[ Easy Steps ] How to open aadhar card centre | Step by step information

How to open aadhar card centre | Step by step information
How to open aadhar card centre | Step by step information
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If you have gone to the Aadhar card center to get the Aadhar card of any of your friends or family members. So you must have seen a lot of people there. Even, you may have waited there for a long time for you or your family members to get your Aadhar card. It is meant to say that if you want to make an Aadhar card, update, or correct any error in the Aadhar card center, then you will have to wait.

In this situation, you cannot do that, go to another Aadhar card center and get your work done quickly. Because the second Aadhaar center may be more crowded than before. However, earlier the Common Service Center also got the authority to do the work related to the Aadhar card. But later, keeping in mind the security of the data, the Government of India made it mandatory to open Aadhar card centers inside the government premises.

It was also observed that earlier if any interested person wanted to open Aadhar Kendra. So he used to get this right easily by filling some forms online or offline and completing the formalities. But after that many problems arose, and the government almost closed the private Aadhaar centers, and those that were kept operational were shifted inside the government premises.

But today if any interested person wants to open his own Aadhar Card Center. So he has to keep one thing in mind that, it is not as easy as before. The government has now made this process a bit complicated, to avoid the problems that the government is trying to save these centers from.

Since opening an Aadhar card center is a very profitable and risk-free business. That is why it is certain that the Government of India authorizes the opening of Aadhaar centers. He can run his business easily without any risk. Because even today if you go to any Aadhar center, there is only a crowd of people visible there.

Aadhar center opening process

What is Aadhar Card Center?

Aadhar Card Center is a place from where people can get a new Aadhar card, correct any error in Aadhar card, update their Aadhar, etc. At present, the Government of India conducts an examination for the entrepreneurs who want to open such centers. Whereas earlier, by completing some online forms and formalities, the Aadhaar card was authorized to open the center.

But now it is not so, now the aspiring entrepreneur has to book for the exam first. After that the exam has to be given, and only after clearing the exam, an aspirant is authorized to open his own Aadhar card center.

What is the work done in aadhar card center

  • Enrollment of new Aadhaar.
  • Correction in already existing Aadhar card.
  • Updating Aadhar Card of Children. In which fingerprints have to be updated after five years and after fifteen years.
  • Aadhar Card Enrollment for NRIs.
  • The printout of the Aadhar card and converting it into a PVC card is done at Aadhar Card Center.       

What is needed to open the aadhar center?

If you also want to open an Aadhar card center, then first you need the NSEIT certificate of Aadhar Operator, Supervisor or CELC Operator. We will talk further about the terms and conditions of this exam. Before that, let’s take a look at the list of things required to open an Aadhaar center.

  • NSEIT Certificate।
  • User ID and Password provided for Aadhaar Center. So that you can complete all the work by logging into the Aadhar card portal.
  • Aadhar Card Enrollment may require various devices to be used such as fingerprint scanner, iris scanner (which scans the eyes), GPS tracker etc.
  • laptop or desktop.
  • Printer cum scanner.
  • Web camera.
  • Permission required for working in Government premises.

Terms and Conditions for NSEIT Exam

However, the official website through which the aspiring entrepreneur will have to apply for the NSEIT Exam. Instructions are given on that page, but still, we are mentioning those terms and conditions here.

  • For OTP verification, it is necessary that the existing number of the aspirant should be updated with Aadhaar.
  • The candidate will be identified in the examination premises on the basis of the photograph available in the Aadhar card. So the new photograph in Aadhaar should be up to date.
  • Aadhar number of the candidate should not be blacklisted by any Enrollment Agency or UIDAI.
  • Candidate should have completed at least 18 years as on date of birth printed in Aadhaar.
  • Whatever type of certificate like Aadhaar Operator / Supervisor / CELC Operator is required by the interested person. On the basis of that, he should have completed at least the educational qualification.
  • The candidate should have downloaded an e-Aadhaar copy after 1st March 2019.
  • The candidate should have an offline e-KYC- XML ​​file and its share code. An interested person can generate it from here https://resident.uidai.gov.in/offlineaadhaar.
  • The candidate should be in touch with any working agency so that on getting the certificate he/she can start working with them. Because UIDAI and NSEIT do not appoint any certified operator or supervisor directly.
  • The candidate should have a valid Debit Card, Credit Card, or Net Banking facility.
  • The candidate has to pay Rs 471 as a test fee plus GST in case the candidate fails or is absent in the exam on the given date. 236 is required to be paid as a retest fee. However, this fee may increase from time to time.

How to Apply Online for NSEIT Exam

Before applying, check whether your existing number and latest photograph are updated with Aadhaar. If not, and you want to open your Aadhar Card Centre. So you have to do this first.

  • After that e-Aadhaar will have to be downloaded from the official website of the Aadhar card in which your latest photograph will be updated.
  • After this process, the aspirant will have to set the Offline Aadhar XML File and a share code for it, which he/she will need to apply later. An interested person can do this process through this official link.
  • After completing this process, the interested person will have to visit the official website of the NSEIT Exam. And click on Create New User.
  • After that, the offline XML file will have to be uploaded in it, and the share code that the person has set below will have to be filled. And click on extract.
  • Now an OTP will come on the person’s mobile number which is linked with Aadhaar to validate this process. That OTP has to be filled.
  • After that, a registration ID and default password will be sent to the applicant’s mobile and email ID. So that the candidate can log in to the portal.
  • Make sure to change the default password after logging into the NSEIT Exam Portal for the first time, and always remember your Registration ID and Password. Because from applying for the exam to knowing the result, these credentials will be required again and again.
  • After that, by logging in, the candidate will be able to apply online for NSEI Exam, and will also be able to pay the fee easily.
  • After successfully making the application and payment, the candidate should prepare for its exam, for this, he can also give a mock tests,s, etc.
  • Candidates willing to open Aadhar Card Center can contact 022-42706500 from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm for any type of query related to this exam. And you can also write an email to uidai_admin@nseit.com.

how to open aadhar card center  

The brief steps to open aadhar card center are described as follows.

  1. Get permission for the space for the center from government premises like banks, government schools, etc. So that after passing the exam, you can open your Aadhar card center on that campus.
  2. Update your existing number and latest photo with an Aadhar card. And download an e-Aadhaar with updated details.
  3. Download the offline XML file from the Aadhaar portal and set its share code.
  4. Register yourself as a new user in NSEIT Exam Portal. Offline XML files and share codes will be required in this registration process.
  5. After that log in to NSEIT Portal with Registration ID and Default Password, and pay the fee by filling the Application Form.
  6. Prepare for the exam, attend the exam on the given date, and clear the exam.
  7. If you already have all the required equipment as mentioned above then it is fine, otherwise, you will need to buy all this equipment once you get the login id and password of the Aadhar card portal. So that you can start your work in Aadhar Card Center.

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