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What is Pegasus Spyware How to Avoid Spyware

What is Pegasus Spyware How to Avoid Spyware
What is Pegasus Spyware How to Avoid Spyware
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In a way, you can call it a virus. Which can easily steal whatever your personal information is on your computer and mobile phone. And can spoil your important files, we know it as a virus. But you must have heard a lot about these Pegasus Trojan etc. Let us know what is Pegasus and what is the purpose behind making it. How can you avoid this?

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What is pegasus spyware?

Like the Trojan virus, Pegasus is also a virus named after the winged horse called Pegasus, because to reach the target, a person sitting on the Internet in a far-flung area can be easily monitored. Is.

Unlike other spyware, his device is not required to operate, anyone can be targeted on the Internet, with the help of Pegasus, chat, contact, call recording, or access to real-time camera and mic, etc from Victim’s mobile Pegasus falls into the hands of the user.

Your device is then under the control of someone sitting far away, even when you are near.

Pegasus was created by Israel’s cyber arms group NSO, a group founded in 2010, one of the best-known spyware companies in Israel. And Israel is monitored by targeting the leaders, journalists, common people, big leaders, etc. of that country to monitor different countries and know their plans.

Although Israel sold Pegasus to the United Arab Emirates for million dollars, after this deal, this spyware has started being used in many Gulf countries.

How to Avoid Pegasus Spyware

For this, you have to do the tool named MVT Mobile Verification Tool which has been created by an organization of Human Rights.

For this you need to have a technical understanding, for the guide of this tool to read from MVT, to use it, your system should have the above version of Python 3.8 then a guide is given to use it in the above link Is. By reading which you can understand easily, and by carefully copying one code, you can do it, for this, definitely take the help of a technical expert. Points to keep in mind

  • Avoid clicking on any link
  • Download the application from the play store and check if any app is running in the background.
  • Format the mobile when the battery and data of the mobile are exhausted even without doing it.

There is no news of Pegasus spyware targeting the general public yet, but you have to be careful because much such spyware will keep coming in the future, such as Joker malware was in discussion some time ago, then Trojan, etc. Share this with friends and family.

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