Top 5 Medical Tech Gadgets To avoid the danger of Omicron at Home

Top 5 Medical Tech Gadgets To avoid the danger of Omicron at Home
Top 5 Medical Tech Gadgets To avoid the danger of Omicron at Home
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Top 5 Medical Tech Gadgets To avoid the danger of Omicron at Home

There is no confirmed news about it yet whether there will be a lockdown and till now 1431 patients of new variant Omicron of Coronavirus have been found all over India but we have to keep ourselves safe, for this, we have to protect ourselves. We have given you information about what things have to be done for this through this post.

First of all, you try to go out of the house only when needed and cover your nose and mouth well with a mask, so we were talking here about the Medical Gadgets that avoid Omicron, so here we are. All the products you have been told, it is available in all places both online and offline, you can buy in whatever way you like to buy.

Here Best 5 Medical Tech Gadgets To avoid the danger of Omicron

Omicron is being said to be the only variant of coronavirus. It is also spreading, so now we have to stay away from it.

Every day new patients of this Omicron Virus are being found in India too, so in this situation, you have to keep yourself safe, then there are five such important gadgets that you must keep in your house, with the help of these you can know. That you or any member of your family can be saved from this virus.

Since 2020, we were battling this epidemic, so after a few days of peace, again this virus has brought a new form, so we have told you below how to avoid it if you are also in your family. If you want to keep it safe, then for that you should always keep all these necessary tools in your house, it can be very useful for you.

1. Contactless Thermometer

There are different types of thermometers such as Digital Thermometer, which we get at any medical store, its price is between ₹ 300 to ₹ 500, this thermometer works very well but the problem in this is It comes that if you want to see the temperature of your body, for that you have to put the thermometer in your armpit or in your mouth.

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contactless Thermometer

This is a dangerous thing that if you put the thermometer on a person who has symptoms of Coronavirus or Omicron and another person uses the same thermometer again, then it becomes a problem.

That’s why we should use Contactless Thermometer which you get in both online and offline markets, whose price is said to be somewhere between ₹ 1200 to ₹ 1500, in this price you get very good contactless thermometers.

The advantage of using this is that you do not need to touch that person’s body if you keep this thermometer on the hand of the person whose temperature is to be checked, or at a short distance from the forehead, then it will take you to that person’s body. Will tell the temperature of. Now if you feel that the body temperature is high, then you can get them treated immediately or you can go to the hospital near your home and get them corona tested, if they are found corona positive, then you can give them 14 days. Can quarantine for.

2. Pulse Oximeter

If you are thinking that with the help of this pulse oximeter device, you can find out whether you are a patient of Omicron or not, then you are thinking so wrong that the function of this device is only that it can control the oxygen level of your body. Tells that if you are having any trouble in breathing, then it is very important to have this device with you.

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Pulse Oximeter

If you are buying this pulse oximeter, then before that you should know how to use it, although it is very easy to use it, but still our job is to give you information about it, then we are telling you about it when you are using this pulse oximeter. Put your finger in the pulse oximeter, then first of all you should see that there should not be any nail paint on your finger and your fingers should not be cold.

In such a situation, when you check your pulse, there may be a wrong reading, so to get the correct reading, first of all you have to rub your hands thoroughly and warm them, only then you can put your finger in this pulse oximeter. Then put it on the list.

Now put your finger on a stable place where your hand does not move much and in the same way when after 45 seconds to 60 seconds the reading will have come in that device, if your oxygen level is 90 then it is considered a good oxygen level And if your oxygen level is going below 90 then you need to consult a doctor immediately.

3. Oxygen Concentrator

The biggest problem of this disease is that the patient has a lot of difficulty in breathing, if you have this device with you, then you can provide oxygen to the patient with the help of this device.

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Oxygen Concentrator

But this medical device is very expensive, that’s why you should not buy it in advance, when you read the need for it, it will be better if you have bought it at the same time, the best thing about this device is that it takes in the air of the environment and invites By filtering the gases, pure oxygen is made available to the patient through a pipe to breathe.

This oxygen concentrator can also be installed at home, but before that, you have to consult your doctor about how to use it, then only go and buy it. Corona Virus Tracking Aarogya Setu App

4. Digital Blood Pressure Meter

Many diseases can also occur due to increase or decrease in blood pressure, so it is better that we keep measuring our blood pressure from time to time. Is.

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Digital Blood Pressure Meter

But to check blood pressure, you have to go to a doctor, it is better that you keep a digital blood pressure meter in your own home so that if you ever need to check blood pressure in the future, you can check your blood pressure using that blood pressure meter.

It is very simple to use this device, to use this device, you have to put the cloth that comes with the machine on your arm, you do not have to tie that cloth too tightly because later when we will check the blood pressure than that At the time it swells a little due to wind, then you have to tie that cloth on your arm and then start the blood pressure machine.

After some time, the reading is shown in the blood pressure machine, now whatever the reading comes, if the reading is normal, then there is no problem, if the reading of your blood pressure is more or less then according to it. Only you can correct it by making a few changes in your lifestyle.

5.UV Sterilizer Box 

When you go out of your house, at that time you wear a mask to protect yourself from coronavirus and keep yourself safe by using sanitizer before and after touching anything but have you ever thought That’s how to keep safe the one you always use with your mobile or smartphone.

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UV Sterilizer Box

So for this reason, this device whose name is Uv Sterilizer Box, this device is used because in which you take your mobile laptop or essential things with you outside the house or bring it from outside to the house.

So in such a situation, you can keep all those devices inside this box, it sanitizes all those things very well and the device you keep inside this box does not get any harm, the price of which box It can be around ₹ 2000 or more. Friends, I hope that you guys have told us about this post of ours, five important Top 5 Medical Gadgets For Omicron to avoid Omicron, if you have any suggestion related to this post, then you can tell us in the comment box. You can ask by writing.

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