Patanjali Pnb Credit card Apply for online in 2022 | Review | ATM | features of credit card

Patanjali Pnb Credit card Apply for online in 2022 | Review | ATM | features of credit card
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Patanjali Credit Cards is a co-brand credit card of PNB Bank created in partnership with Patanjali Ayurved Limited and Punjab National Bank, during this credit card, if a person makes purchases above ₹ 2500 from Patanjali Store, then he will get 2% Cashback but only Rs 50 per transaction.

Types of Patanjali Pnb Credit card

Pnb Bank and Rupee have jointly launched two types of credit cards.

1-Pnb Rupay Platinum

2-Pnb Rupay Select

Welcome Gift

When any bank launches a credit card, it gives welcome gifts to its customers to entice them, similarly in Patanjali pnb Rupay credit card you get 300 reward points on card activation.

Insurance Coverage

With Patanjali pnb Rupay credit card, a person has been given accident insurance for the financial security of his family, some are as follows.

1-Patanjali Pnb Rupay Platinum : 

If a person gets this card made and uses it, then with this card that person gets a personal accident cover of 2 lakhs, on permanent disability or death.

2-Patanjali pnb Rupay Select Credit card:

If a person gets a Select Credit Card and uses that card for purchases, then along with that he gets Personal Accident Insurance Permanent Disability or Death up to ₹ 10 Lakh.

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Airport lounge access 

Free domestic and international airport facilities have been provided to the customers in Patanjali PNB Rupay Credit Card.

After partnering with PNB Bank Patanjali, in no way wants to lag behind the credit cards of other banks. That is why they are being given convenience to their customers through this card at convenience.

Credit limit 

It is a word on which all eyes are fixed. Because if everyone takes a credit card, then there is only one question in his mind. What is the credit limit of this card?

Because credit limit plays an important role in fulfilling the purpose of any person.

1- Patanjali Pnb Rupay Platinum Credit Card :

Any person who applies for this card under Platinum credit card, has been provided a credit limit between ₹ 25000 to ₹ 5 lakh. Which are enough to fulfill the purpose of any person.

2-Patanjali Pnb Rupay Select Credit Card :

Under Select Credit card, whoever applies for Select Card, that person can get any limit between ₹ 50,000 to ₹ 10 lakh. Which is considered a good amount.

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Fees and Charges

Any bank tells you about the credit card that they are free, they only tell about the annual fee, but there are many charges apart from that. not everyone knows

1-Patanjali pnb Platinum credit card:

If a person applies for this card, then there is zero joining fee in this card. And ₹ 500 is the annual fee. And the annual fee is refundable if the card is transacted every quarter.

2-Patanjali Pnb Select Credit card: 

If a person applies for Select Card, then the joining fee of ₹ 500 and ₹ 750 per annum fee has to be paid on this card.

If the annual fee is required to be refunded, there should be a transaction on the card at least every quarter.

contactless credit card

This card is a contactless credit card, through this credit card purchases up to ₹ 5000 can be done without entering a PIN.

Free Interest Period

When a person makes a purchase with this credit card, he gets 20-50 days to pay the bill, if that person makes the payment within this time interval, then he does not have to pay any additional interest.

How to Apply for Patanjali Credit Card Online in 2022

If you have read this article completely, and you have decided that you want to apply for Patanjali PNB Rupay Credit Card, then there is no online procedure for this, for this, you have to visit your nearest PNB Bank branch.

  • On reaching the branch, you will have to talk to the bank official that you have to apply for Patanjali Credit Card.
  • Also, tell them that you have to apply for Platinum or Select whatever credit card.
  • Remember, you can apply for a credit card only when you do any business or job.
  • Documents are very important for a credit card, so if you do a job, do not forget to carry bank statements and salary slips.
  • If you do business then do not forget to carry a bank statement and ITR.
  • Bank officials will give you the form, you have to fill out the form and attach the documents and return them.
  • Now you can ask them for their mobile number, after a few days you will get a notification from the message that your credit card has been approved or rejected.


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