Olympic Medals Price in indian rupees ? | Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal Price

Olympic Medals Price in indian rupees | Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal Price
Olympic Medals Price in indian rupees | Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal Price
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By the way, no one can put a price on Olympic medals because it is the fruit of an athlete’s hard work. But the world does not run only by applause, the player has done a lot to reach that point and should also get prize money. Which everyone gets. In such a situation, a question arises that the gold, silver, and bronze medals that are used in the Olympics will be their own price?

As we all know, the Olympics are the biggest sports festival in the world, in which almost every country of the world participates and except for a few sports, you get to see all the other sports in the Olympics. Here in every game, three people are chosen as the winner, in which first place, second place, and third place are. The player or team that comes first place is given a Gold Medal and the player or team that comes second is given a Silver Medal and the one who comes third is given a Bronze medal.

How much do Olympic medals cost? ( in Indian rupees )

Players from India have won a total of 7 medals in the Olympics this time. Out of which one Gold Medal (Neeraj Chopra) has won, 2 Silver Medals and 4 Bronze Medals have been won. Neeraj Chopra has won gold medals in the javelin throw in the Tokyo Olympics and has been given many awards and offers from the Government of India, business, and other services.

what is  Olympic medals cost
what is Olympic medals cost

But all the Indian players have got the medals. How can it be if they want to know their own prize? So the Olympic medals price list is made about it according to the metal used in it, here we will give the price of each medal one by one, which one is the most expensive. 

This time the Games of Olympics took place in Japan and Japan has used gold from 62 lakh old phones to make medals and then they have been given the form of medals. No one can put a price on the talent of the player on the biggest stage in the world, but the awards he gets are made of gold, silver, and bronze.

Olympic Gold Medals Price in India?

The gold medal used in the Olympics is 556 grams. Which is given to a player or team who got first place. If there was a gold medal, it would be 556 grams, but it is not completely made of gold. It is made by mixing gold and silver and contains about 550 grams of silver and only 6 grams of gold.

So in such a situation, the price of a gold medal together is about Rs 59547.28. This time the Olympic Games were held in Japan and in this, all the players won the gold medal as much as 32 kg and all the gold used to make it. All of them have been taken out after donating old phones by Japanese people. According to statistics, a total of 62 lakh phones were donated by Japanese people. Do you know how much is the price of gold?

Olympic Silver Medals Price in India  ?
Olympic Silver Medals Price in India  ?

Olympic Silver Medals Price in India?

The silver medal used in the Olympics weighs around 550 grams and pure silver is used to make it. According to today’s market price, the price of a silver medal will be Rs 33495.35. If it is sold it but till date, there will hardly be any player who will sell his winning medal.

Anyone who gets second place in an Olympic sport, whether it is a player or a team, is given a silver medal. If there is a team then all the players will be given a silver medal as many people are included in the team. If there is a single-player like in tennis, badminton, weight lifting, only he is given a medal.

Olympic Silver Medals Price in India?
Olympic Silver Medals Price in India?

Olympic Bronze Medals Price in India?

The bronze medal used in the Olympics, which is called the bronze medal in Hindi, weighs 450 grams. It is made up of 95% copper and 5% zinc. Whichever player or team finishes third in a game is awarded a Bronze medal. In today’s time, the cost of a bronze medal in the Olympics is Rs 372.17.

Which is much less than silver and gold. But it is an award which is given for the talent of the player and a record is added to his name that he has won a medal in the Olympic Games. This time Lovlina Borgohain has won the bronze medal for India. Who was boxing?

Olympic Bronze Medals Price in India?
Olympic Bronze Medals Price in India?

How much does the Olympic Medal Winner get the Cash Prize?

Only medals are given to the winners by the Olympics. But each country keeps prize money fixed for its players and the player who gets the gold, silver, or bronze medal is given to the players. But the player who wins for the country sometimes gets much more than the fixed price money. At this time Neeraj Chopra is the only Indian who won the gold medal and so far he has got a reward of more than 6 crores from all over India.

Bajrang Punia got around Rs 2 crore as a reward and many independent and private organizations along with the Government of India also give rewards. Like this time BCCI gave one crore to Neeraj Chopra, 50 lakhs to all the silver medal winners, and 1.25 crores to the hockey team. Similarly, Byjus, the country’s largest online education company, gave Rs 2 crore to each medal recipient.

Whatever cash reward is there, it is available from the country. Just like in the Olympics, you get the name and the award, the reward is given by your people. Every country of the world gives cash prizes to encourage its players so that they can improve their lives and continue to illuminate the name of the country in the same way.

If we talk about where the players get the most money, then that country is Singapore. If a player wins the gold medal here, then the government there gives him Rs 5,48,77,535 as a cash prize, Rs 2,74,75,998 and Rs 1,37,00768 are given to the silver winner. With this, if any private company there is giving business, that is a different matter.

Can players sell gold medals?

This doesn’t happen often and if a player does it. So perhaps the Olympic Committee can remove his name from the list or he should be banned because of not respecting the medal and the country whose players do this, the name of that country is also bad. No such name comes up in a hurry. But few players in Olympic history have done so.

A player named Mark Wells of America, who got the gold medal in hockey in the 1980 Olympics, had auctioned his medal in 2010, for this he sold his medal to a private company for Rs 2,31,34,939.

Mark Revlynach, who was a player with Mark Wells and also got the gold medal in the 1980 Olympics, sold his medal in 2014 for Rs 1,95,75,718 and he gave the reason as to why he wanted money for his daughter. wanted to gather. So that he can live a good life in life and complete his studies.

There are many other old players who have done the work of selling the medal. But now there is a strict order of the Olympics that the player of a country should name it and the governments there should ensure that why the player is being forced to do so. India has got a total of 35 medals in Olympic history so far and till now there is no news that any player has sold his medal.

In which country will the next Olympics Games be held?

The Olympic Games are held every 2 years, with a summertime called the Olympics and a cool time called the Winter Olympics. But its biggest event is considered to be summer and it happens every four years. If we talk about Winter Olympics, then it will be held in China in 2022. There are games in the Winter Olympics that are related to the winter season such as speed skating, snowboard, ski jumping, skeleton, ice hockey, such games will be in the Olympics to be held in China, where can you say that the Olympic Games will be held in four years. This happens because the games of winter and summer are completely different from each other.

The next Olympic game will be held in 2024 and it will be in Paris city ​​of France country and then in 2028 in Los Angeles city of America and in 2032 in Australia and beyond this schedule has not come yet. Till now not a single Olympic game has been held in India, for this, there are some requirements and you have to achieve the global standard.

Friends, we have got information here that how much is the price of an Olympic medal? In which we got information about the Price of Gold, Price of Silver and Price of Bronze Medal. With this, let us know the answers to many more questions related to it here. Hope you liked this information if you have any question or suggestion. So you can give information about this in the comment.

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