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Low Investment Small Business Idea – Start this business with only 6000 rupees investment!

Low Investment Small Business Idea - Start this business with only 6000 rupees investment!
Low Investment Small Business Idea - Start this business with only 6000 rupees investment!
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Low Investment Small Business Idea – Start this business with only 6000 rupees investment! Now you will not have to work for others, you will be able to earn thousands of rupees every day!

Low Investment Small Business Idea

Low Investment Small Business Idea – Friends, if you do not want to work for someone else and you want that you also have a business. But you are not starting the business because of the fear of investment. And looking for a business idea that requires less capital.

So stay tuned in today’s post! In today’s post, we will tell you about such a business, which you can start with an investment of only 6000 rupees. And you can earn thousands of rupees per day. So let’s know about this business!

Start the business of spicy sprouted Namkeen –

Many people do not like to eat the salty packed in the packet, because the salty in the packet is made by adding many types of chemicals. So keeping this in mind, you can give fresh and spicy sprouts to the salty people, and in return, you can earn quite a lot. The best thing about this business is that its demand is also very high and it can be started in many places. And the competition in this business is also very less.

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Start this business with an investment of just Rs 6000 –

The business of spicy sprouts is such a business, which can be started with very little investment. You can start this business with an investment of only 6 thousand rupees. You can buy food grains and spices for Rs 4,000 at the beginning, and utensils for making salt for the remaining Rs 2,000. And with just this much investment, you can start your sprouted namkeen business.

There is a lot of demand for Sprouted Namkeen –

There are many people who do not like oily food much, and we should not even eat items made with more oil because they are also not good for our health. But there are not many things made without oil in the market, and under compulsion, we have to eat packet snacks or hotel items like samosas, kachoris, poha, sev, etc.

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So in view of this problem of items made of oil, you can do sprouted namkeen business, and earn a good amount of money. Your customer will also benefit greatly from sprouted namkeen, and eating it will also keep their health good. Sprouted Namkeen is such an item, which can be eaten by all types of people from left to old.

Establish sprouted grain shop in such a place –

Location is going to play an important role. In this business, because from a good place you can earn good money from this business, so here I have told you some places like: – You can start it in the busy market of your city, which is a crowded market. You can make it your perfect place.

Apart from this, in front of the popular Shopping Mall, in front of the Beer Bar, outside the College Gate, in the afternoon in front of the school gate during the school holidays, outside the park and garden, in the bus and train and in front of the hospital etc. You can set up a sprouted namkeen shop in the afternoon and evening, and you can sell the sprouted namkeen in good quantity.

This person is doing this business on the bike.

You can earn 1500 rupees per day, from this business –

Talking about earning, it depends on you, how much you charge for a plate of sprouted namkeen, and how many people take sprouted grains from you. If you take ₹ 15 for a plate, and 200 customers also come to you in a day, then this will bring you 3000 rupees! Out of this, your cost will come to 1500 rupees. And your savings will be around Rs 1500.

You can also do it from other products, earning very well –

If you want, you can also sell your home-cooked sev, dalmoth, bhujia and roasted peas/gram, etc. along with sprouted namkeen in your stall. This will increase the variety in your business and your earnings will also increase. By investing in this small business, you can convert it into a big business by increasing your earnings.

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This is how to make spicy sprouted namkeen –

So now let’s talk about how you can make spicy sprouted namkeen for this business. You can make sprouted namkeen from many types of grains like gram, curry moong dal, legumes, peas, moth, fenugreek, wheat, soybean etc. You can puff or boil these grains! And after doing this, fry a little oil, tomato, cucumber, carrot, onion, coriander, chilli, salt etc. If you want, seeing the demand of the customer, you can give sprouted salty to the people even without frying. Now after this, you should also add porridge, sev etc. to it. After doing this, now your spicy sprouted namkeen will be ready.

Now you can sell this namkeen to people for 10-15 rupees, and you can earn a lot. If you want to make even better snacks related to sprouted grains, then you can watch the video on Youtube. On Youtube, you will find many types of sprouts related to making salty videos. By watching those videos, you will be able to make namkeen of many varieties.

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