How to Start Light Shop Business in Low Investment by tricksskill

How to Start Light Shop Business in Low Investment by tricksskill
How to Start Light Shop Business in Low Investment by tricksskill
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Talking about the Light Shop located in the street, only some basic lights like CFL, LED Bulb are available in them. Which can be generally needed by the residents there to install in their homes. But when it comes to installing lights in big offices, buildings, buildings, etc., then special types of lights are installed here. In offices, lighting is often done efficiently by setting a distance on the ceiling.

So that the employees do not face any problem in doing their work. Similarly, when an elite family gets its own house built for their living, special importance is given to the lighting of the house and there is a demand to install different types of expensive lights. To buy this type of light, people especially like to go to the Light Shop, that is, a shop where only lights are sold exclusively and primarily.

By the way, the importance of light means light has always been important in human life, but at present people are also using lighting to decorate and make their homes and offices attractive. In cities, there are mostly such buildings and buildings where natural type ie sunlight is not able to reach, in such buildings and buildings, new and more light-giving lights are used.

Apart from this, people like to decorate homes and offices at various events like weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, etc. And in this decoration also, Decorative Lights are used extensively. In such a situation, starting a Light Shop Business can be very beneficial for such people who have an interest in this type of business and the ability to bear the cost.

What is Light Shop

The light shop is also a shop like other shops, but its specialty is that from here the customer can buy the light according to his needs. That is, a shop that is selling all kinds of small, big, general, and decorative lights to its customers can be called Light Shop. Through this shop, the entrepreneur is not only selling lights.

Rather, it is also doing activities like installing lights, getting them replaced, lighting in new building buildings, installing decorative lights in an event, etc. by visiting the homes of its customers. Apart from this, the entrepreneur can also decide on the basis of the demand of his customers and the resources that he can offer his customers related to Light and its ancillary activities and what services to the customers.

Light sales prospects

By the way, light is installed on every house, building, building, roads, etc. At present, without light, there will be nothing but darkness in the life of a human being. This is the reason that people want a good arrangement of lighting in their homes, offices, streets, localities. Due to the presence of lights everywhere, a large number of lights are damaged every day, which needs to be replaced by a new light.

Apart from this, lighting is also required in the construction of new houses, buildings, offices and other projects. This is the reason that at present the demand for Light Shop is spread almost everywhere, but it is also very important to make it clear here that in cities, industrial activities are more, so there are more offices, buildings, roads. .

That is to say, the customers who install new and expensive lights in cities are more than in rural areas. In rural areas, people still use traditional lights and bulbs and their demand is fulfilled by the electronic equipment shop located in that area. Therefore, starting a light shop business in rural areas may not be suitable from the point of view of earning.

Whereas cities have many types of lighting such as Incandescent bulbs, Halogen bulbs, Light-emitting diodes (LEDs), Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), Linear fluorescent lamps, High-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, Metal halide bulbs, High-pressure sodium (HPS) ) bulbs, Mercury vapor bulbs, etc. Almost everyone is likely to be sold. That is to say, lights are needed to complete every type of construction work.

Yes, but for the success of Light Shop Business, the entrepreneur has to choose a very good location, where there is no shortage in the number of people who buy his light.

Starting to trade Light Shop

Although it is very easy to start a light shop business on a small scale, but only when the entrepreneur is making some inexpensive and decorative lights a part of his shop. If the entrepreneur wants that on the basis of the current trend, he should also start this business keeping in mind the demand of big buildings, buildings, offices, then he will have to move ahead by completing each activity with great care.

And no doubt, he may also need to provide tax registration and legal form to businesses in this situation. And the cost of starting the business can also be very high. So let us know how a person can start his own Light Shop.

1. Take stock of the demand for lighting in the area

Before starting the Light Shop business, it becomes very important that the area in which the entrepreneur wants to start this business. In that particular area, first of all try to find out what type of light is in high demand there. To find out, the entrepreneur can inspect the houses, buildings, buildings, etc. built in that area, yes because the local housing system plays an important role in the purchase of lights.

Because often the lights go bad, and people like to put only the light which is installed in that building or building. If the number of offices in that particular area is more, then the ceiling light is more likely to be sold. Apart from this, if the entrepreneur is planning to provide light service in any event etc., then he will also have to make various decorative lights a part of his light shop business.

2. Select a good location to Open Light Shop

Good location means a location which is close to the main road and from where the customer can see the shop clearly and clearly. Apart from this, that location should not be deprived of any basic facilities, roads, electricity, water etc. Or a good location can also include a local market or that part of a well-known market, where people often visit for their electric and electronic needs.

And that part of the market should be famous for selling all these items. Opening a light shop in that part of the market can also be beneficial from a business point of view. As far as the space is concerned, it also depends on the plan of the entrepreneur, with what size he wants to start his business.

Where at least 400-500 square feet of space may be required to make fancy, decorative and big lights a part of the shop, on a small scale this shop can also be started by renting a shop of 10×10. Entrepreneur must keep in mind that while renting a shop or place, he must make a lease or rent agreement so that this document can be used as an address proof.       

3. Follow Local Rule Laws

To start a Light Shop Business on a small scale, that is, to sell light, no license and registration is required. But it is also true that many registrations like GST registration etc. depend on what is the annual turnover of the business of the entrepreneur.

If the entrepreneur is planning to make expensive and fancy lights a part of his shop, then as soon as he gets a big project, his turnover may cross the exemption limit in tax registration. Therefore, it is better than even if the entrepreneur registers something else or not, but he must do the tax registration of his business in advance.

Apart from this, in different states, this business can also be started by taking licenses from the local authority like Municipal Corporation or Police Department. Therefore, it would be better that the entrepreneur should find out what licenses and registrations he may need to start Light Shop Business in that particular place.

4. Select Supplier for Your Light Shop:

Before selecting a light supplier, the entrepreneur should prepare a list of the lights he wants to buy for his shop. That is, the light which he feels that he will be able to sell easily in that area. If the entrepreneur wants to choose the supplier, then he can also take help from any other Light Shop already located in that area, that is, he can know from that entrepreneur that how many suppliers of light supply are available in this area.

And which supplier will be suitable for him, although it may also happen that the entrepreneur may have to appoint more than one supplier. Because all types of lights may not be available with the same supplier. If the entrepreneur wishes, he can also try to select the supplier through online portals.

But he has to make sure one thing, that they are ready for delivery etc. in that area. The price offered plays a special role in selecting a supplier for Light Shop Business. Along with this, the delivery schedule, availability of goods, business record of the supplier, etc. also play a very important role.

5. Hire Employees

Light Shop Business Entrepreneurs can be successful only, either the entrepreneur himself knows how to do electrician i.e. light fitting, etc., or he should appoint such staff in his shop who have proficiency in light fitting, etc.

That is to say, if the entrepreneur wants that he can do the work of installing fancy, decorative lights in many types of events, then he will have to appoint some skilled employees in his shop.

On a permanent basis, the entrepreneur can hire only two staff, if he wants, and can hire the rest on a daily wage basis when he gets the job. Generally, the entrepreneur may need to hire several daily wage workers to install the lights for weddings and other events.

6. Start Your Earning From Light Shop Business

Whenever there is a faulty light in our home or office, we prefer to call the electrician first and get suggestions from him. Therefore, it is very important for an entrepreneur starting Light Shop Business to have good contact with the people working as electricians in that area. Sometimes the owner of the house or building himself buys the light and asks the electrician to install it, while sometimes the electrician himself buys the light and gets it installed and takes its payment from the owner of the building or house.

In such a situation, if the entrepreneur doing Light Shop Business offers people to buy light from his shop, to install it for free. So there is no doubt that people would like to buy lights from the same shop. Apart from this, the entrepreneur can also adopt other practical ideas to attract customers.

Apart from the electrician, if the entrepreneur is able to establish a good relationship with the builder, contractor, etc. who builds the building in that area, then it can be very beneficial for his Light Shop Business.

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