What is Archive? how to use it on WhatsApp , Gmail and Instagram

What is Archive? how to use it on WhatsApp , Gmail and Instagram
What is Archive? how to use it on WhatsApp , Gmail and Instagram
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Today in this article we are going to go to archive (archive ) meaning, what is the meaning of archive, as well as where it is used.

The best example of Internet Archive is archive org, also known as the way-back machine. The archive is also known as Archive, Purlekh means the oldest written articles in their museum. Here Pura means ancient and Lekh means written article.

Just as some papers of books written by ancient famous authors are preserved in libraries and museums, similarly every website on the Internet keeps updating some data, whether this data is in text or a media file. Where the record of all these data is kept, it is called archive, a record of the words written is kept which is known as archive web.

Many existing social media applications also use the archive, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Gmail. Archive option is given in etc., let us know why and how the archive is used in all these social media applications, etc.

What is Archive in WhatsApp

You all know about WhatsApp, it is a social media application which is used by many people, let’s know archive on Whatsapp To use the archive in this, you press and hold on any person’s chat for a long time. , after this, you will find that you will see four icons on the top of the screen, out of which the last one is an archive and the first one is given to show above or rather pin that chat.

Whatsapp Archive

After this the option given is the option to delete the chat, the third number option is to mute that person’s chat, now let’s talk about the last number you say, the option of the fourth number is given for archive As soon as you click on the Archive option, that person’s chat will be removed from your front.

Whatsapp chat archive

Whenever that person will send you a message, his message will not be shown to you in the chat and will be shown in the multi-chat. If you go to the bottom of the section, then there you will see an option named Archived, as soon as you click on it, the chat of the person who has been placed in the archive chat will be shown in front of you to remove it from the archive chat. the process that you did when you put it in the archive

How to use the archive on Instagram

Know archive meaning on Instagram Whenever you post on Instagram, that post gets compiled in your profile, if someone does not like your post, then you can archive it so that you can see that post. Apart from this, no one will be able to see the archive is simply used for things that we do not want to delete but we do not want to keep on our web interface, a separate space is given for them which is called archive. is used in

To archive any post on Instagram, click on the option with your profile, after that you will see all your posts there and Will give the comment that will be in front of your username, as soon as you click on it, an option will appear in front of you, out of which the option of the fourth number is given for archive, as soon as you archive that post, then it will be deleted from your profile section. will be removed

To see the post transferred to the archive on Instagram, you come to the area of ​​your profile, you will see 3 lines on the top right side, on which you will click, then you will see the first option below your username, you will see that click on it You can see the post sent in the loser and can also remove it there by the same process.

How to Use Archive in Gmail

In this we will know archive on Gmail Every day many emails come to our Gmail, out of which very few emails are of our use, the rest of the emails are deleted by many of you without opening the archive even inside Gmail. There is a feature that you can use to save an email that you do not want to see in your inbox but do not want to delete, so let’s know how to archive a mail is a very easy process.

As soon as you open the Gmail application, you have to go to the inbox or any option there, by long-pressing on the mail you want to send in the archive, click on the first option that will come above, and your mail will be sent to the archive.

To bring the archive mail back to the inbox, you have to open Gmail and click on the top 3 lines on the left side. As soon as you click on it, many options will open in front of you, out of which you have to click on the option of all mail, the email you had entered in the archive will be visible to you in the section of all mail, you will have to send it to the inbox again. By long pressing on the mail, click on the first option that will come up, as soon as you click on it, your mail will be sent to the inbox.

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