How to protect Whatsapp from being hacked These methods will help you

How to protect Whatsapp from being hacked These methods will help you
How to protect Whatsapp from being hacked These methods will help you
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How to protect Whatsapp from being hacked,  These methods will help you

Avoid WhatsApp Hacks: With the rise in online scams and what is known as social engineering, it is very easy to fall into the trap these days, thus, hampering our security on the internet. A similar case has come to the fore recently in which Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest and the world’s richest man, became a victim of hacking through WhatsApp, whereby his personal data was compromised.

The incident is a clear sign that it could possibly happen to anyone, even you. Incidents like this increase our need to maintain our security and privacy, which we can all do by keeping our minds and following simple steps. So, here is how to secure your WhatsApp account from being hacked on both Android and iOS.

Previously, without initiative, social engineering or social hacking is a type of security threat in which a hacker is able to manipulate a person into giving personal information, thus giving the hacker access to their confidential location, mainly online accounts. provides access.

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How to protect your Whatsapp from being hacked?

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android and iOS smartphones
  • For Android, click the three-dot menu to select the Settings option.
  • For iOS, select the Dedicated Settings option
  • choose account option
  • Then go to the two-step verification option
  • Tap on the Enabled option and then set your six-digit PIN for the same
  • There is an additional step, which is not necessary but may prove beneficial. In this step, you can enter your email ID for situations when you forget your PIN and you want to recover it

Another way ,

How to protect your smartphone from hacker ? (Android, iOS)

  • It is best to update your smartphone with the latest security updates coming from time to time
  • Don’t go for unauthenticated apps and download apps from trusted app stores. See reviews, ratings, and even app developers
  • Since your smartphones come with support for multiple biometric options, enable them.
  • Enable Password and PIN
  • Do not connect your smartphone to an unsecured Wi-Fi network or a public charger
  • Do not open suspicious links, emails, or files you receive.

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