How To Get NordVPN For 3 Years Free 

How To Get NordVPN For 3 Years Free 
How To Get NordVPN For 3 Years Free 
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How To Get NordVPN For 3 Years Free

Step 1 – Connect To Sweden Through Any Vpn
Step 2 – Go To
Step 3 – Scroll Down And Click On 3 Year Plan
Step 4 – For Email Use Temp Mail
Step 5 – Select “Direct Debit” And Select Germany As Country.
Step 6 – Get Every Information From
Step 7 – Scroll And Get IBAN Number.
Step 8 – After Filling Everything Click Confirm Ad Then U Will Receive An Email.
Step 9 – Open The Email And Confirm It.
Step 10 – Set Password And Login To

2nd Method

  • First connect your device to location: Sweden through any free VPN.
  • Go to 100
  • After opening the site scroll down and click on “Get 3year Plan”
  • And then put temporary email from site like: 43
  • Then select ” Direct Debit ” option and
    select Germany as a country. And then
    click Continue to Direct Debit .
  • Fill fake information using site like: 79
  • Open the site and select Germany flag to get data. And then fill the information. (Put IBAN number properly after validating).
  • After filling the information click confirm and then you will receive an email.
  • Open the email and click the link and set the password.
  • After setting the password. Login with your email and password.
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