How to Hide Data inside Images.

🔹Step 1: Create a folder. Name it anything you wish, say hide.

🔹Step 2: Now put anything and everything you want to hide in this folder. Text files, other images, executables – anything. Also, put the image behind which you want to hide the files in the same directory, say “image.jpg”.

🔹Step 3: Now we need to archive this folder. You can use your choice of compression tool for this (I recommend the free and open-source 7-zip). So now we have a zip file containing all of the data we want to hide behind an image.

🔹Step 4: You should have your image, say image.jpg (inside of which we’ll hide our data) in the same directory as (next to it).

🔹Step 5: Now simply open up the command prompt and move to the folder where image.jpg and are located using the cd command:cd PATH For example: cd C:\Folder cd desktop

🔹Step 6: Now we type in the following command:copy /b image.jpg + output.jpg

✅ That’s it, you’re done. Hope you will find it useful.

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