Netflix Free Premium Subscription – Get 1 Month Premium FREE.

1. Update ur PayTM App & Open it

2. Go to Paytm Payments Bank Option & Enter your PIN Code.

3. Tap on Get PayTM Visa International Debit Card Option.

4. Activate Your Virtual PayTM Visa International Debit Card.

5. Go to Netflix International website (Connect VPN & Use US or Any Other Country’s Netflix Website) and Create a New Account and Go to payment page.

P.S – Netflix India has Stopped Offering Free Trial so you need to Open Account Of Some Other Countries With VPN.

6. Enter your PayTM Visa International Debit Card Details For Free Trail Period.

7. You will Get 30 Days Free Netflix Premium Option.

8. Enter your Email Address and Tap on TRY 30 Days Free Option.

9. Select Premium Plan and Go to Payment Page and Complete Your Payments using PayTM Visa Card.

10. You will get your 30 Days Netflix Premium for Free.

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