Tesla Smartphone Model PI | Price , Release Date India, News

Tesla Smartphone Model PI - Release Date India, News
Tesla Smartphone Model PI - Release Date India, News
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Tesla Smartphone Model PI Release Date India, News

Recently such news is coming that Tesla, which is an electric car maker, is now going to launch a Smartphone within a few days, so are you excited about this Tesla Smartphone Launch, many of you too. There will be questions from when will this smartphone come into the market or what can be the Tesla Mobile Specifications and Tesla Smartphone Price In India i.e. when this phone will be launched in India, then how much can it cost, you will have to know about all these things in our article. Complete information will be given in the article, so you must read our post completely.

You must have known about Elon Musk, he has now made his place at number 2 in the list of Richest Man In The World , the same company is Tesla, whose electric car you must have read a lot about on the internet, along with these more There are also projects such as SpaceX and Starlink, so now this company is going to make such a smartphone in the market that till date no smartphone maker in the world has made it, so when this Tesla Mobile Phone will be launched, everything will be clear. After all, what are the special features of this phone?

We want to tell you in advance that a smartphone of Tesla will be made, it has not been confirmed on any official website, news about this phone is coming from some news website and whatever we have to know about this phone. I have got the information, we are telling you that.

Tesla Launch New Smartphone

The news is coming that the electric car maker Tesla can launch its new smartphone in this field very soon, on some websites, the photo of this smartphone has also been taken and some features of this phone are also being told. About which we will tell you further.

All the companies or projects that Elon Musk has are very ahead in terms of technology, such as you can only see Tesla Card, Starlink Network, such a big company in the world of technology can also make a smartphone. According to the report we have received, this company can launch one of its smartphones in the coming time, which can be named Tesla Model Pi.

Now it is to be seen that in how many days this phone is released, although there have been some writings of this phone, in which the design of the phone has been shown and some of its features have also been told, now gradually all these Know about things in detail.

Tesla Smartphone Specifications

Friends, now we have learned about the Tesla Smartphone Name, now we also need to know how the design of this smartphone will be, which processor has been used in this phone, how is its camera, all these things we are going to know now. In this Tesla mobile, you get to see some such special features, about which you have not heard and seen to date, then we have told you about them below.

First of all, we talk here about the design of this phone, then you will get to see the design very well, in which you will get 4 cameras on the backside of the mobile, in which the mean camera is 64 megapixels, in today’s smartphone you get a 108-megapixel camera. But it is not necessary that this phone has a 64-megapixel camera, so it will not make the photo good, to take good photos, things also depend on its camera sensor and image processing.

In this smartphone, we get a Super AMOLED Screen, which does not cause any problem in watching movies or watching any photos, and if we talk about it, then this screen is available to see on all these expensive smartphones and it is also the best screen. is believed.

Right now we have people who use the Which processor in the phone that it was not news, but according to him was the news this phone Latest Processor will be used because this company to Release a Smartphone Thinking about it as if it has never been released till date.

Now let’s talk about the charger of this phone, whatever makes it different. Such technology will be used, due to which you can charge your phone with the help of Solar Charge i.e. sunlight, now after seeing it at the same time it will be known that in this way this phone will be able to charge.

If you want to operate your phone, then for that you have to type by hand to message anyone or if your mobile works after giving a voice command, then you will get to see these things in almost all phones. But this Tesla Smartphone is thinking of making something new in which whatever you think in your mind will start happening on the mobile, it is now a matter to be seen how it will work when this Tesla Phone Release then everything is known but Will have to

It has another special feature which makes this phone the most different is that if you use any SIM card in your mobile, then the speed of Internet in it decreases a lot after going to someplace but in this. After using Starlink Network, you will never lose the experience of calling on High-Speed ​​Internet or mobile because it connects directly to the satellite, with the help of which if you are in a small village or in big cities, you will get the same everywhere. Same network.

All the people who have Tesla Car can control their car from mobile by connecting that car with Tesla Smartphone.

So these were some special features of this smartphone which I am getting very excited to see like you guys, I am also waiting for the release of this smartphone.

Tesla Smartphone Release Date In India

These types of features are being told inside this smartphone, after listening to which there is no waiting at all, it seems that when this smartphone is released and we buy and use it, then we want to tell you that Till now no information has been received about this smartphone, so as we get any information about the release date of this smartphone, then we will definitely inform you.

But it is being told that it will take some time to make this phone, so for that, I would just like to tell you that if you want to prepare this smartphone then you will have to wait a little longer.

Tesla Smartphone Price In India

Friends, if we talk about the price of such a smartphone, then according to the information we have received, it is being told that the price of this phone can be very high because in this you will get to see many different features which you will get till now in India. Are not given inside any smartphone found in

So I want to tell you in advance that although no disclosure has been made about the price of this smartphone yet if I am telling the price of this phone from one of my guesses that if you want to buy this phone then For that you may have to spend at least ₹ 400000 or ₹ 500000.

So friends, how did you guys liked our post about Tesla Smartphone, you can tell us by writing it in the comment box below and if you want to read more similar posts, then for that you can share this blog post on your Facebook. And share it on WhatsApp.

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