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[ 10 lessons ] Full Summary of Rich Dad Poor Dad

[ 10 lessons ] Full Summary of Rich Dad Poor Dad
[ 10 lessons ] Full Summary of Rich Dad Poor Dad
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Rich Dad Poor Dad should be the starting book for those people who want to strengthen their finances in the future ”. – USA TODAY

how are you guys? Today we will know the summary of a book whose impact has been very deep on this world, do not know how many people’s lives have been changed by this book, I am also one of those thousands of people whose life has been completely changed by this book. Yes, I am talking about [ 10 lessons ] Full Summary of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Some special things about this book which makes this book special –

1- This book was printed in 2002 and till now it has printed more than 32 million copies.

2- This book has been printed in more than 40 countries in 40 languages.

3- The effect of this book is so much that this book is always the best seller book on Amazon, Buy Now.

4- The most important thing about this book is that this book not only teaches us about the world’s most taught topic i.e. finance but also changes the way we look at finance.

Before starting the book, I want to tell some more things that you can learn from this book –

1- First of all, I would like to request that you do not look at this book as a biography of Robert T Kiyosaki’s Early Days, this book is not just a biography but more than that.

2- This book will not give any financial advice, this book will not tell where you invest your money, how can you become rich quickly, etc. Rather, this book will make you smart in finance, so that you can easily take your financial decisions and make your own way to become rich. In easy language, this book will make you so smart that you will know that what do rich people do so differently that they become rich so easily and what wrong do poor people do that even after working so hard Can’t change life.

So let’s start with the summary of this book and you will read the summary of this book till the last because in the last I will answer some questions which will help you more to understand this book and help you to be successful in your real life.

[ 10 lessons ] Full Summary of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Summary of Rich Dad Poor Dad –


Robert T. Kiosaki 2 Dad Was his real dad was poor were and other then that Dad had taught him so much in life finance about in his Rich Dad | Both dads were very capable, both of them had very impressive personality, both were very expert in their work, their poor dad was very intelligent and educated. His poor dad had completed his studies from very big universities, that too on a full scholarship but his rich dad passed only up to 8th grade. Both were very hardworking and used to work hard in their life but the only difference was that one dad was always worried about money, but the other dad was the richest person in the whole city.| Robert’s biggest problem was that both his dads used to give him advice, if he also had a dad, then he would silently follow his dad’s advice and live the life that his dad wanted but with the advice of 2 dads, he had An option came and that option changed his life, that option was to think for himself and observe his two fathers and see how correct the advice of both of them is. The first point of his thinking was that where did both of his dads start, it was not that his rich dad was already rich and his poor dad was already poor, both of them started their poverty, both of them saw a lot of trouble in his life, but there was only one difference between the two and that was their mind and their ability to think, both the father’s thinking about money was completely different, which used to excite him very much.

His poor dad considered money as the enemy and used to say that money is the root of man’s troubles, while his rich dad used to consider money as power and used to say that money is not the cause of problems, lack of money is the root of real problems, He said that the desire for more money and greed is the root of the trouble, money is like a sharp sword, you use it to kill someone or to save someone, it is only up to you, but this is the point. That if you do not have a sword then you are sure to die.

The biggest reason due to which most people are poor in education, money is never taught in any school, a person learns about money only in his own home and it is quite clear that you are a poor person. We can never give the education to become rich and the most disturbing thing is that our leaders and those who run our country themselves do not have education for money, most of the parents teach their children that son study a lot, do good numbers. Bring and do a job in a good company. Robert’s poor dad used to teach him the same thing. But his rich dad used to say the same thing but in a different way, he used to say that you study diligently but the goal of your education should not be to get a job, but to buy a company. Because both his dads were very talented, so he had to listen to dads, if I give you an example of the way of thinking both dads then you will understand very well what was the difference between the two, whenever Robert used to ask for something from his poor dad, then he used to answer him by saying ” we don’t have the ability to buy this thing right now ” and whenever he asked for anything from rich dad, his rich dad used to say this in this how-to buy things“How can I increase my money capacity?” You might be thinking that Robert’s rich dad believes in extravagant spending, but no, he believed something else, according to him, by saying this sentence, he is forcing his mind to do something That is, he believed that like the rest of the body, our brain also needs exercise and many people exercise 95% of their body but leave their mind as it is, due to which they Can’t think of anything big View of thinking about both her father’s money Have Never risk in life in terms of the peso was different Poor was dad says Rich Dad was speaking of that is great in life and realize you have to take a chance on life |

His poor dad always used to say that he will never be able to become rich in life and his rich dad used to say that a person should consider himself rich in life only then there will be some possibility of becoming rich.

Poor Robert’s dad spoke Do studies among you and then MBA and do studies that spoke Rich Dad and peso learn to work for themselves, not a sane person working here but makes work its peso to its |

Poor dad always avoided talking about money and rich dad encouraged Robert to talk about money.

There is a big difference between a poor man of money and a poor man of mind, a poor man of money remains poor for some time but a poor man of mind remains poor for life.

Chapter 1

Poor and middle-class work for money. And the rich man makes the money work for himself.

The first chapter is a very influential chapter, in this chapter of this book, we get to see a very common thing of rich people that they do not work for money themselves but believe in getting money to work for themselves. The more it feels, the more it is to take advantage of it.

Let us know what happened with Robert, which he learned such a big lesson in his life.

So Robert was only 9 years old at that time and the school he used to attend was a very expensive school, the rich children of the city used to go to that school, luckily Robert also used to fall in the same school, so it is a matter of one day for Robert. The fellow boy Jimmy did not invite Robert and his friend Mike to the house party between him, this made Robert very bad and when he learned the reason behind it, he was very disappointed, and the reason was that Robert is not as rich as Jimmy Tha he was very sad and went to his real dad and went and said that dad Jimmy didn’t invite me to the party because we are not so rich, you tell me something that can make me riches real dad, who was a school teacher, did not answer it properly and only said that son, work hard and think of an idea for yourself, so Robert and his friend Mike started thinking of the idea and they started the business of making coins. When K’s dad came to know, he laughed a lot and said that son I can’t show you the way to become rich but your friend Mike’s dad can definitely help you, he is not so rich right now but he knows a lot about money You go and meet him once. Robert and his friend were very happy to know this and Robert with the help of Mike fixed the meeting with his dad.

When Robert and Mike went to his dad and he sought education to become rich dad Mike loses, he can give up the symptoms, learning just a bet on the Bola come to asking you to work for me | Mike and Robert agreed after a lot of thinking and they started working on the hour at 10 cents, but after a few days, when Robert started feeling that he was getting paid a lot of work and he deserves more money than this then He decided to quit the job and at this juncture, Rich Dad gave him a life-changing lesson –

1- That’s Rich Dad told him stories he wanted her to teach in this job that he would only work according to the peso loses he will continue his life work in low-peso his ability | Rich person never works for money, he just thinks all the time how to put money to work for himself.

2- A poor person has a cycle and he does not leave that cycle for his whole life, that cycle is – get up in the morning, go to work, pay your monthly bill, then get up again, go to work and then work hard again to pay the next month’s bill. , it is called Rat Race because there is no end to it, people live here with only two emotions first fear and second greed, many people say that they have no special interest in money, yet they do it every day 8 hours of work for money.

3- Rich dad gave him a very good example that example was a picture in which there is a donkey and his owner has hung a carrot in front of the donkey and the donkey is working very hard to get that carrot but if we do this If we look at the picture from a distance, then we will know that actual carrot is more than just a donkey and nothing else but poor person does not understand this thing and keeps running after carrot for whole life but the rich person knows that Money is nothing but a huge Brahm like a carrot was for a donkey.

4- Rich dad also explained to Robert that never lose big opportunities by getting greedy for some moneysome money is just your bills, but big opportunities change the whole life.

Keeping all these things in mind, Robert opened a comic store and in it he did not put the book on sale just so that he could put an end to his fear and greed and start seeing big opportunities.

Chapter 2

Finance Education Why –

Nowadays there is such a phase going on where everyone wants to become rich, everyone wants that I should become rich as soon as possible, that is why everyone keeps getting stuck in new schemes, in this chapter, Robert has given a great education. and he is learning how to Bagia education before him run right back your money if you will become rich | Let us know the important things of this chapter

Mike has become very rich, he has a huge empire, he has made his rich dad’s empire very big and now he is preparing his children to carry forward his empire. Robert is also very rich, he and his wife have taken retirement at a very young age, his age was only 47 years and his wife’s age was only 37 years when both took retirement, usually, a person works whole life for money. And he takes retirement after 60 years and for him, retirement means becoming dependent on the government but for Robert, the meaning of retirement was completely different, for him retirement meant building so many assets that even if he worked for the whole life. Even if he doesn’t, he should never be short of money. Robert focused only on making assets in his life, now his assets have become so big that he can grow on his own. Robert believes that assets are like a tree, in the beginning, the more water you put in it, the more it will move forward, and the stronger the root of that tree, the more shade it will give you to enjoy. Now the question arises that why most of the people are not able to make such assets in life, then it is only for one reason that most of the people think only about small-time money, they get mad in the middle of so much money that they are bigger than money. Things forget education, they think that money will solve the problems of their life, but in reality, money earned without taking education does not last long, you can feel yourself rich for some time. But in the long run, you will get nothing but trouble. People forget that it doesn’t matter how much money you earn but what matters is how much money you saved and how you put it forward for your work, you must have heard a story many times that many people become crorepati overnight. They are made by lottery, they reach again in a few years from where they started. The only reason for this is not to take financial education.

Many people ask the same question to Robert that how can we become rich quickly, Robert says that the dream of becoming rich quickly is the same as building a house without a foundation. If the foundation of your house is weak, then no matter how beautiful you build a house, one day it will fall, similarly, if you become rich by forced labor to earn money and invest money, then you will not have this money for a long time. You will soon be the same again.

Another important thing which has been mentioned in this chapter is the biggest difference between a rich and poor person, rich people make assets in their whole life but poor and middle-class people make their life only liability. Many people do not understand the difference between these two and live their whole life only with the regret that becoming rich is a very difficult task, but if they also spend their whole life with assets i.e. things that do not take money out of their pockets but put them in Surely it will be very easy for them to become rich.

Let us know about some important rules of money which will help you a lot in earning money –

1- You have to understand the difference between assets and liability very well, many grown people are unable to make children learn on their own, they make even a simple thing very complicated, says Robert Rich dad used to believe in a very good rule that is KISS FORMULA i.e. KEEP IT SUPER SIMPLE which means to explain your every work very easily to yourself and look at everything in a very simple way, the more you consider one thing difficult, the more Ten times more your mind will run away from it. If you want to understand about assets and liabilities in simple language, then just understand that asset puts money in your pocket and liability takes money out of your pocket.





Robert once hears one thing from people that “I am in debt, I need to earn more money” but people do not know that more money does not solve your problems, how do you use your money, this thing is your problem. the moves away often because puts on more problems we see so much money that exposes our weaknesses. The biggest drawback in our education system is not that it does not teach us to earn money, but the biggest drawback is that how we have to handle money and how to earn money by running money between money, this art was not taught to us in any institution. Goes.



What is wealth i.e. wealth, many people do not know its true meaning, the real meaning of wealth is that if you stop working today, then how long can you live, then you can imagine how much wealth we are the owner of today. So the question you ask yourself is whether you need to increase your expiration or not.

Rich builds wealth, poor have only expenses and the middle class buys liabilities thinking he is building wealth

Chapter 3

focus on your business

The rich focus on their wealth column but most people focus on their income

In this chapter, Robert has explained the importance of business and told how important it is to have your own business to become rich.

So it is in 1994 when   McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc was once giving a speech for an MBA college and after some time he went to have dinner with the rest of the students, he asked a question to all the children, that question you will also find it very strange. So that question was, “What business am I in?” Hearing this question, all the children started laughing and let the question go thinking that Ray Krock must be joking, but on asking the same question again, a child said that you are in the business of selling burgers. Yes, on hearing this, Ray Kroc said that I must have started by selling burgers, but today I do not only sell burgers, today my business is of property, today McDonald’s owns the largest number of properties in the whole world. This is the most important lesson for us, today the child who answered this is also in the car wash business but now his business has become a property rather than just a car wash. In the previous chapter we had known that how most people work for everyone, first they work for the owner of the company, then they work for the government and then for the bank from which they have taken a loan. . This is the biggest drawback of our educational institution, it teaches the skills to the children to take the job so that the child keeps running behind his income column, but our education does not give us any knowledge about the business. Whenever Robert used to meet a person, he used to ask about his work. Once he met a person and asked what do you do, he said that I am a banker, then Robert asked him if you are the owner of the bank, so he said no, I work inside the bank, this made Robert understand that because of our education, today people consider their profession as their business, they do not understand that job is only a way to earn money, you can never retire from job soon. you can do business with job most of the people themselves are making their boss rich by working like crazy. People think that I wish I had worked a little more in my studies, then today I would have been promoted, but people do not understand that even with more hard work, only their income column will increase but their asset column will not be there, if people If they want to become rich, then they have to think about the idea of ​​doing business along with the job. But the biggest reason that Robert could understand, due to which people are not doing business, is the fear of taking risks. “Most people think that if their business fails, they will be ruined, but people do not understand that by not taking the risk, they are taking the biggest risk of their life. Robert gives this advice to all the people that you think about doing your business, do your day job but at the same time buy such a property from which you can get income without working, you should not need your business, if your business is also Depends on you, then you are doing job not business. You can buy anything, stocks, bonds, money-making property whatever it may be but it should be such a thing where after a while you are not working even then you have money coming. Robert’s poor dad used to give the same advice all the time, work hard, do a job and live a safe life, but rich dad used to say that you buy property by working on the side, that’s why Robert fell in love with the property and he had a lot of property. Most of the young kids don’t want to be rich, they want to look rich, people often buy expensive things in debt but they are poor from the inside, Robert believed that you buy expensive things but not with your hard-earned money You buy expensive things from the income of your assets, it will definitely take time but you will always be happy and rich from inside. The biggest secret of the rich is that they believe in being richer than looking rich, they know that they cannot work 24 hours a day but their money can work for them 24 hours a day.

Chapter 4

History of Taxes and Power of Corporations

In this chapter, Robert has taught about many topics so that you can make any financial decision comfortably, he has also told a book to the people so that you can learn how to make a company properly, the name of that book Is Start Your Own Corporation: Why the Rich Own Their Own Companies and Everyone Else Works for Them by  Garrett SUTTON, let’s know the important things of this chapter –

1 – You have to understand how this whole game works

Most people ignore the things of taxes, they think it is not their thing, they think that only rich people can do it or they think that when they become rich then they will pay attention to these things. , both these things are very wrong, all these things are very important to become rich if a middle class or poor person understands how rich people find ways to do their tax work and how they handle their taxes So of course he too will become expert in these things.

2- Find ways to reduce your taxes

Often you must have seen that whenever the government thinks of charging more tax from the rich, then a rich person does not think that what should I do now, now I will have to pay more tax, rather he thinks that now how to use his money, power. Do and change things, he doesn’t just sit like a compulsive person, but he finds a way.

3- Take care of your strength

The most important thing that Robert explained in this chapter was that you should never work for money, if you work for money, you will give power to the job creator, but if money works for you, then your whole life will be power. you will .

4 – Be smart

Be wise and don’t be suppressed, if a poor person is easily suppressed in front of anyone because he does not know about the law, knowing about the law is not only because you are a law-abiding person but also because In today’s time, not knowing the law can be very costly.

5 – Put your money to work

Make your money work as much as you want, it never hesitates, it never takes leave, it never makes excuses like a human, it doesn’t steal work, it works for you 24 hours a day like a loyal servant and earns more money So , you also put money to work and prepare a good life for yourself.

6- Knowledge of money is the biggest key, learn it and teach it to people

Robert says that the education of earning money in his life, which he also calls financial intelligence, has contributed a lot to my becoming rich, without this he is never successful in life and he, like the rest of the people, keeps running after money all his life. They say that today I am using that education to teach others only with the hope that more people should not run after earning money like me and run away money for themselves.

7 – What is the basic point of education of money

1- Accounting – The more money you have, the more you will need this thing, because of this you cannot become rich.

2- Investing – It teaches you to make money from money, because of this, you can never be free from the tension of money.

3- Understanding the market – Understanding the market is a science of supply and demand, you have to understand the science of the market.

4 – Understanding the law – Robert says that a person who understands the benefits of law and tax, his chances of becoming rich are much higher than those who are doing jobs or are self-employed.

5 – Avoidance of law case – A rich person hides his wealth in such a way that if a person sues a rich person, then he has to pass through so many layers, and in the end it comes to know that the rich is actually rich in his name. But he does not buy anything, he buys all the things in the name of his business.

In the last, only one thing is said, Robert, if you own any right asset, then as soon as possible to protect it from tax and find out about the benefits you will get from the government so that you give your money a chance to grow. of the occurrence of

Business owners – they earn first, spend, then pay tax

Employees who work incorporation – they also earn, pay tax, then spend

Chapter 5

rich doesn’t make money rich makes money

In this chapter, Robert has told a lot of work that the rich never think about the opportunity to earn money in the short run all the time, the rich always look for the opportunities in the long run, he knows that even if he loses him in the short run. It is happening but he knows that it will be beneficial in the long run, let us know the important things of this chapter –

1- It often happens to us that when we see a very intelligent person poor, then we are very surprised that we do not know why he is so poor, seeing his intelligence and hard work, it seems that he is very rich. Should have happened, then we calm down by thinking that becoming rich is a game of luck, those who work hard always remain poor or middle class, this often happens when we see people with a very good degree We are surprised to see that we are working for the illiterate, but we never go into the depth of this thing, what is the reason behind it, Robert explains that the reason behind this is only one, that is his thinking if a person If he works for money, he will never be able to become rich.A rich thinking person never runs after earning money, he thinks that what should I do to make money, one thing is very important for us to understand that money is not a real thing that we can get and run after it, when we do this Stop thinking and think about making assets, only then our money will grow faster that too without us.

2- The definition of wealth keeps changing from time to time, 300 years from now, land used to be our property, so then the person who had more land, the richer it was, but the definition of money again later. Changed: Once upon a time the person who used to have more factories used to be richer, then industrialists used to be richer but today the definition of wealth has changed completely. is richer.

3- We have to stop believing that a person becomes rich by luck, this is not true at all, earning more money is also like an art which can be learned with time but most of the people do not even learn it, people are doctors, have become more willing to 4 years to become engineers lakin want to spend that it loses money for learning Callao create rich do not want to spend your time is. When Robert asks people why they are afraid of learning financial skills, then people say that this subject scares them, some people get bored with this subject, and some people feel that they do not need it. They can become rich by saving money and taking a little luck, so they invest money in the lottery before spending money on learning.

One thing we have to keep in mind all the time, new opportunities come to everyone in this world every day, but only a few people recognize that opportunity at the right time and work on it and choose their own luck and others leave it as their fate. Let’s say, Robert encourages everyone to invest in their financial education before investing in stocks, property, and other markets, the smarter you become, the more chances you will have in identifying opportunities and getting ahead of others. Keep in mind that many people understand that the most valuable thing in the world is a diamond, some people consider the expensive car to be valuable but the most valuable thing in the world is your mind if people learn to value their mind and If you start investing on it then it can make you very rich in life.

Chapter 6

Do the job money right to learn and earn for

In this chapter, Robert has given the inspiration to work with the right mindset, many people work with hard work in life but never become rich, the reason for this is only that they do not do work for learning, They do not do work happily, they do it only to pay their bills. Let us know the important things of this chapter 

Job security was the first priority of the poor dad, written by Robert, he believed that if a person has job security, his life is happy, but Robert did not see his poor dad enjoying life, he was not enjoying life all the time. He used to live in tension on some matters, most of his tension was due to money, his rich dad also used to ask him to do a job, but the reason for doing his job was neither more money nor job security. He told Robert that Go, you go to a sales company and do a job, on asking the reason, his dad replied that you can learn as much as you can from a good job, you cannot learn in your real-life.. It was absolutely true that Robert gives a lot of credit for his success in his sales job. But the biggest sad thing is that people do it not only to learn job but only for good salary and security, that is why they are engaged in making a person rich only in life. Robert believed that no matter how intelligent you are in your class, but if you do not have knowledge about sales and marketing, then you can never become rich in life, You must have also seen somewhere that a very smart person who has a lot of knowledge, he is an expert in his field but he is still living in poverty, there is only one solution for this, increase your art, live your comfortable life. Get out of it and learn about Sales, Accounting, Investing, and Law, Selling any item to someone is considered a very small task in our society, but people forget that no matter how rich a person is a today, he is nothing. Selling something, even if we forget the stuff, here we are also selling our idea, Robert considers sales and marketing to be the most important skill to become rich. Robert had also told this thing in the earlier chapters that if you want to increase your financial understanding, then you should have knowledge about accounting, investing, marketing and law, if you have these 4 skills then you will definitely get rich. But most people give importance to only one art, that is a lot of hard work to make rich, people believe that money in life comes only by working hard, it is absolutely true that hard work to become rich It is very important but with hard work you have to bring skills in yourself, Rich dad had advised Robert not to work hard, but learn these four skills little by little. You must do your job, it is also very important but only knowledge of sales, marketing can make you rich, Robert has suggested doing network marketing to increase your sales skills, your ability to sell and your ability to talk. Art is what makes you move forward in life and makes you different from people, talking well, writing well, dealing with people, these skills are said to be very important.

Chapter 7

overcome difficulties

In this chapter, Robert has told about the troubles that come in the way of becoming rich, troubles are part of life, any person lives in this world, he has to face trouble in some form or the other, but says Isn’t it better to sit hungry on the road and cry comfortably in a big car, money can’t solve all your troubles, but it can make your problems work, let’s know about these problems that will make you rich. will come in the way of –

1 – Fear of risk and failure – It is said that not taking risks is the biggest risk of lifeOften people are not able to do something big because they are afraid to take risks, you cannot do anything big in life unless you take risks, but people are afraid to take risks because they think if they will take the risk and a new business and realize they will be spread and our education system draws us afraid of failing since childhoodbecause human failing fear is, it seems that if they fail will work out the rest of the people that about What would you think?

Robert says – He had fallen many times before learning to cycle, till date he has not met any golfer whose ball has not been lost, till date he has not met any person who has made love in life and his heart is not broken and He did not meet a rich person whose money has never been lost, this means that if you had to learn to ride a bicycle, then there was a risk of falling, there is also a risk of heartbreak in love, but unless you take the risk You will not succeed, similarly if you want to make rich then you have to take the risk, either you will win or you will learn but you will never lose.

2 – Thinking more – If we want to be successful, then we have to avoid thinking too much, people often let good opportunities go by in the process of thinking more and testing the opportunity, it is good to be careful, but to think so much about something if It happened, if it happened, it was ruined somewhere, we can never live ourselves in our imagination, that’s why we stop something before starting, then if another person is successful If it happens then we think that I wish I had done this work then. A good investor knows how harmful it is to think more to become rich , he knows that bad times for common people are good times for him to earn money, when people are afraid then a good investor takes advantage of it.

3 – Laziness – Laziness is the biggest enemy of man, it is said that no one has the power to defeat a person, except the person who says that I am very busy, I do not have time to do business in my life. Man is equally lazy, he gives his laziness the name of being busy, people ask what is the cure for laziness, his cure is greed, whenever you are lazy, think only one thing, what will be the benefit of this work What will be the change in my life due to the result I will get by doing this work.

4 – Dirty Habits – Along with laziness, we have many such bad habits that never let us move forward, our life is the result of our habits, whatever you are today is only because of your habits, if you are unhappy with your life, then improve your habits and if you are happy with your life then thank your habits, a rich man is very sure of his habits, he knows when the whole world hides his bad habits, he hides his bad habits Finds it thinking that he can never earn much money by changing it to begar. Thinking about earning more money is like building a body without exercising, if you want to build a body then you have to improve your habits.

5 – Too much pride – Robert’s money was drowned by his pride, people often say that what I know is enough to earn money and what I do not know is not so important, Robert’s rich dad always said What you do not know is more important for your success, so never let it come to your mind that I know everything and I do not need to learn further, because whenever you think this, then your success Possibilities work, always keep yourself like a child who is ready to learn new things all the time and in any subject you feel that I know a lot, then meet the expert of that subject and break your pride.

Chapter 8

get started

In this chapter, Robert Kiyosaki has given 10 steps, to further increase your finance knowledge, let’s know those important steps –

1- Knowing the reason before doing any work – If you have to do any work with all your heart, then you have to explain very clearly the reason for doing that work until your why is not determined properly. It will not be determined how to do this work, when you know the reason why you have to do better in your life now and what you should not tolerate in your life, only then you can give up your bad habits in life when people like Robert Why do you want to make them rich, then Robert used to say that only because I know what I want and what I don’t want in my life, you understand this thing without clear reason you will not be able to be successful in life.

2- Take the decision in life according to the reason for your success – First make it clear that what will I do with the money that comes and then you take the decision that what will I have to do in life to get that money, without doing any work you will not be able to become rich, keep in mind that not having money should not be an excuse in your life, we have everyday choice what to do with our time, do we have to waste it or learn something so that you will be successful in life be able to

3- Choose a company that keeps the same purpose – Choose your friends who can teach you something in your life, it is said that do not make your friendship with such people who are rich, they will be able to tell you from where to earn money, nowadays In time, money is made from information and only those people will have information about what big thing is going to come in the market and what opportunity you have to capitalize.

4 – Learn quickly and keep learning – you learn all the things that will come in the way of your goal, you have to learn those things, you will become what you learn, so be very careful what you are putting in your mind because our brain It is so powerful that whatever you feed it, it will become like that.

5 – Whatever happens, first give money to yourself – first you give money to yourself, this will give you the confidence to give money to other people.

6 – Choose a guru who can show you the right path – Only a successful person can understand the value of a guru, often we think that we can become successful without anyone’s help, but this whole head is wrong without a guru. You cannot be successful, you choose a guru, no matter how expensive it is, good learning from that guru can make you very rich in your life. A good teacher can save you from future mistakes.

7 – expensive things to buy, but it pays to do your property – if you can not keep on discipline yourself and realize you should also not try to become rich, often people just why expensive things to buy in front of a man Think of him as rich but in reality, he is in debt, no matter how bright he looks from outside, there is as much darkness inside him, if you really want to be rich and not look rich then you have to control yourself when Until your wealth becomes so much that it pays for your expensive things, you do not buy those things.

8 – Choose a real hero – We are the heroes of all people, Heroes encourage us to grow up, so choose your hero from a film and not a real-life hero so that you can learn deeply from his life, Robert The hero was Warren Buffet, he used to learn a lot about stocks from him.

9 – Handle your money – Give some money when the other person needs it, but give most of the money when you can think that when your money will come back to you.

10 – Give to people as much as you can – never think before giving knowledge, the more you teach people, the more you will progress yourself, if you want anything in life, then you have to give something first, without giving it to anyone nothing foundpeople often just to ask are retreating to come forward, but if you want to learn more about the peso loses someone Teach, knowledge divides grows.

Chapter 9

If you want more knowledge, then take some more steps which will help you to become rich –

In this chapter, Robert has told some more important steps, by assuming that you can speed up your speed of becoming rich even more, then you know which are those steps –

1- Don’t do that thing in which you are not able to succeed, look for something else – It often happens with us that we fall behind the same thing and take it on our ego, but why should we do this? It is necessary to understand that in this life we ​​have many opportunities in every field, so if you are not able to succeed in one business, then you should look for other opportunities and work hard on it, it does not mean that you are any Leave the work without working hard, you give your 100 percent in every work but be ready for more opportunities, always keep your mind open.

2- Find new ideas – Often people do not find new ideas, Robert believed that you search for new ideas when you do not work on new ideas, you will not be able to learn anything new, Robert always used to go to book stores and He used to search such books which would give him some new knowledge.

3 – Find a person who has a lot of knowledge – It is said that a knowledgeable person will teach you as much as 100 books cannot teach, so whatever you are interested in and want to do, then on the same subject to such a person Choose one who has a lot of knowledge and can help you, eat food with him, spend time in his company and make yourself better.

4- Take classes, study and attend new programs – Robert credits his wealth and his retirement only to his open mind and his ready to take education all the time, people often stop learning so that their mind is less than before. Doesn’t work like that, Robert says that you join a lot of courses, read a lot of books, people will often tell you that you are wasting your money, but those who tell this thing to you will be doing the same job after a few years.

5 – Offer more – Finding good business ideas, finding good investors, finding good people for business is like finding a girl for marriage, you will not know what is best for you until you meet a lot of people So, give yourself time, meet a lot of people so that you can get more information about the market.

6 – Remember, always bargain while buying – you never earn profit by selling all the time, you make a profit all the time while buying.

7 – First look at those people who want to buy first, then you find those people who want to sell – the point of the issue is “Take a piece of cake and divide it into small pieces, most people think very small then that is a lot” Will think of small pieces and in the end, will buy that piece by paying more money.

8 – Think big – It is said that small thinking and sprains of the feet never allow a person to move forward, so think big all the time, no matter what you do.

9 – Learn from history – People often want to do big things in the future but they often do not learn from their history, if you learn from the people of history, then you will be saved from making the mistake that past people did.

10 – Doing work is better than not doing work all the time – all the things mentioned in this book will be of no use until you work on it, the one who thinks of any work in this world is not successful, but The person who does any work is successful, so you will get this book in your life as soon as possible.

So here ends Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary but as Robert Kiyosaki told in Chapter 9 that you can benefit from this book only if you work on it, so let’s now answer such questions so that you can easily With this book, you can bring this book in your life and with this book you can change your life and fulfill all your dreams.

Question 1 – How do I start implementing this book?

Answer – I know this is often the case with us, we read many books with a lot of enthusiasm, thinking that all successful people definitely suggest booking and say that they are successful today only because of getting a book. Yes, whether it is Warren Buffet, or Bill Gates, or ELON MUSK, but even when we read a lot of books, there is no such special change in our life, keep in mind one thing – no one succeeds by getting a book, things succeed a man molded in lifesay not much information is like a burden if you followed it in her life might have, and realize now what do you do to have my service in every single part of life in this book –

1- Do not put pressure on yourself that I have to implement everything in one day, keep in mind that life does not change in a day, it is the result of our daily habits, so first of all you have to mold some small thing in this book in life. No matter how small it is, you just take a small step, often people think so big that they can not take even a small step, you can do anything, you can enroll in any course Yes, you can take a picture of your cash flow, you just take one step, the rest of the things will automatically start getting better, just make a decision in my mind that I have to do something big in life.

2- If you like anything in this book, stick it where you go every day, stick any 10 points on the wall and give yourself a goal that you have to complete these 10 things within the next 15 days. , then apply these 10 things slowly in your life every day with your heart, I promise you that 15 days of your life will completely change your life.

3- I know it often happens that we start at the beginning, but in today’s time of distraction, we move away from our goal only after 2-3 days, keep in mind that when you accidentally fall in the mud, then They do not say that now I have fallen, let’s take a bath in it, what do you do, you get up from the mud thinking that now I have fallen but will not fall from the front, then you take a bath and walk on your way again Yes, in the same way, if one day you feel lazy, instead of punishing yourself and saying that I will read the next book well, you forget your day and start the next day with full enthusiasm. Do it and try to complete those 10 points again.

Question 2- Is it bad to work?

Answer – No, not at all, the job is a very good thing to learn anything, and if your goal is a simple life then a job is a very good thing for you, sometimes we listen to people and do that work under their pressure. Let us start for which we were not made, if you are doing the job and you are happy with your life and you find your life very beautiful every morning then you are already successful in your life, don’t put yourself under any pressure. Do not force me to come and do something, it is a matter of business, I will definitely request you that once in life you will definitely taste the business, which will help you to do your job well because you too You will be able to experience how it feels to be a boss, this will allow you to have a good rapport with the boss at your job.

Question 3 – I am a student, how can I take advantage of this book?

Answer – Remember, your time is very precious, often when we are students, we do not value our time, all the successful people started their success in student life itself, so you don’t want to waste your time. Make your skills better, work on sales, marketing, and your conversation with whatever field you are working in, if you have these skills well in your student life, then you will overtake many people. In time

Question 4 – I am the owner of a small business, how can I grow my business?

Answer – There is only one way to grow your business, you have to move your thinking forward, you have to take everything to the next stage whether it is your thinking or your knowledge, you have to stop believing that I know everything and I know a lot about my business, you have to spend money to increase your knowledge, you have to meet your business experts, you have to learn from them where you are making a mistake when you do this work continuously then you will get results Aana will start and you also make points from this book which you think can help you and start doing that.

Question 5 – I am a successful businessman how can I retire soon?

Answer – If you are a successful businessman then you would know that a good business runs without you, if even today your business is in need of you a lot, then you should not think that your business runs well, earn good money empty There is no identity of a good business, you are working because you are compulsion in your business or you are working because you like it, ask yourself this question, and if your business runs without you, then you and your property Pay attention to making, you learn about those subjects, which is giving money to other people, keep in mind that the more wealth a person has, the sooner that person will be able to retire .

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