How to permanently delete Truecaller account and Name | Remove your phone number from it.

How to permanently delete Truecaller account and Name | Remove your phone number from it.
How to permanently delete Truecaller account and Name | Remove your phone number from it.
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You must be thinking that this happens because of some advanced technology of Truecaller brother, then clear the misunderstanding. Because this happens because of the cellphone network. By the way, Truecaller also runs in the iPhone, but nothing is visible on the screen, instead, you have to click on the number separately to see what the name is.

Well, today we have not come to share the knowledge of how Truecaller works? How you can update your information or how to keep your mobile inbox clean from fake calls and SMS. Because we have already talked about this in detail. Now we will tell you how you can get rid of this app and how you can delete your entire birth chart from Truecaller’s database.

Steps to deactivate your Truecaller account

  • Open the Truecaller app on your phone
  • Tap on three-dots or gear icon (on iOS) from the top right corner
  • Tap on Settings and head to Privacy Center Now, tap on Deactivate button
  •  Now, tap on Deactivate button
  • Confirm by tapping on ‘Yes’ on the prompt

Steps to remove your phone number from Truecaller

  • Open on any browser
  • Enter your phone number with country code
  • Click on Unlist Phone Number button
  • The question arose in my mind that why should I do this?

    So we already tell that there can be two reasons. The first is that you have downloaded this app by mistake and now you feel that your personal information in free funds is visible in the world. Meaning your privacy is being infringed and you no longer have to share your photo or email with everyone.

    The second reason is a bit funny, but many of you must have had to deal with it. That is, instead of your name, some good name will be visible on the mobile screen of the people. This is exactly the same as the names of spam people like recovery, don’t pick up its phone, or love addicts usually appear in Truecaller.

    You are a working man. There are officers in a good company, but the name is coming on the mobile screen of the people…Loverboy. Many times there is a very frustrating situation and this happens due to the way Truecaller gathers information.

    Truecaller takes all the data from the address book of the mobile which we give permission to use the app. Now you may have never used it, but your friends must have done and saved the place with your beautiful name…Loverboy or Indore Wale Fufa. Then the same thing starts appearing on the screen.

    In both cases, the solution is to delete your information. But it is not that easy to press the button, delete the app and it is done. There is a very good process about which we tell you.

    1. If you have used the app then you have to go with this step. First of all go to the Truecaller app of your Android phone and click on the three sticks which will appear on the top left side. Here you will see many options and you have to go to Settings. In the settings, the second Privacy Center is your location from the bottom, inside which you will get the option of Deactivate.

    Dear iPhone users, on opening the app, you will see the option of More at the bottom right-hand corner. From there go to Settings then Privacy Center and Deactivate Account. Keep in mind one thing that when you go to Deactivate, the option of Keep My Data and Delete My Data will appear inside. And you have to choose the second one so that the work gets done completely.

    2. Do not be happy now, because even after so much effort, the ghost of Truecaller has left your body, not your home. This means now only your account has been removed from the app. Now you have to go to and enter your number along with the country code on the screen. Like India is +9199777XXXXX. Truecaller will ask you in its last attempt why you are leaving after breaking your heart, so choose the option already visible or give some other reason. After completing the whole process, press Unlist hard, then the work will be completed.

    If you have never used Truecaller and you want to delete your number, then follow the second step directly.

    After doing all this, you are thinking that you have taken a bath in the Ganges. This means if you have got liberation then it is not completely right. Your number may still be visible because your number is adorning the phone of a distant aunt or neighbor’s uncle. In such a situation, it is best to keep an eye and keep looking at your number on someone else’s phone and when you get free time, reach


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