Home How To How to download clubhouse how to use the clubhouse in 2022

How to download clubhouse how to use the clubhouse in 2022

How to download clubhouse how to use the clubhouse in 2022
How to download clubhouse how to use the clubhouse in 2022
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How to download clubhouse how to use the clubhouse in 2022

How to download clubhouse and what is clubhouse application, if the same question is coming to your mind then you have come to the right place because I have done it and what I was able to research is in this article, so let’s tell you today How to download Clubhouse android application. And first of all, know how to use the Clubhouse application. What is Club House?

What is Clubhouse App?

Friends, this is a kind of Podcast application, PodCast(Audio Only) in which you can connect with different people, in you can talk as a group, create community, and share your thoughts with each other.

As you create an account in it, there are many rooms available in front of you, in which many people keep discussing with you. You can also make a group with your friends and talk in it.

You can talk to people from all over the world, learn something from them, or share your story. Here you will find people discussing thousands of topics in different rooms and groups.

How to download clubhouse

Now your wait is over to download this application, earlier this application was available only for iPhone but now it has also been released on google play store for android.

To download it, directly search Clubhouse on Google Store and install the first application above.

How to Create an Account at Clubhouse

Creating an account on Clubhouse is not that easy, friends, for you have to keep in mind some of the steps we have mentioned.

  • Verify mobile number by opening the app
  • Enter real name
  • After that select a unique username
  • After following these steps, a message will appear in front of you

This message means a username has been reserved for you, your account will be verified by the team, as you will get a message that the account has been verified, then you can log in.

There is nothing certain about how much time it will take for verification, but if you want to avoid this process, then you join by inviting an already verified user from the link.

Your account will be created immediately, and after that, you can also invite any other 2 users.

The limit of invites increases according to your account, in starting you are given a limit of 2 users.

Some special features of Clubhouse

Friends Clubhouse is not a normal podcast application, in this, you are given many features like, it has many types of rooms, community, form, club. etc. are to be seen, let’s go through them in detail.

how to make room in the clubhouse

To create rooms in the clubhouse, you have to open the application, and on the home screen you will see an option like a green button, click on it after that add a good name and description for the room, and make the room public

In this, you can add whomever you want and all the members who are online will be visible to you at the bottom left.

Clubhouse Room Types

Rooms are used in podcasts so that some special or a group of selected people can discuss in a single room as if you create a room with your college friends and just share your things in it. The rooms in the clubhouse are divided in different ways, let’s see how many types of rooms are there.

  • Open Rooms

Open rooms are publicly available for everyone in the clubhouse, in which any person can join and in these default settings are provided by the clubhouse so that people can easily access it.

  • Social Rooms

Social rooms are also like public rooms, but people who will follow you or those who follow you can join that room, and its purpose is only that the person you connect with and trust him well. For that you are provided with a social room.

  • Closed Rooms

Close rooms or they are also known as private rooms, in these rooms you can talk about your personal, and you can convert this room into the public room if you want, this room is given for those who If you haven’t got access to club formation yet, you can use closed rooms.

  • Welcome Rooms

This is the most created room because as soon as a new user registers on the clubhouse, then he can create a welcome room, and when a new user creates this room, then all the users who are in contact with him get the notification of the welcome room. to join.

what is a clubhouse | how to make it

Clubs are made according to the interest of the people on different subjects in the clubhouse, there are some conditions to make these clubs, they are given in the clubhouse application, as you become eligible.

You can make your own club, and you can also make a separate room in it, the room whose title is behind the house of each color is a club hosted room.

No database has been created in this application to join club, but soon hope they will do so, to join club you can ask people do they have any club, or they know any club

In this way you can apply for any other club, and if you are eligible, you can create your own club.

In this article, you have learned about Clubhouse, how to download and use it, as well as about different rooms and clubs. To use this application, you have to either register and wait or join by the invitation of a user whose account has been activated.

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