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[ Easy Way ] How to send Rakhi By Post Office?

[ Easy Way ] How to send Rakhi By Post Office?
[ Easy Way ] How to send Rakhi By Post Office?
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How to send rakhi by post: There are few days left for the festival of Rakshabandhan to come this year and every sister would like to tie rakhi to your brother, but there are some sisters and brothers who stay away and do not go to their brother. Can bind. So in such a situation, the Post Office Department has made a special arrangement to do Rakhi Post. With the help of which you can now post Rakhi.

So let’s know in today’s article what is How to send rakhi by post?

Post Office has taken out the new facility for posting Rakhi –

This year the festival of Rakshabandhan is on 22-08-2021, and there are not many days left for them to come. In such a situation, every sister wants to send Rakhi to her brother, so for them this year the Indian Postal Department has made a special arrangement to send Rakhi. Let us know about it in detail…

  • This time the Indian Postal Department has made preparations to send Rakhi in a waterproof envelope.
  • Waterproof envelopes have been started in every post office from July 15. For which you will have to charge 10 ₹. You can get this waterproof envelope from your nearest post office.
  • This waterproof envelope will already have a ticket of Rs 10 on it.
  • Sister will be able to send Rakhi as well as rice and her own message for her brother.
  • In this corona period, the envelope will also be sanitized from place to place, so there will be no damage to your Rakhi due to the waterproof envelope.
  • You can send this envelope of Rakhi by speed post or ordinary post.

 How to send Rakhi By Post Office?

  • First of all, go to your nearest post office.
  • After going to the post office, take an envelope from the post office! (It will be better if you take a waterproof envelope)
  • After taking the envelope, take Rakhi + other things like rice grains, pulses etc. in the envelope and pack the envelope by sticking it well.
  • After packing the envelope, write ‘To’ on the envelope and give the address of your brother / or wherever you want to send Rakhi, give his address.
  • After this, you should write down and from in the envelope, give your address / or from where you are Rakhi Post Kar Rahe, give its address.

Enter the address to post Rakhi like this –

How to Write Address on Envelope in India - Digitalnetbook
  • After entering the address, after taking a speed post ticket from the post office, stick that ticket on the envelope. (This work is done by the post office officials)
  • After sticking the ticket on the envelope, now submit this envelope to the counter of the post office.
  • If you like this rakhi send it by the post office.

While posting Rakhi, keep these things in mind –

If you are posting Rakhi from the post office, then it is very important to take care of some things, which are mentioned below like…

  • Never keep money with Rakhi in your envelope.
  • Everyone knows that sometimes there is a delay in posting Rakhi and sometimes it reaches early. In such a situation, try that you post Rakhi before time.
  • Paste your Rakhi envelope properly.
  • Put a postage stamp on the envelope of Rakhi.
  • If you are speed posting Rakhi then use less weight Rakhi.

Whenever you post Rakhi, then definitely keep in mind the things mentioned above.

Final Conclusion: Posting Rakhi?

In today’s article, you learned that how a sister can post Rakhi to her brother through the post office and also know about the new special arrangement of the postal department.

After reading the Rakhi Post Kaise Kare article, now you must have got all your answers. If you have any questions regarding this article, then you must tell in the comment box below.

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