How to delete all of your Facebook messages at once

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All your messages in Facebook land up in Facebook Messenger. The IM tool lets you instantly send private messages to your friends and contacts on the platform. It even allows you to send messages to those with whom you have not connected yet. So, there might be an occasion where you find yourself with a ton of messages on Facebook Messenger.

If you are in no mood to sift through those messages then there is a better way. You can get rid of all of your messages when you no longer need them. All you need is a Chrome browser plug-in and here is how it works.

How to delete all Facebook Messages at once

  1. If you are not already using Google Chrome as your browser then you need to download and install it.
  2. Once you have installed Google Chrome, download the Delete All Messages browser extension from the Chrome web store.
  3. On the Chrome web store page, simply click on Add to Chrome.Facebook Delete All Messages
  4. Now, you will see an on-screen prompt asking whether you want to add the extension.
  5. Click on “Add extension” to proceed. Please note there are many such browser extensions and we have used the one with the highest rating.Facebook Delete All Messages
  6. Once the extension has been added to Chrome browser, go to Facebook and login with your credentials.
  7. Now, you will see the extension appear in the top menu bar and features a speech bubble.
  8. If you click on the extension, it will show the instructions.
  9. The first instruction will take you to Facebook Messages.Facebook Delete All Messages
  10. The second instruction will delete all the messages. When you click, a prompt will ask whether you want to proceed.
  11. Click on “Yes, delete” to delete all your Facebook messages at once.Facebook Delete All Messages
  12. The next prompt will confirm the success with deleting all of your messages on Facebook and take you to Chrome Web Store.Facebook Delete All Messages

Please note that the above step will delete all of your Facebook messages. You will not be able to recover these messages later. It is also important to note that these extensions are capable of reading your messages but the publisher notes that “it will not collect or use your data”. If you plan to go ahead, please do it at your own discretion.

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