How To Start LED Bulb Manufacturing Business?

How To Start LED Bulb Manufacturing Business?
How To Start LED Bulb Manufacturing Business?
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Today, due to the new developments in science and technology, many such devices, machines, and technologies have been created, which make our daily life easier, one of them is LED, which is the most efficient way of providing electricity by giving more light in less power. It is a very good means of saving in expenses, today we will try to know more and more about all the lead.

What is LED

LED is a photoelectric emitter, in it, by converting electric current into light, it gives light or illumination.

It is a pn diode (diode means holding +ve charge).

The lead contains gallium arsenide or iridium arsenide as a semiconductor, which gives off light.

What is an LED bulb

The LED bulb is a bulb that consumes less power and gives more light than a normal bulb.

Today, the use of LED bulbs is everywhere, whether it is a home, office, or any office, this bulb is always in demand, giving more light everywhere and running in less wattage.

What is LED Bulb Business

Due to the demand for LED bulbs, the business that earns profit by selling it is called the LED bulb business, due to the advantages and demand of LED bulb, today its business is becoming a good profitable and successful business, its use Looking at this, we can say that by 2025 this business will be included in the list of a more profitable and successful business.

Where is the use of LED

LEDs are mainly used in places like telephones, digital clocks, calculators, switchboards.

How to start an LED manufacturing business from home  ?

To do the business of LED, first of all, after taking information about this business from the market and other people doing LED business, we plan this business by preparing a plan and strategy.

Following is the sequence of starting an LED business-

choose a place 

Select a place where there is demand for machines, raw material, where there is a transport facility, related to manufacturing.

Getting license and registration

License and registration in any business help it to be legally recognized and established in the market.

Following are the main licenses and registrations in the LED business as well-

  • Industry license from the state government
  • License for business from Municipal Corporation and Municipal Corporation
  • commercial electricity connection

Through all these main licenses and registration, the business gets valid recognition in the market.

Business setup and raw material procurement

In this business of LED, by buying the necessary raw material and necessary equipment, they do its setup wherever the business is to be started.

Following is a list of the raw materials used for the business of LED bulbs-

  • soldering wire
  • soldering paste
  • soldering iron
  • MC  PCB
  • heat sink compound
  • aluminum holder
  • aluminum Tikki
  • screw
  • Diffuser (bulb body)
  • Driver

These are the raw materials of all the main LED bulbs, which are used to make the bulb.

Buying Machines Used in LED Bulbs 

Some necessary machines are used in the manufacturing of LED bulbs, by which the manufacturing work of these LED bulbs is done.

These machines are used-

Punching Machine – 800

Tikki Fitting Machine – 12000

Heat Sink Bulb Making Machine- 3000

All these are the main machines, which are used in the LED bulb.

This Led Bulb Manufacturing Kit is available online at Rs.35/kit

Branding and marketing

Marketing and branding is very important to give your lead business identity and trust in the market so that more and more customers can be attracted to the brand of your business.

By using a laser printing machine to print the brand, you can get the brand identity in the market by printing on any metal.

Marketing should be done using both online and offline methods for marketing.

By adding business to social websites and networking online.

Marketing can be done offline by making pamphlets, banners, business cards.

Selling to market wholesalers by manufacturing LED bulbs and selling to fixed customers

After manufacturing LED bulbs, you have to reach your brand to the market by selling it to your fixed customer or wholesaler.


The wholesaler earns a good profit by selling the lead of his brand, which helps in taking the business forward, and helps the customers and the brand to make a good mark in the market.

By setting up the business in this sequence, any person can start this LED bulb business and the business cost of LED bulb is a profitable business, towards which many people are getting attracted today, and are earning good profits.

How to Manufacturing Bulbs in LED Bulb Business

In the LED bulb business, the manufacturing of the bulb is done in the following way-

  • Selection of materials, including drivers, soldering wires, soldering paste, MC PCB, body, hinges, holders, and more.
  • First of all, MC puts a heat sink on the backside of the PCB, so that the heat does not get too much in the bulb.
  • After installing the heatsink, the MC PCB is mounted on the raised side of the aluminum hinge, and with the help of screw fittings, the screw is fitted by a screw fitting machine, setting the middle hole of the MC PCB correctly.
  • After fitting the screw, the driver would have to move its wire from the middle hole of MC PCB to the positive sign of MC PCB, and the negative wire to its negative sign by heating the soldering machine with the help of iron soldering machine. Is.
  • Now by inserting the other end of the driver into the diffuser or the lower part of the body with the large hole side, connect the driver’s wire to the holder with the help of a wire soldering machine.
  • Fits the holder with the punching machine and prepares it.
  • Tikki is fitted well in the body with the help of the Tikki Fitting Machine.
  • In the last, the round part of the body is also fitted and the bulb is prepared.
  • Profit is earned by printing your brand’s logo on the body of the bulb by the laser printing machine, packing it, and selling it in the market.

How much is a 9-watt kit to make LEDs available?

All the materials like a driver, Tikki, aluminum holder, body, MC PCB are also present in the 9 watt kit for making lead, which is also available in Amazon-

How much does LED bulb business and manufacturing cost

The cost basis in the LED bulb business is-

  • raw material
  • machines
  • worker salary
  • Set-up
  • Punching Machine – 800

Tikki Fitting Machine – 12000

Heat Sink Bulb Making Machine- 3000

Laser printing machines can also be found cheaply even if you take a second hand.

All these machines are a one-time cost.

Apart from this, if manpower salary is seen at the rate of Rs 35/kit in raw material, then the maximum cost in raw material will be 1000 kits or raw material and salary monthly around 5000 to 10000 in initial business.

This business can be started with a maximum cost of 120,000 to 150,000 in the beginning business.

And the most important thing in this business is the price of the kit according to the watt, the cost is also incurred.

How much profit is made in LED Bulb Manufacturing Business

LED bulb business is a low-cost high profitable business, if the cost of one bulb is Rs 100, and 10 to 20 bulbs are also sold, then in a day, there is a profit of 1000 to 2000 by selling the bulb, then 30000 monthly. Profits can be made up to 40000.

The price of different brands and watt bulbs is also different.

In this way, the business cost of an LED bulb is a more profitable business, towards which many people are getting attracted today, and are earning good profits.


Q1: What is the price of a Syska LED bulb?

The price of Syska LEDs varies from Rs 75 to Rs 699, depending on the wattage and quality.

You can also see its price on Amazon.

Q2: What is the name of the materials used in the assembly of the LED bulb?

The main materials used in the assembly of the lead bulb are soldering iron, soldering paste, screw, soldering wire.

Q3: What is the full form of an LED?

The full form of LED is a light-emitting diode.

Q4: Why is an LED bulb different from a normal bulb?

The LED bulb is much less in power consumption than a normal bulb.

That is, if a normal 1 bulb is taking 100 watts, then 10 LEDs will take 100 watts.

It plays an important role in saving electricity.

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