Ways out of listlessness – 8 tips for more focus and power

Ways out of listlessness - 8 tips for more focus and power
Ways out of listlessness - 8 tips for more focus and power
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In this article, you will find out what adjustments you can make to convert your lack of drive into focus and power. We have put together eight useful tips for you – and best of all: All tips are easy to use in everyday life.

What is listlessness – a definition

Everyone has a bad day. This is part of the course of life as the eternal interplay of day and night or ebb and flow.

This can manifest itself, for example, when we find it more difficult than usual to get out of bed in the morning. Or that we don’t feel like doing the tasks that we want to do ourselves or that have been imposed on us from outside. Or that we postpone the shower and the next purchase a day or two.

But if the lack of drive lasts for more than a few days or even becomes permanent and you would rather pull the covers over your head every morning than get up, then it is very possible that you are affected by the phenomenon of listlessness.

There is no one universal, scientific definition of how listlessness manifests itself. But generally known symptoms can be, for example, a lack of energy, constant tiredness or a certain lethargy.

There are also repeated reports of numbness or a reduced ability to think clearly and to make decisions.

A person who suffers from listlessness has great difficulties in moving things and making decisions out of their own motivation. In severe cases, it can even go so far that even the most basic everyday things are no longer possible.

Different degrees of listlessness

First of all, it is very important to mention: The tips in this article are not sufficient if physical or mental illnesses are the cause of the listlessness.

The boundaries can of course be fluid, but listlessness is also one of the central symptoms of classic burnout or depression.

If you think you may have such a condition, please seek medical advice or other professional help. In this case, our tips from this article are intended to be more of accompanying support.

Ways out of listlessness

A lack of drive and energy can have a wide variety of causes – therefore there is no one general answer to get out of there again.

The good news: by the time you read this article, your consciousness is definitely ready to escape this state.

We cordially invite you to read through the individual points and see what suits you and what resonates with you.

Of course, it is rare that one suddenly leaps out of bed like a young deer from one day to the next or rushes through the day like Speedy Gonzalez.

But above all with a combination of the right aspects and a little persistence, you will integrate noticeably more drive and energy into your everyday life – permanently!

1. Do not immerse yourself in the vortex of self-judgment

Okay, let’s start!

Many articles in the vastness of the Internet have titles like “So you fight your lethargy!” – Just as if the listlessness an enemy we with full optimization gunpoint help themselves must strike down.

But maybe you know it: When we struggle with something and encounter negative emotions, then we rarely get into a positive mode that will help us.

Often people who are affected by lack of drive are more or less unconsciously running a constant self-judgment and self-deprecation program anyway.

Precisely because the social norm stipulates that we have to be productive and energetic and should kindly sing a happy little song while doing our day’s work.

But to be honest: there is no law that it really has to be that way. The exciting question for me is always: Which thoughts or comparisons really help me in my situation – and which don’t (and that’s why I prefer to let them be) …

The first step – before we can then take the second and see how we can find sensible ways out of listlessness and towards more energy is always to say first:

“Okay, yes, it’s just like this: I feel listless in the current phase of my life!”

Because that’s how we begin to resolve the struggle against ourselves.

Just accepting what is there helps to release energy for what you actually want.

Acknowledge yourself in order to get out of listlessness. You are enough
You are enough The way you are. The consolidation of this belief is the first step out of listlessness.

2. Connect with your “why” on a daily basis

Whereby we would be at the next point:

The human mind is a real marvel.

He can drive us to the greatest possible performance, he can let us create the most valuable things in his creativity – but unfortunately, he can also ensure that we stand completely in our own way.

Because of this, it is a complete game-changer when you start feeding your mind the right way. The carrot on a stick, so to speak, so that the donkey cart (or rather your personal Lamborghini) starts moving.

What do you want to get up every morning for and use the hours that life has given you?

For your family? For your success? Because you really want to fulfill a long-cherished dream? Or just because you are worth it to yourself?

Write it down! Read it through every day – preferably in the morning! Hang it on your wall – if necessary in every room in your apartment or house.

What do you really want?

We always have two options: we can focus on what paralyzes us – for example our fear, our “mistakes” and supposed inadequacies – or we can clearly indicate the direction where the journey should go.

So what’s yours why?

And where are you going?

If you don't know your destination, you can't find the way either.
If you don’t know your destination, you can’t find the way either.

A clear, aligned mind is the basis for making changes in your own situation. Because we have it in our own hands!

It is really worth taking your time (maybe even every day) to deal with these questions.

Because the good news is: We can leave behind the condition that our moods and actions are a plaything of our thoughts and train our mind in such a way that it is a valuable tool for our happiness in life.

3. Practice mindfulness and meditation

Arguably the best way to center our mind is through the practice of meditation and mindfulness.

Our world is turning faster and faster. And our society is designed to keep pace with this development.

For many people, one of the main causes of listlessness is definitely a certain form of excessive stress.

It is logical that our self-protection system switches to “Shutdown” if it receives too much external input and we don’t even know where to start.

In the right dose, stress is a great driver to achieve our goals. But the pendulum can swing damn quickly in the other direction – and we remain frozen like the rabbit in front of the snake.

Stress and comparisons are breeding grounds for listlessness

Long to-do lists, high demands in job and family, but also the huge flood of information in the media plus the supposedly ideal glittering world that we get presented every day on Facebook or Instagram:

We definitely need a clear mind to manage our energies during these times and to steer them on the right track.

You can find a very helpful article on getting started with meditation here.

Another reason for listlessness can also be the avoidance of feelings.

If we ignore strong emotions over a long period of time, it costs our system an enormous amount of energy. The energy that we lack in other places.

This can either be the case in times of an acute personal or professional crisis – or if we have actually been fighting truths for far too long that we do not fully admit to ourselves (for example, when we hold on to a relationship or a job even though we do know exactly that it is no longer good for us).

Here we recommend that you go into silence for about 15 minutes every day and really FEEL what is moving you.

Either as part of a mindfulness meditation sitting down or at the kitchen table with your favorite drink and a small diary (journal) in which you can enter your thoughts and feelings.

4. Eat a healthy and balanced diet

But it is not just mental or psychological causes that can cause listlessness.

On the physical level, too, some parameters can mean that you simply lack the energy to cope with your day with vigor and verve.

In the very best case – if you haven’t already – go to a doctor you trust and have your blood count checked.

Because often there is simply a lack of nutrients or perhaps a thyroid disfunction.

What you can do right away: Eat a healthy and balanced diet and eat what makes you stronger and leave out what weakens you.

A few recommendations that you can implement right away

This should be little or nothing on your menu:

  • Industrial sugar
  • Saturated fat
  • Finished goods
  • Empty, i.e. short-chain, carbohydrates (for example contained in white flour)

On the other hand, what is very good for your energy balance:

  • Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Nuts and berries
  • Good fatty acids (such as are contained in Primal MCT oil )
  • Vitamin D supplementation – especially in autumn and winter
  • Valuable nutrient mixes like the new Primal Daily Flow

In addition, try not to be late in the evening and, above all, to eat too much (after 8:00 p.m.). Because, especially at night, heavy digestion can mean that we wake up the next morning with significantly less energy.

5. Start the day energetically

Speaking of tomorrow: the way we start the day, it will also be for us in the further course of the day.

This realization is no longer only to be found in highly productive CEOs or biohackers but is increasingly being used in society.

Many people, therefore, swear by good and sensible morning routines that set the course for an energetic day.

Here are a few ideas for your possible routine:

  • A glass of lukewarm water with a splash of lemon or lime (for the immune system )
  • Meditation: For example, 15 minutes with a focus on feeling and/or your breath
  • Alignment: Connect with your “why” and goals for today for 10 minutes
  • Jog or walk for 20 minutes
In the morning jogging or going for a walk in nature. The start of the day couldn't look any better.
In the morning jogging or going for a walk in nature. The start of the day couldn’t look any better.

And another pro tip from us: Keep social networks off, especially in the first few hours of your day.

For example, when we start the day with Instagram in the morning – and immediately get into the vortex of comparisons, we are often confronted with the first blatant energy thief.

At Primal State, we have dealt with the topic of morning routines several times because it is a wonderful tool for fulfilling days.

We also recommend a good structure for the rest of the day. Because even if you come out of your morning routine well-tempered, have excellent nutrition and are also really looking forward to your day: Without a missing framework for our tasks, we tear down what we have built up with our hands with the very best.

6. Fresh air and exercise are important!

If you want to make a difference, you have to get moving.

Unfortunately, there is no way around it. But instead of thinking that you now have to go through blatant fitness programs like the suntanned influencers, it is advisable – and healing – to start with small things.

That is enough.

Because really every physical movement brings both our mind and our energetic system in motion.

Slow, relaxed jogging, for example, can help – but a leisurely stroll is enough. Especially if you can do the exercise in a park or even better in a forest, an energizing lifeforce shower is inevitable

A well-known study from Japan shows: Positive emotions such as well-being, refreshment, relaxation and vitality can increase through a visit to the forest, while negative feelings subside.

It is important to note that you should write down your breaks in nature or your sports units with fixed times in your calendar! That creates commitment!

Strengthen your mood with yoga

Even the ancient Indians knew: Yoga works wonders. There is now an enormous number of studies that show the positive influences yoga can have on our body and mind.

There are now yoga studios in almost every large and small town in German-speaking countries. There are also many good classes for beginners to be found online (for example, if you enter “Mady Morrison” on YouTube).

It’s worth it: A study by the Boston University Medical School found that yoga classes can raise the levels of the calming, stress-reducing messenger substance gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. This neurotransmitter is usually greatly reduced in people who are very anxious or have a lack of drive.

7. Celebrate yourself and every success, no matter how small!

In the very first tip, we talked about why it’s so important not to judge yourself.

Now, at the end of the article, we would like to close the loop and take the whole thing to a new level.

By starting to rigorously acknowledge your self-efficacy and – if you like – even celebrate.

Self-efficacy is the key

What does self-efficacy mean? Well, this term from psychology describes the human ability to actually implement what we set out to do.

So exactly what we want when we no longer feel like being listless.

In our head, we often have a very precise idea of ​​how things should actually be. And especially when we are not as self-effective as we want to be, then that pulls us down.

The secret: self-efficacy is like a muscle that we can train!

Therefore, take on small things!

And acknowledge it every time you do something that you set out to do.

Don’t just write the “big fish” on your to-do list, but also small ones. For example, the subtasks of a larger task. Or the daily shower. Or conscious breaks.

It feels good to tick things off.

And off the party goes!

In addition to constant training and raising awareness for self-efficacy, you can even go a step further to change the polarity of your brain in a positive way. This trick is plain and simple: “Celebrate yourself!” In the best case, out loud. With timpani and trumpets.

Took a walk Great! Definitely worth a winning fist!

Have you cooked something delicious? Celebrate this process! Because it cannot be taken for granted.

You managed to endure this brief moment in which your mind wanted to distract itself on Facebook and instead you did something good for yourself? Yay! Happy to post it on Facebook! (Little joke, you’d better celebrate yourself with a big inner smile!) …

This celebration may feel a little strange at first. But the human brain loves repetition.

The more often we really celebrate emotionally, the more we link our synapses in such a way that the brain thinks: “Wow, I’m a really self-effective person!”

And the neurotransmitter dopamine released in the process ensures that really good feelings arise that we want to evoke repeatedly!

A clever trick – but it can change your entire life!

Celebrating success against listlessness
Celebrate your achievements! This makes listlessness a foreign word.

8. Find your flow!

Primal State’s mission is to help people like you live a life of energy and power every day. We are firmly convinced that it is never just individual building blocks that make a successful life, but the holistic combination of several components.

For a good balance and performance for body and mind, we recommend that you take in good nutrients every day that will strengthen you.

For this reason, we have developed our Primal Daily Flow in cooperation with nutritionists and neurologists.

Daily  Flow is a smart beverage powder that contains a sophisticated mix of natural ingredients, the effects of which have been confirmed by the European Food Safety Authority based on the Health Claim Regulation. It contains:

  • B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, and  magnesium  to support the  energy metabolism
  • Vitamin C, vitamin E, and  vitamin B2 to nerve cells from  oxidative stress  to protect
  • B vitamins ( vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin B7, and  vitamin B12,) around the  nerve function support
  • Vitamin B5  for healthy  mental performance
  • Building materials for the neurotransmitters  dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine, and  GABA
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