Master Gatsby | Premium JavaScript CSS Training Course from Wes Bos Course Bundle WORTH 1699$  Free download

Master Gatsby | Premium JavaScript CSS Training Course from Wes Bos Course Bundle Free download
Master Gatsby | Premium JavaScript CSS Training Course from Wes Bos Course Bundle Free download
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Master Gatsby | Premium JavaScript CSS Training Course from Wes Bos Course Bundle Free download

Master gatsby

Learn to build & style websites with Gatsby, React.js, and friends.

  • JavaScript
  • Gatsby
  • React.js
  • GraphQL
  • Headless CMS
  • Progressive Images
  • Scoped CSS
  • Serverless Functions

Build Awesome Websites

Building modern websites is tough. Preloading, routing, compression, critical CSS, caching, scaling and bundlers all make for blazing-fast websites, but extra development and tooling get in the way.

Gatsby is a React.js framework that does it all for you. This course will teach you how to build your websites and let Gatsby take care of all the Hard Stuff™.

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Official Website WORTH 1699$ 

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[ Note:- This course is totally owned by Master Gatsby, this is for educational purposes only. not for sale.  ]

Closed Captioning and Transcripts are provided for every video

Module 1
Getting Setup

  • 01Welcome00:59
  • 02Tooling and Starter File Setup13:17

Module 2
Gatsby Basics

  • 03What is Gatsby? Why is it so awesome?09:03
  • 04Pages in Gatsby11:18
  • 05Routing and Navigation in Gatsby10:57
  • 06Creating Layouts in Gatsby17:34

Module 3
CSS in Gatsby

  • 07Global Styles14:31
  • 08Typography03:16
  • 09Styling the Nav and Logo17:14
  • 10Styling our Layout12:04

Module 4
Headless CMS

  • 11Setting up our Headless CMS15:34
  • 12Creating the Toppings Content-Type and custom previews11:05
  • 13Creating Data Relationships16:02
  • 14Creating our Person Data Type04:17
  • 15Custom CMS Inputs in Sanity17:37

Module 5
Getting Data into Gatsby with GraphQL

  • 16An intro to gatsby-config and sourcing data08:32
  • 17Sourcing Sanity Data and GraphQL Introduction19:32
  • 18Learning Gatsby Queries24:07

Module 6
Puttin’ in work

  • 19Gatsby Images13:02
  • 20Loading in Sample Data04:57
  • 21Styling our Pizza Grid with CSS subgrid08:05
  • 22Static Queries and Building the Toppings Filter26:06

Module 7
Making Gatsby Dynamic

  • 23Dynamically creating pages with gatsby-node22:42
  • 24Templating and Styling our Single Pizza Page04:44
  • 25Dynamically Creating Toppings Pages22:37
  • 26Sourcing Data from an external API14:32
  • 27Querying, Displaying and Styling the Beers Page11:59

Module 8
Pages & Filtering

  • 28Querying and Displaying Pagination13:07
  • 29Paginating Data in Gatsby16:21
  • 30Filtering the data based on Pagination03:53
  • 31Creating a reusable Pagination Component20:24

Module 9
Custom Pages + SEO

  • 32Single Slicemaster Pages08:33
  • 33Gatsby SEO and Head Tags26:20

Module 10
Order Form, Custom Hooks, and state management

  • 34Creating the Order page with Custom Hooks28:37
  • 35Styling our Order Form09:58
  • 36Custom Hook for our Order Form18:56
  • 37Calculating our Order Total06:15

Module 11
Serverless Functions

  • 38Moving our Order State to React Context with a custom Provider13:53
  • 39An Intro to Serverless Functions16:25
  • 40Modifying our Custom Hook to send the order data20:44
  • 41Coding our Serverless Function12:45
  • 42Setting Error, Loading, and Success States08:39
  • 43Creating a Honey Pot to defend against bots06:56
  • 44Creating a one-off Store Settings Page14:27
  • 45Custom Hook for Client-Side Data Fetching24:46

Module 12
Client-Side Data

  • 46Creating a Skeleton Screen while Loading Items18:21
  • 47Displaying the Home Page Data20:33

Module 13
Building, Deployment, and Responsive Design

  • 48Building and Deploying our Headless Sanity CMS03:27
  • 49Building our Gatsby Site03:28
  • 50Deploying to Netlify17:18
  • 51Hosting the Gatsby Website on your own server04:13
  • 52Making the Website Responsive22:33
  • 53Deploying to Vercel10:15

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