How to View Any Instagram Private Account Photos and Videos ?

How to View Any Instagram Private Account Photos and Videos ?
How to View Any Instagram Private Account Photos and Videos ?
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How to View Instagram Private Account Photos and videos?

Friends, you must be using Instagram, both Facebook and Instagram have brought the Private Account or Locked Profile feature for the safety of their users, now the problem comes that if we want to see someone’s private account on Instagram, then as long as he is not our Request Accept yourself then you can not see the Upload Photos on their Profile nor his Following List can Czech if your well is in your mind that the question came to Instagram How to See Private Account Photos?  Were you also searching on the Internet about a similar trick, with the help of which you can view Instagram Private Profile, then now your wait ends here?

There are many ways to see photos and the following list of Instagram private profiles, using which you can read likes and comments of any private profile photo in a very short time, so if you want to stalk someone on Instagram if If his account is private, then you cannot stalk him unless he or she accepts the following request sent by you to the account user.

To overcome this problem of yours, we are writing this post, to use the trick mentioned in this post, you can view any Instagram Private Account, all these tricks are very simple if you do not know much about technology. Even then you can use it.

What is an Instagram Private Account?

Before knowing how to see Instagram Private Account Story, let us know that what is an Instagram Private Account, so it is very easy to understand, this is a feature made by Instagram, after using it, the photos posted on your account. Our Story can only be seen by whomever you have accepted the request.

There are many benefits of this feature such as if you are a girl and you do not want that the photos posted on your Instagram account cannot be seen by anyone without your consent.

Or if you are creating a professional account on Instagram, then you can apply the feature of this private account in that too, you can take advantage of it in different ways.

How to View Instagram Private Account and Photos?

Friends, on the Internet, you are told about many tricks to do this work, on using which it is found that only some of them are able to work and about the rest of the tricks or Instagram Account Viewer. It is told about whether they all work or not, you will all be told well in this post.

So here we first searched about it on the Internet and there we found some such websites where they claimed to show photos and stories uploaded on Instagram’s private account, so we first searched all those websites and applications. Used it and only after that we are writing this article.

Here are all the ways you have been told how to see Instagram private accounts, all of them really work, then you can use them and we have told you about the methods which are not working so that you can use that. Don’t waste your time using different methods.

1. Follow that Instagram account

Although it has been a few years since Instagram came, there are still many people who do not know how to use Instagram properly or if they do not know about it properly, if you get any private account on Instagram. And you want to see his story or photos.

So for that, you have to first follow that person’s account, then after that, when you accept your sent request, then you can see their account.

After this, you can like the photo of that private account, comment on it and if you want to talk to them in the message, then that can also be done but before doing all these things the most important thing is this That when you follow them and until that Instagram account holder himself accepts your request, you cannot see the stories or photos uploaded to his account.

2. Creating a Fake Account 

If you want to see the private account of someone who knows you very well, whenever you send a request to them, then he will understand, then what to do so that he does not know that you want to see his private account.

For this you can create a Fake Instagram Account, for that you will just need a mobile number or email ID, using this you create a new account and with the same account you can follow the private Instagram account.

Then what will happen after this, you know very well that whenever they accept your follow request, then you can easily see the Instagram Private Account Story or the photos uploaded on them and know it too. It will not work that you are stalking them on Instagram.

3. Send a follow request from a friend’s account

If you do not have any fake Instagram account, then in that case you can ask any of your friends for their account or by asking them to send a request to that private account and see all the photos uploaded on that account.

By the way, everyone has their own privacy, due to this it may be that that friend of yours does not tell you the password of his Instagram account, then in this way, you may have to create a different Instagram account.

4. By H*cking Instagram Account 

When using all these methods, you are still not able to see a single photo of that private account, then in such a situation you can hack his account but I will not tell you at all that you do this, my work is just for you. It is to be informed that in this way also Instagram’s private account can be seen.

Below you have told people how to hack some Instagram accounts, by using them you can use that person’s account.

Phishing Keylogging
Session Hijacking DNS Spoofing
Sidejacking With Firesheep USB Hacking

These are some methods that you can use to hack your account, earlier we told you about hacking a Facebook account inside a post, inside that same post, we also explained the meaning of all these things to you. If you want to know about them then you can read that article also.

5. Instagram Private Account Viewer

Now comes the thing that you are waiting for, then in the name of Instagram Private Account Viewer or Instagram Private Profile Viewer, we bring some tool on the Internet, which claims that they can view the Story and Photos of any private account. Huh.

To do this, a small process is made, first, you have to go to their website and tell the username of that account, whichever account you want to see, then after that, it asks you to complete some survey or human verification. If you complete all these staffs then after that this website asks you for money that if you give us money then we can show you all photos and story of this account for so many days.

There are also some websites in which you are told that first of all you should login to their website by entering the login ID and password of any one of your Instagram accounts, but I would like to tell you that it is not safe to do at all because When you enter the password of your Instagram account by visiting their website, then that password is stored with the person running that website.

Then he can also hack your Instagram account with his help, so don’t get caught in all these hoaxes and all these Free Instagram Private Account Viewer tools are available on the internet, if all these don’t work then you don’t use all of them. So better.

We have told you in this post how to see Instagram private accounts from 1 to 4, you can use them, these are all 1 way.

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