Top 10 ways to massively increase your blog traffic

Top 10 ways to massively increase your blog traffic
Top 10 ways to massively increase your blog traffic
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Without traffic – no income. It’s that simple. You should therefore always strive to steadily increase your blog traffic.

Even if it seems rather impossible and tedious at the beginning to attract any people to your own blog, there are some very simple and effective methods you can use to attract more visitors to your blog.

In this post, I’ll introduce you to a total of 10 ways in which you can massively increase your blog traffic.

1. Post comments on other blogs

In order to increase your traffic on your blog in the long term, it can help to leave comments on existing and better-known blogs. It is important that the blog fits your niche. In addition, you should really read the post you are commenting on and write a meaningful comment that consists of several sentences.

Often you can then leave your blog URL in an input field. So the blog owner and other readers can come to your blog.

In this way, I’ve also found that companies contact you more often to collaborate. Apparently, some of them also scour the comments for possible cooperation partners.

You should definitely have blog comments activated for you as well . This promotes the exchange with your readers and at the same time makes you more authentic if you really respond to the comments.

2. Publish regular content

Publishing content regularly is the be-all and end-all of blogging. The more you publish, the more visitors you will attract to your blog. Of course, it’s just not done with writing. But it is the basis to steadily increase your traffic. If you have trouble finding ideas for a blog post on a regular basis, please read my post, where I’ll show you how to plan your blog content like a pro .

You should make sure that your content is of high quality. For SEO it is also an advantage to write longer articles. SEO is so important because it will generate traffic for you in the future without you having to do anything. Please also read my 5 best and most effective SEO tips for bloggers.

3. Links to other sites (external links)

If you have just started your blog, you should definitely not only use internal but also external links. They help Google to classify your blog into a certain niche and to check your trustworthiness.

For example, you can link to posts by other bloggers who have covered a similar topic or who have inspired or made you think.

4. Link to your own posts (internal links)

The same principle as in point 3 also works with your own contributions. Linking the most popular blog posts in your new post is especially effective. This allows Google to see what the new post is about and better classify it.

Link your posts meaningfully in the running text. This automatically assumes that the contributions are related. I would advise against simply adding links to other posts at random. After all, your readers clicked on a certain article and want to know more about it.

5. Write content with real added value

Added value means that a reader can take something away from your post, learn something new. There is no point in dealing with a topic only superficially with a huge text. You have to offer your readers something that they cannot find all over the internet. So make sure your post meets this standard.

Something that only you can deliver is a personal experience. Nobody can take this away from you. You can then write, for example, about how you solved a particular problem that your readers might also be concerned with.

6. Update older posts

Be sure to revise and update your posts regularly. It doesn’t have to be often. Twice a year is enough.

It would be a shame to just let your old posts “scramble” even though they have so much potential to generate traffic over and over again.

Let me give you an example: If you found my blog post “ How to start a successful blog in 2021 ” a year later, it would be irrelevant to you. Not because the tips wouldn’t work a year later, but because the reader automatically assumes that the article is out of date and that the tips are no longer effective.

So if you want to increase your traffic with your older posts (and I would recommend that to you, after all, you’ve put a lot of time and work into it!), Then you should update your content regularly.

7. Use good headlines

Numbers in headings are a popular and easy way to increase your blog traffic with a higher click-through rate.

Lists and instructions on how to do something are particularly popular .

8. Write guest posts

Another effective way to increase your blog traffic is by writing guest posts . Guest posts are posts that you write for another blog. These will then be published under the link on your blog.

Ideally, you write a guest post on a blog that has a little more reach . It is therefore important that you have already proven that you are delivering relevant content on your blog. Otherwise, nobody will want to work with you.

9. Use Google Analytics

With the help of Google Analytics you have access to all important statistics of your blog.

See which posts are read the most often and write more content on this specific topic.

Your most successful blog post should also have several internal links. This is how you make sure that you keep readers on your side. At the same time, your visitors notice that they will find a lot of helpful posts on your blog that interest them. The probability that they will come back one day or even sign up for your newsletter increases in this way, and so does your traffic.

10. Use Pinterest to promote your content

Pinterest is the # 1 platform to increase your traffic. All successful bloggers use Pinterest combined with a pinning strategy to push their traffic.

You should also use this platform!

So create at least 5 different pins for each blog post and pin them on Pinterest. But be careful: don’t pin all of them at once and not always on the same board! Use the function of scheduling Pinterest pins. In total, you can plan in advance for 2 weeks and then have your peace of mind.

If you don’t have enough of your own content yet, pin pins from other bloggers that also fit your niche. So you can push your account despite third-party content. If you need inspiration and ideas for new blog posts, then you will surely find what you are looking for in my list of 100 blog post ideas.

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