Free Ration Yojana Scheme | Government’s big announcement, now free ration will be available till Holi

Free Ration Yojana Scheme | Government's big announcement, now free ration will be available till Holi
Free Ration Yojana Scheme | Government's big announcement, now free ration will be available till Holi
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As you are well known, under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana, at present in almost all the states of the country, food grains are provided to the eligible people at a very low rate in a month. And during the period of Karona, food grains have also been distributed free of cost in many states on the orders of the government for a few months. In Uttar Pradesh too, Yogi Adityanath is now working on a scheme to provide free food to the poor till March 2022, taking this facility forward. Know what decision the UP state government can take for this.

What is Free Ration Scheme-

Under the PM Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana, food grains are provided to the poor at the lowest rates or free of cost by the central government. Any person who is eligible for this scheme can apply for this scheme online. This scheme was started for every state. Under this free ration scheme of the government, all the members in the family of the person, every member of that family get free ration. Rice and wheat are mainly given under this scheme, along with sometimes sugar and oil.

Ration in Free Ration Scheme-

Under this scheme, a family gets 5 kg ration per member. That is, if ahead has a total of 7 members in the family, then he will get a total of 35 kg ration including 7 members. The calculation of the ratio in this is something like this.

• 1 member – one unit

• 2 members – 2 units

• 3 members – 3 units

Free Ration Scheme Uttar Pradesh Government’s Decision (Up Govt Announcement)

Under this scheme, eligible beneficiaries are given 5 kg ration on 1 unit by the central government, which includes 3 kg of wheat and 2 kg of rice. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister is considering extending this scheme till March next year in Uttar Pradesh, as well as the plan to add 1 kg of pulses, 1 liter of oil, and a packet of salt to the ration being given by the UP Government. is working on. If this scheme is implemented, then the residents of Uttar Pradesh will get a big relief in the form of ration.

Who gets the benefit of the Free Ration Scheme Eligibility

Only those people who have ration cards get the benefit of this scheme started by the Central Government. People who do not have a ration card and if they are eligible for this scheme, then they can apply for a ration card online, for this they can get ration card made by going to the block related to their village, or for this. You can also apply online.


Q: Has the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh started any new scheme for ration in Uttar Pradesh?

Ans: No

Q: What is being decided by the Uttar Pradesh government for the free ration scheme?

Ans: It has been decided to extend it till March 2022.

Q: What facility has the UP government decided to provide in the free ration scheme?

Ans: In this, the government is considering giving 1 liter of oil, a packet of salt and 1 kg of extra pulses.

Q: Is the period of the free ration scheme being extended in other states as well?

Ans: No, this is only for the residents of Uttar Pradesh, because its decision is being taken by the Uttar Pradesh government.

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