How to make money on twitter 2021 | New Way to Earn Money Online

How to make money on twitter 2021 | New Way to Earn Money Online
How to make money on twitter 2021 | New Way to Earn Money Online
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Twitter is the Parliament of the Internet, you get to see the account of every big leader in the world on it. But it is not that only people are associated with only leaders on Twitter, here bloggers, entertainers, marketers, video makers,s and other people are also associated. In such a situation, if you are a Twitter user and like other social media, you want to earn money from Twitter, then information about it will be found here.

We get a chance to earn money on every social media. In such a situation, Twitter was the only place left on which there was no earning option, but now Twitter has made such a way for people that monetization can be used on Twitter and we can earn money from Twitter. In this post How do we earn money from Twitter? You will get detailed information about it.

In such a situation, if you want to add another way to the ways of earning money or you have a lot of followers on Twitter and you want to earn money using them, then you will get complete information here and there may be a way to earn money online. That can be the best for you because you will get 97% of the income you generate here.

How to earn money from Twitter?

You must have seen many ways to earn money from your Twitter on the Internet, but now away has come that you can monetize Twitter content and earn money from your audience. In such a situation, your way of income as a social media influencer can be better and now you will get money for the work you used to do for free on Twitter earlier.

Here we will tell about some other methods with Twitter Monetization by which people earn money. In such a situation, if you have followers on your Twitter account, then this information is going to be very helpful for you because it will tell how you can convert followers into money and make some income.

Twitter Monetization:

Twitter has launched a new feature called Ticket spaces, in which creators can generate revenue. If any content is hosted on Twitter, a ticket can be made for it and whoever joins that event will have to pay some money to join and whatever money the creator will set up, has to be given to the Audience.

How to Monetise witter
How to Monetise witter

In such a situation, the creator gets 97% of the income from the ticket. In such a situation, he can earn money by hosting the event as many times as he wants and like Google AdSense, all the money will be transferred to the account in 45 days. But not every Twitter user can use this feature right now, for this, there are some requirements, only after fulfilling it, you can earn money by using it.

  • There should be at least 1000 followers on the Twitter account.
  • At least 3 spaces should be hosted on the account in the last month.
  • Age should be at least 18 years.

If you fulfill all these three requirements then you can monetize your spaces and start ticket selling. 97% revenue of all the tickets sold will be transferred to your account in the next 45 days and in this way you will continue to get the money earned till the 15th of every month. This method can be used by only those people who have a good audience, who can buy tickets on your request or if you are hosting a Digital Workshop, then you can contact people for that and then get information from there. can do.

Link Shortening

There are many link shortening tools if you shorten an original link and share it somewhere and someone clicks on it. So instead you get money. For example, if we talk about App Opener, such a tool by which you can open the Instagram link directly on YouTube. In such a situation, there are many URL Shortener tools.

ADFLY is one of these popular link shorteners and if you shorten the blog post, video, or any original link using ADfly and share it on Twitter. In such a situation, when a user clicks on that link, then instead you will get money on Adfly account and we all know that only one link can be shared on Instagram. In such a situation, Twitter is the only place where you can share the link in every post.

You will find information about how to use Adfly here Adfly link shortener

Link Shortening
Link Shortening

This method is also a good way to earn money from Twitter and if you want to earn money from mobile then you must try it once. There are no requirements for this, you can use it whenever you want.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a powerful way to earn money online and millions of people are making money using it. Many of us only know about Amazon and Flipkart Affiliate but there are many such networks from where you can earn money by downloading the app , clicking on the link.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

In such a situation, Twitter is the best platform for earning, you can reach millions of people through it and can give information about your affiliate in fewer words. In such a situation, if you want to earn money from Affiliate Marketing using Twitter, then you first search for the best marketplace for yourself. In whose product you can promote online, you will find many Affiliate marketplaces like CPI, CPS, and CPL.

Many big platforms like CPAlead, Admitad, with which you can connect. From here you share the Affiliate link generate on Twitter and when someone uses these links to purchase your product or download the App, you will get money in return and you can transfer them to the account whenever you want.

Friends, these three methods are the best, if you want to earn money from Twitter, then you can use any one or all three of them. By working together on these three, you will start getting income in some time, there are other ways, but if I like this best, then we have given you information about it here and you can earn lakhs but thousands of rupees by using it.

Can you really make money from Twitter?

Does a question come to the mind of many people that can you really earn money from Twitter? So in such a situation, if you have such a question in your mind, then the answer is yes or no because not everyone can earn. There are many ways to earn money online which include YouTube, Blogger, Social Media, many people are earning millions of rupees by using them. But there are many people who are unable to earn anything.

In such a situation, it is completely dependent on your work, dedication and patience. How many people are you able to influence online with your content, if you are successful in this then people will follow you and you can earn money by using it. In such a situation, if you think that someone can earn by using this method, then it is not possible.

Only those people can earn money who can impress people with their content. Not only Twitter, but this is also the basic mantra of earning money from any platform that the more people who follow you, the better your chance of earning money.

Friends, here is how to earn money from Twitter, if you want to earn money online. So this will be a good way for you now, you get monetization here and you can earn money by using Spaces, you can also earn money by using Affiliate and Link shortener. In such a situation, which method did you like, you must give us information about it in the comment and definitely share the post on social media


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