How to start T-Shirt Printing Business in India 2021 | Profitable Business 

How to start T-Shirt Printing Business in India 2021 | Profitable Business 
How to start T-Shirt Printing Business in India 2021 | Profitable Business 
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This is a business that can be started easily with very little investment. In today’s post, I am going to give you complete information about ‘How to start T-Shirt Printing Business . By reading this article, you will be able to know correctly how to start a shirt printing business.

What is T-Shirts Printing?

T-Shirt Printing Business is such a business in which many types of printing are done on plain t-shirts with the help of a special printer, which makes its look very good. For example, the logo of a company, special design, photo of a player or hero, etc. is printed. Nowadays companies allow all their employees to wear T-shirts printed with their company’s logo. Sportsmen have to wear special T-Shirts of their own country, all these T-shirts are manufactured through T-Shirts Printing.

Find its scope 

The scope in T-Shirt Printing Business is increasing day by day in the coming days. For this, I present you an article of Times of India in front of you. You should always keep in mind that by looking at someone’s business like this, one should never decide to do business in a hurry, that is, if such a person is earning so much from this business, then why should I not earn too? But the decision to do business should be started keeping in mind the need of that particular item in that particular place or area.

As far as t-shirt printing business start-up is concerned, the main customers in this business can be young boys, schools, companies, offices and other educational institutions. People also use customized T-Shirts for gifting. I mean to say that it would be good to start a T-Shirt printing business plan at a place where there are more schools, companies, offices, and other business institutions.

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Location and required space 

You should open your factory at such a place where there is a transport facility which makes it easy to bring and carry goods and an electricity connection is available which makes it easy to run the factory. For starting a t-shirt printing setup, you need at least three rooms of 10 X 15 square feet. One for machinery set up, another room to store raw material and finished T-shirts and to build an office. Later when your business is doing well, you can increase the godown space, and get a double printing machine installed.

Required capital investment

To start T-Shirt Printing Business in India, you will need at least one to one and a half lakh rupees to buy all the machinery and equipment you need, in which the Printing machine will come up to 15 to 20 thousand rupees. Apart from this, one will have to buy a laptop which will be available for around Rs 50000 and includes the purchase of raw materials and other expenses.

T-Shirt Printing Business in India 2021

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Raw material for t-shirt printing business

The following raw materials will be required for T-shirt printing business ideas-

Required machinery

T-Shirt Printing Business in India 2021
T-Shirt Printing Business in India 2021

The following machines are required for T-shirt printing –

  • Semi-Automatic T-shirt Printing Machine- This machine runs on a domestic electrical connection, the capacity of this machine is 50 to 75 T-shirts per hour.
  • Fully Automatic T-shirt Printing Machine- This is a fully automatic machine, its capacity is about 100 pieces per hour, it runs on three-phase electrical connection.
  • A laptop or computer – A laptop or computer is required to make a design.
  • A graphics software – The design is prepared through this software itself.


Although no license is required in T-Shirts Printing Business if you want to do your business well and want to make it a long-term business then you have to get your brand name registered  so that no duplicate product markets with your brand name. I cannot sell and you will also have to get GST registration done.

T-Shirts Printing Process

The following process is adopted for T-Shirts Printing-

  1. For T-Shirts Printing, first of all, the entrepreneur has to prepare the design which he wants to print on T-Shirts with the help of graphic software on his computer or laptop.
  2. After the design is ready, a mirror print of that design is taken on the sublimation paper.
  3. When the print is taken out, the T-shirts printing machine is then switched on and set to a certain temperature, such as 340 degrees.
  4. After setting the temperature, the machine should be considered ready when a special sound comes out after 4 to 6 minutes.
  5. Now the blank t-shirts are laid out on the table placed in front of the machine, the point to be noted is that the part of the t-shirts on the side you want to print should be on the machine side.
  6. After this, the printed sublimation paper is placed on the t-shirts and the machine is pressed on it. The machine is left in this state for about 25 to 35 seconds and then the T-shirts are taken out of the machine and the outer cover of the sublimation paper is removed.

In this way, this process of T-Shirts Printing is completed and your Printed T-Shirts are ready to be sold in the market.


When the T-shirts are completely ready, they pack them in nice and attractive polythene pouches and label their brand and price on them. In this way, your made t-shirt is ready to be sold in the market.

Advertising & Public Relations 

T-Shirt Printing Business is a business whose products are not in demand by every person because it is not something to eat or drink, it is a thing to wear and is worn by special people, so it is very important to promote it. Is. For this, you can take more and more orders by contacting people like sports colleges, public schools, sportspersons, employees of various companies, etc.

Profit in T-Shirt printing business

The profit in T-Shirt Printing Business is very high, the cost of Blank T-Shirts is around 80 to 90 rupees. The cost of printing T-Shirts comes around Rs.10. In this way, a t-shirt is ready for Rs 100 to 110, if you sell it offline, then a printed t-shirt is easily sold for Rs 200 to 250. If you sell online on websites like Amazon and Flipkart , then you can sell a t-shirt for Rs 300 to 400.

*You Want How to Sell t-shirt on Amazon, Flipkart, and other platforms so comment Please.


This was a topic related to Printing business ideas in India, in which I told you about T-Shirt Printing Business, friends, we hope and have full faith that this post will prove to be beneficial for you and you can read and understand this custom T-shirt printing Will to be able to start a business. Still, you must take complete information before starting the business.

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