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How To Update GBWhatsapp | Latest Versions | GBWhatsapp Anti Ban November 2021 Version | Free Download

How To Update GBWhatsapp
How To Update GBWhatsapp
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How To Update GBWhatsapp | Latest Versions | GBWhatsapp Anti Ban November 2021 Version 

This step-by-step information about GBWhatsapp Update Kaise Kare will be given in this article. A list of some of the latest versions is also given in this article.

In the age of the Internet, from messaging to video calls, many such tasks are done by mobile itself. All over the world, whether Android or iOS, people use Whatsapp for chatting and video calls in their mobiles.

But due to some limited features in it, the modified version of WhatsApp GBWhatsapp is the most popular. It has millions of users.

As we all know that like Normal Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp is not available on Playstore, we cannot update it from Playstore.

If you are a new user then you must read this article till the end. GB WhatsApp will give all the information from download to update. 

We will tell you how to update GB WhatsApp. And how to update favorite latest versions of GB WhatsApp.

What is GBWhatsapp

GBWhatsapp is a Third-Party App that is a Duplicate of Whatsapp. GB WhatsApp has the same UI as Whatsapp and has given features.

But due to limited features in Normal Whatsapp and GB WhatsApp is not available on Playstore, it is very popular among people and is becoming more and more popular.

Which makes GB WhatsApp more awesome and limitless. Means advanced features have been given. Which we will tell you in the list below.

What is GBWhatsapp Update?

Like we told, due to limited features in normal Whatsapp, the number of users of GBWhatsapp are increasing. GBWhatsapp cannot update from the play store. 

Because of this, GBWhatsapp user GBWhatsapp Update Kaise Kare keeps searching for its method on the Internet.

By updating GBWhatsapp, you also get the latest new features as well as if there are any bugs then they are also fixed.

User Experience is made smooth and best so that GBWhatsapp users get maximum convenience. 

GBWhatsapp Features

  • Along with GBWhatsapp, you can also use Normal Whatsapp.
  • In this WhatsApp, you can directly download other’s statuses.
  • In this, you can keep themes according to your own. And can also be customized.
  • You can also hide Last Seen of Whatsapp. 
  • You can also freeze Last Seen. 
  • You can change the notification and icon according to your own.
  • When someone’s message arrives, you can read the message by hiding the blue tick.
  • You can change single tick and double tick according to your own. You can give it a different style.
  • You can increase the writing limit of WhatsApp status.
  • In normal WhatsApp, there is a limit to send 10 photos at One Time, in this you can send more than 10 photos.
  •  In this you get more than 100MB limit of video send. 
  • WhatsApp group name limit is also increased.
  • In this you also get hidden features. With which you can hide anyone’s contact chat and put a password on it.
  • Like Whatsapp Business, Schedule and Auto Reply option is given.
  •  In this you also get DND feature which is being liked a lot.

GBWhatsapp Update Steps

  • First of all open GBWhatsapp.
  • Go to the setting of GBWhatsapp, click on the option of Updates will appear on it. 
  • After that check it by clicking on Check for Updates.
  • If an Update will be available to you, then you should update it by clicking on it.
  • If you are getting Your GBWhatsapp Already Updated written then you can update GBWhatsapp by using the other method given below.

how to update GB Whatsapp from google

If your GBWhatsapp is not updating with the above method, then you can use this step to update GB WhatsApp from Google.

  • First of all download Anti Ban November 2021 GBWhatsapp Version from the direct download link given below.
  • After this uninstall the old GBWhatsapp from your mobile.
  • Then install the latest download version.
  • Now your GBWhatsapp will be updated. After this, you can still use the great features.

Anti Ban November 2021 GBWhatsapp Download

GBWhatsapp Latest Versions

We all like the special features of some version or the other. But due to the arrival of new updates, that feature is removed. Or it is updated.

If you remember in which version that feature was found, then, for this reason, to use the features of your choice, we have listed below according to the version.

  • GBWhatsapp 5.80 new updated version
  • GBWhatsapp 5.90 new updated version
  • GBWhatsapp 6.0 new updated version
  • GBWhatsapp 6.20 new updated version
  • GBWhatsapp 6.80 new updated version
  • GBWhatsapp 7.25 new updated version
  • GBWhatsapp 8.30 new updated version
  • GBWhatsapp 8.90 new updated version
  • GBWhatsapp 9.40 new updated version
  • GBWhatsapp 9.73 new updated version
  • GBWhatsapp 9.82 new updated version
  • GBWhatsapp 10.65 new updated version


We have given you the information about GBWhatsapp Update Kaise Kare as well as the link to download the latest version. Stay connected with HindiDroid.com for the latest GB Whatsapp versions like this.  

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