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What is Tata Sky Binge Plus
What is Tata Sky Binge Plus
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Tata sky Hello friends, you will definitely have a TV in people’s houses and in such a situation, if you are looking for a new Set-Top Box after getting upset with your earlier Set-Top Box (STB), then it is here for you. Set-Top Box of Tata Sky Binge Plus in which you are given a free subscription of all TV Channels as well as some Channels of OTT Platform.

So in today’s post, we are going to talk about Tata Sky Binge Plus Set-Top Box only like how to get Tata Sky Binge Plus Installation, Tata Sky Binge Plus Recharge Plans, and with this, you will get Free Amazon Prime or not. Full information will be given about everything.

And Tata Sky has also reduced some prices on some Cashback Offers and new Set-Top Box to its new customers, if you are also planning to buy a new Set-Top Box, then first you should read this post also after that. When you are satisfied after reading about Tata Sky Binge Plus Set-Top Box, then you can get it installed in your home by ordering Tata Sky Binge Plus STB.

What is Tata Sky Binge Plus?

Tata Sky Binge Plus is only a type of Set-Top Box, it can be said that it can bring more pleasure to your entertainment. People who use Android TV can also use Google Assistant in their TV using this set-top box, with the help of which if you want to search for anything in your TV, then you can search by voice.

And with this, you can also install some important features from Google Play Store , some special features also come in this set-top box which you will definitely like.

There are different types of Set-Top Boxes of Tata Sky, one of them is Tata Sky Binge Plus, it is quite different according to the normal Set-Top Box. In this, you can watch more than 500 channels as well as online streaming platforms such as Zee 5, Disney Hotstar , Sony Liv, Voot Select, Voot Kids, and Amazon Prime when you come to TV.

Tata Sky Binge Plus Set-Top-Box Price

The price of Tata Sky Binge Plus’s Set-Top Box has seen a fall once again, sometime before now if you had bought this Set-Top Box, you would have had to spend Rs.2999/- for it, but now Since its price has been reduced, then you will get a profit of ₹ 500 in it.

That is, now you will need to spend only ₹ 2499 / – to purchase this Tata Sky Binge Plus, if you want to buy at a lower price then you will have to pay online for that.

When you make an online payment while buying Tata Sky Binge Plus Set-Top-Box by visiting the official website of Tata Sky, then to get the cashback offer, you have to put a Coupon Code there, if you use “TSKY200” you will get a cashback of ₹ 200. will go.

So this ₹ 2499 Set-Top Box will now cost you ₹ 2299, to buy this low price, you just have to use the Coupon Code written above. With this, if you are an Existing Customer or an old customer of Tata Sky, then you are given some discount for that, which will be found in the Set-Top Box ₹ 2499 Connection, the same thing is given to you in ₹ 500 less.

How to get Tata Sky Binge Plus New Connection?

Tata Sky is known only by the name of its good DTH service, on asking all DTH users, it has come to know that Tata Sky’s DTH service is considered to be the best. So if you also want to get a new Tata Sky DTH Connection, then for this you have to see all the steps mentioned below.

By now you must have known about Tata Sky DTH Price, let us now know that if we want to get a new connection, then what will we have to do for that. To purchase Tata Sky Binge Plus Set-Top Box, you have 2 ways, first you can order Binge Plus Set-Top Box online or you can get a new connection of Tata Sky by calling a number.

Buy Tata Sky Binge Plus

  • First of all, you open this link https://www.tatasky.com/tata-sky-new-dth-connection-online in your mobile, then after that, you fill this form completely, in this only you will get your personal information such as You will have to write your name, mobile number, email id and pin code of your area.
  • Then click on the Continue button.
  • Now you will be asked all these things which language channels you would like to watch.
  • Which category of Channels do you see, then choose them, more similar steps will have to be completed.
  • In the end, you have to write the full address of your house, you fill your address correctly because Mechanic comes to do DTH connection on this address.
  • Now you have to make payment, you can also choose Online Payment or Cash On Delivery.
  • If you pay online then you can get a cashback offer of ₹ 200, just for that you have to use the “TSKY200” Coupon Code.
  • After some time after the order is successful, you do verification by calling.
  • And within 7 days, Tata Sky Binge Plus DTH is installed at your home.

Tata Sky Binge Plus Plans

Let us now know that when we get DTH connection installed in our house, then how much charges we have to pay after that, then there are different plans for this, it depends on you which plan you choose.

In Tata Sky, we get this facility that we can choose its plans by ourselves, that is, we have to pay to watch only those channels which we want to see.

Tata Sky has also made some packs of its own, which you can check on one and get those plans activated.

Tata Sky Hindi Basic Pack: In this pack, you get 76 Channels including Hindi Entertainment, Hindi News, Hindi Movies, Kids, Hindi Regional, Knowledge & Lifestyle channels of all these categories. But no HD Channel is available in this, all are SD Channels and for this you have to pay ₹ 198.68 / Month.

Tata Sky Hindi Basic HD Pack:

All the channels you are given in Tata Sky Hindi Basic Pack are also given to you in this pack, just you get miles to watch HD Channels of all those channels and for this, you have to pay ₹ 314 have to be spent for a month.

So you have to choose a plan with any such TV Channels, then after that, you have to add a plan of ₹ 299 in which OTT Apps [Zee 5, Disney Hotstar, Voot, Voot Kids. etc] something like this and all Entertaining Apps will be available to see.

So overall, if you want to watch TV Channels, then for that you have to pay Tata Sky Hindi Basic HD Pack for which ₹ 314, after that ₹ 299 Tata Sky Binge Plus Subscription, both together you have to recharge ₹ 613. If you want to watch only Zee 5 Series, Sony Liv Series or their programs, then even then you have to activate the pack of TV Channels.

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Amazon Prime Free Subscription

When you go to Tata Sky Official Website then you will get to see that along with Tata Sky Binge Plus you are also given Free Amazon Prime, Free Disney Hotstar, Free Zee 5 Premium. But all these OTT apps are not given to you free forever. Except for Amazon Prime, all the OTT apps are given to you absolutely free for 6 months for the first time but this offer is limited for a short time.

And Amazon Prime was given to you for free for the first 3 months, now it has been reduced to only 1 month, if you want to watch Amazon Prime even after the free Amazon Prime is over, then for that you get a recharge of ₹ 129 per month. it happens.

And all of you will have questions that whether Tata Sky supports Netflix in Binge Plus, then for now it will not support Netflix in Binge Plus, it can go on later.

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How to recharge Tata Sky?

To recharge Tata Sky, it is most important that you should know your Registered Mobile Number or Subscriber ID. If you know any of these two things then you can easily recharge your Tata Sky Binge Plus.

Just for that, you have to open this link https://tsky.in/Recharge/QuickRecharge in your mobile browser then you have to write your Registered Mobile Number or Subscriber ID.

And in the box below that, whatever plan you want to activate, write whatever plan is worth in the box below and click on the Recharge button.

Then now after paying with your Debit Card, your Tata Sky Binge Plus will be recharged.

And apart from this, you can recharge Tata Sky with the help of any online paying app like Paytm or Phonepe. For example, suppose you want to recharge from Paytm, then for that

  • First of all you start your Paytm App.
  • Then go to the section with Recharge & Payment and click on DTH Recharge.
  • After that choose your DTH Operator.
  • Now enter your Registered Mobile Number or Subscriber ID.
  • And after that, enter the plan of whichever plan you want to recharge, how much it will cost there.
  • Then by clicking on the Recharge button, you make payment using any of these payment methods UPI / Paytm Wallet / Debit Card & Credit Card.

By doing just that, you can get your Tata Sky recharged or you can also recharge other DTH operators in the same way.

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