How-to Set Up Auto Reply Messages in Gmail

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🔹Step 1: First of all, login to your Gmail account from your desktop web browser.

🔹Step 2: Now click on the Settings gear, and click on ‘See all settings’

🔹Step 3: Now on the Settings page, click on the Advanced tab.

🔹Step 4: On the Advanced page, scroll down and enable the ‘Templates’ option.

🔹Step 5: Next, scroll down and click on the ‘Save Changes’ button.

🔹Step 6: Now move to the Gmail home page, and click on ‘Compose.’

🔹Step 7: Now compose the template you want to use for automatic replies. Once done, click on the three dots.

🔹Step 8: Click on the Templates > Save draft as template > Save as New template option.

🔹Step 9: Next pop-up, enter a new template name, and click on the ‘Save’ button.

🔹Step 10: Now click on the Search option arrow in the search box.

🔹Step 11: Now you need to define the criteria for the automated reply filter. The criteria could be a name, email address or any particular word, etc. Once done, click on the ‘Create filter’ option.

🔹Step 12: On the next page, check the ‘Send Template’ option and select your newly created template.

🔹Step 13: Once done, click on the ‘Create Filter’ option.

✅ That’s it! Now, if an email matches the criteria you have set, the auto-reply message will be forwarded.


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