Pavan Agrawal, Profession, Biography and More | Biography of Deepawali Blog founder Pavan Agrawal 2022

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Pawan Agarwal Age, Profession, Biography & More | Biography of Pawan Agarwal, Founder of Deepawali Blog

Pavan Agrawal is a Blogger, YouTuber, and Digital Influencer. In this blog, you will get all the information about Pawan Agarwal’s age, family, earnings, blog, YouTube channel, “Pawan Agarwal” biography, and much more.

Pavan Agrawal

Pawan Agarwal is a hardworking person who has a passion for blogging and worked hard to fulfill his dreams. There were many ups and downs in his life, after which he achieved such success which helped him a lot in getting a new identity.

Pawan Agarwal Bio/Wiki


Full Name Pawan Agarwal
surname Agarwal
Designation Learn & Earn with Director
AK Online Pvt Ltd
YouTube Channel – Pawan Agarwal
Famous Blog –
E-mail ID Not Known
profession  Blogger, YouTuber, Influencer and Digital Marketer
date of birth 18 April 1982
age 39 years
gender Male
the Zodiac Virgo
birth place gadarwara
home town Gadarwara, Madhya Pradesh
Biography of Pawan Agarwal

Pawan Agarwal’s personal life has been very simple. Like any common man, he also had some dreams, which he struggled a lot in his life to fulfill. Born in the small town of Gadarwara in Madhya Pradesh, Pawan Agarwal never thought of becoming a blogger. His plans were different. Some people cherish all the dreams related to their future, but Pawan Agarwal had never seen any such dream in his life, which he had to struggle to fulfill.

He completed his software engineering studies at NIT Bhopal. After completing his studies his goal was to get a better job and live a long happy life.

After completing engineering, he joined Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as his first job. Even today when he talks about his first job, he talks about his uniqueness and never forgets his experiences. They always say that they can never forget their experiences from that first job till their lifetime. He even implemented many of the strategies he learned from TCS in his company. He had a long tenure in that job (9 years)

In 2013, he created a blog named Deepawali and gradually started posting something on it himself. He never thought of making a blog but suddenly an idea came to his mind and he made his own blogging website.

Describing this experience of his blog, Pawan Aggarwal told that he was not aware of the blog at all. But due to the increasing interest in the blog, he started his successful blog after presenting all the information related to the blog. Gradually she expanded her website and created a platform for women where they can write articles as per their interest.


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