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How to download true caller app in jio phone

How to download true caller app in jio phone
How to download true caller app in jio phone
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Do you want to download Truecaller on Jio’s phone when you are present at the right place? Today I will tell you about how to download Jio Phone Me Truecaller App Kaise. There are many users who do not know how to download the Truecaller app on jio phone. If you also do not know how to download Truecaller on Jio phone, then this article can prove to be important for you.

Truecaller apps are available for Android and iOS, but Jio Phone uses Kairos operating system, due to which it is difficult to use the Truecaller app on Jio Phone. But today I will tell you about 2 such tricks, by which you will be able to install the Truecaller app on Jio phone and also use Truecaller online in Jio Phone. Kaios operating system is available for particular Jio phones.

Not every type of app can be installed in it, but if the company wants, with the help of a software update, you can officially use Truecaller. By the way, a lot of updates come on Jio’s phone and Jio has also improved the phone to a great extent.

In this, the option of Store has also been made available, in which you can install your favorite app. Along with this, there are also games in Jio’s store, which you can download and play. Having Kaios makes Jio’s phone a smartphone. Jio Phone Me Truecaller App Kaise download are Let’s know about it in proper detail.

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how to download true caller app on jio phone

  1. To download truecaller in jio phone, first, update jio phone.
  2. If you’ve already updated, skip it.
  3. After that click on Jio True Caller App.
  4. After clicking open a browser.
  5. After opening the browser, download the zip file from Google Drive.
  6. After downloading extract the zip file.
  7. The zip file will contain the Truecaller app, click on it and install it.
  8. Then sing through Google.
  9. After that, you can use the Truecaller app properly.

How to use truecaller app in jio phone

If the app is not installed in your Jio phone, then you can use this method, as it will work 100%. These methods are online methods.

  • To know the details of someone’s number, click on True Caller.
  • After clicking, you will come to the official website of Truecaller.
  • Search by entering anyone’s mobile number at the top.
  • After searching, you will get the page of Sing-In.
  • Here you have to log in through Google.
  • After logging in, you can use Truecaller.

Those who don’t have access app installed on their phone should use the site as both have similar features. They are not official to install the app, but you can try nonetheless. Don’t forget to update the phone before installing the app.

What is Truecaller App in Jio Phone?

Jio Phone Me Truecaller App Kaise Chalaye – This question is being asked on the Internet for a long time, so let’s first understand Tourcaller. Truecaller app gives details by extracting someone’s mobile number.

There are so many calls every day knowingly or unknowingly, it becomes difficult to remember the names of all those numbers. At that time you can use the Truecaller app to find out what is the name of the owner of the SIM, from which number the call has come.

Apart from this, many more advanced features are available in the Truecaller app. Apart from the name in the Truecaller app, you can also block any phone number or message. If you think a number is spamming, you can add it to the spam list.

Truecaller app is the best app in terms of phone call information. With the help of the Truecaller app, people can know the name of the SIM owner without saving the number. The method I will tell you on jio phone will be unofficial because Jim has not told me about the official method.

What is Kaios in jio phone?

KaiOS is an operating system, which helps in running the phone. You must have heard the names of android, ios (Apple), and windows. These are all operating systems, in the same way, KaiOS is also an operating system, which is specially designed for feature phones.

By feature phone, it means that you compare with smartphone-like android, ios smartphone. Even today some prefer to have a phone with a keypad, they only care about calls and messages. In this case, Kairos becomes the best option. Usually, keypad phones do not have additional features,

But due to kaios in jio phone, additional features are available in jio phone, such as – YouTube, Facebook, App, WhatsApp, Stores, NFC, Bluetooth, Map, social media network and many more are available.

If you compare it with other keypad phones, it does not have 4G support, but Kaios has 4G support so that users can take advantage of 4G. Kaios are meant for special budget category feature phones. You get almost all the features that a smartphone has.

If you want to know which app supports the KaiOS operating system, click on kaios for that. You will come to the official site of kaios. The site lists all the apps that support the KaiOS operating system. By clicking see all you can see how many phones have kaios enabled so far.

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