

  • Gold Trick
  • Deactivate PhonePe Wallet

Transfer PhonePe Wallet Balance in Bank (Gold Trick)

I feel this process is one of the best processes to transfer PhonePe Wallet to a Bank Account. In this process, you will not get money instantly. It will take at least 24 hours to complete the process. If you buy gold on a day at a certain point in time then you will sell the gold only after 24 hours. In this process, you have to pay a 7% transaction charge. So if you buy Digital Gold from PhonePe for Rs 100 then you will receive Rs 92 or Rs 93 amount in your Bank Account.


How To Transfer Wallet Balance in Bank

  • Open PhonePe Andriod or iOS App.
  • Tap on My Money >> Gold.
  • Buy Gold >> Choose any option from MMTC-PAMP or Safegold.
  • Tap on Buy Gold >> Enter Amount.
  • Proceed to payment.
  • Pay via PhonePe Wallet.
  • After that, you can sell this available gold in your wallet after 24 hours.
  • You will receive the amount instantly after selling in your UPI linked Bank Account.

How To Deactivate PhonePe Wallet

In this process the available money in your Wallet will be transferred immediately on your Bank Account. But please remember, you won’t get back your PhonePe Wallet after deactivating. So think twice before deactivating PhonePe Wallet.

  • Open PhonePe Account >> Wallet.
  • Tap the ‘Close Wallet’ Button below.
  • Choose ‘Confirm and Close Wallet’ Button.
  • Tap ‘Deactivate Wallet’.

Conclusion: I don’t recommend anyone to deactivate or delete PhonePe account permanently. Because UPI based payment apps are very useful in our daily life. If you face any kind of problem then contact their customer support and sort out it. Also if you feel or getting any bad response then its better to uninstall app rather than deactivating or deleting PhonePe Account Permanently.

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