How to Open ADFLY Account Link In India

How to Open ADFLY Account Link In India
How to Open ADFLY Account Link In India
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Today I will tell you about a Banned URL Shortner, whose name is ADFLY Link URL Shortner. Maybe you do not know about it, but many people used to use ADFLY earlier and used to earn money from it. In this way, if you use the Internet, then you must read this post. Because there is a ban in ADFLY India, and you can download or open the URL shortened by it only with the help of this. So let’s see…

ADFLY URL Shortner:

ADFLY also google (Google URL Shortner) a kind of Shortner URL is | Which is used to shorten the URL and if you shorten any URL through ADFLY, then you also get money for the short URL.

But now it has been banned by the Department of Telecommunication of India, that is, now you cannot use it in India.

But there are many important than Software, YouTube Intro Template, Games of whom already ADFLY url Shortner them by Download link short has been | If you want to download them, then you have to open the ADFLY website .

Because ADFLY is the download link has Short by you can only download the ADFLY website, if you have any such  Software, Games is ADFLY url’s. So you can download by following the steps given below.

How to Open ADFLY Link In India

step 1:

If you have any ADFLY Link, then the Link Copy to pronounce and Browser Search Paste to,

For Example- (This is an ADFLY URL)

Step 2:

Now you just write  “” instead of “” ( For example – after that you search, your ADFLY link will be open.


Friends, in this post, the ADFLY URL shortener has been told, if you have such an important ADFLY link. So you can open that link very easily with the help of this trick. Hope you liked this post and it was helpful for you. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding this post, then do not forget to comment to us.

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