How To Get Fresh And Valid Credit Cards

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Ⓜ️ This Method Is For Those Who Value Patience For Success.

❗️ A Shopping Website To Copy.
❗️ PHP Scripts To Handle Data Collection.
❗️ A Hosting Package.
❗️ An Interesting Domain Name.

✅ Step 1:-
❗️ Go To
❗️ Create Account And Select A One Year Package Of Shared Hosting To Get A Free Domain Registration (Costs Around $43 To $45).
❗️ Leave It On Payment Page.
❗️Search For CC & Use Them To Buy The Package.

✅ Step 2:-
❗️ Choose The Website You Want To Copy (Eg Because Targeting Cards From Small Business, They Come With High Balance)
❗️ Use HTTRACK To Copy The Target Website.
❗️ Download And Install XAMPP For Local Testing.
❗️ Copy The Files From HTTRACK To Your HTDocs Folder.
❗️ Modify The Files To Fit Your Needs.
❗️ Edit Forms To Fit ( SSN, DOB, Gender And So On )
❗️ You Can Even Modify Them To Steal Bank Logs And Email Logs ( Contact Me For Sample Scripts )

✅ Step 3:-
❗️ Upload Your Files To Your Hosting.
❗️ Use SEO Optimizer To Achieve A Higher Rank.
❗️ Promote Your Website Using Google Ads.
❗️ Wait And See The Magic.

🌀 The Data Collected Will Contain Every Information Needed Even For A Newbie To Cashout.

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