How to Improve iPhone battery life with a simple trick 2022

Improve iPhone battery life with a simple trick
Improve iPhone battery life with a simple trick
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How to Improve iPhone battery life with a simple trick 2022

iPhones have supported the 5G mobile communications standard since the 12 series. However, the function has an impact on the battery life – but this can be switched off.

There are many reasons why you don’t always need 5G. In some places, the standard is not yet available. Or the old mobile phone contract or tariff does not have a 5G option. In Germany in particular, 5G is not much faster than 4G in many places because it uses the same masts. In such cases, Tricksskill recommends the 5G trick to extend iPhone battery life.

Turn off 5G on iPhone

The 5G trick on the iPhone is very simple. iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 can automatically switch between 4G and 5G depending on network availability. However, access to 5G costs the iPhone more battery reserves. Therefore it can help to switch off the function.

1. Open iPhone settings.

2. Tap on the Cellular menu item.

3. Next, go to Data Options.
Here are two ways to increase battery life:
  1. Under Voice & Data, you can tick 4G or LTE – this way the iPhone uses the least battery for mobile data. 5G, on the other hand, uses the most battery and can reduce battery life, according to Apple.
  2. Under Data mode, you have the option to activate the data saving mode. With this, the iPhone stops automatic updates and background actions in the mobile network. This means that apps no longer load data in the background – such as backups in the Photos app or WhatsApp.

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Tricksskill recommends these settings

By default, the 5G option is Automatic and the data mode is set to Standard. This choice sacrifices a bit of battery life in favor of 5G and background activity. Anyone who can do without 5G for the reasons mentioned above should therefore switch to 4G/LTE to get even more runtime. On the other hand, you should only turn on the data saving mode in an emergency, as this significantly limits the functionality of apps.

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