What is WBSCC’s Student Credit Card? How to apply?

What is WBSCC's Student Credit Card? How to apply?
What is WBSCC's Student Credit Card? How to apply?
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The West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme WBSCC ) is probably the largest future project undertaken by the state government in the interest of West Bengal students. The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Hon’ble Mamata Banerjee, has officially announced the launch of this scheme. Although the project has been officially announced, complete information about it has not yet been well presented to the public. It has been informed that this project i.e. WBSCC will be officially launched on 10.06.2021. All students in West Bengal will be provided loans at very low-interest rates through this scheme. So today we will discuss this West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme WBSCC) recently launched by the Government of West Bengal.), Which will provide financial assistance to all students in West Bengal. Click on the text next to it to read the second part of this article. Learn important information about West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme.  

What is WBSCC?

WBSCC is an education financial assistance project undertaken by Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal, Smt. Mamata Banerjee. This project is for those students in West Bengal who want to fulfill their dreams by pursuing higher education in other states of India including West Bengal. Through WBSCC, students can avail of loans up to a maximum of Rs 10 lakh and pay only 4% interest to repay the loan. The loan will be disbursed to the students through West Bengal State Co-operative Bank, in which case the students will be able to avail the benefits of this scheme through their co-operative bank.  

Who can apply for this WBSCC?

  1. The applicant must be a permanent resident of West Bengal, including a permanent resident of India.
  2. Must have passed Minimum Higher Secondary ( HS) and must be in a position to study in a professional course or UG / PG degree for higher education
  3. Applicants must be under 40 years of age .

How to apply for WBSCC?

Students will be able to apply for WBSCC from 10.06.2021 as per the announcement of our Hon’ble Chief Minister. To apply, students must first register at https://banglaruchchashiksha.wb.gov.in or https://wbscc.wb.gov.in . After registration, the students will get the user ID and password of an account of their own and by which they will be able to apply for the credit card of West Bengal State Co-Operative Bank. 

What documents are required to apply? 

To apply for WBSCC, students need the documents of themselves and a Co-borrower, in the absence of which the borrower will be obliged to repay all the amount borrowed. The documents required while applying are as follows –

  1. Passport Size Picture – The latest color passport size picture of the applicant and co-borrower, which must be in .jpg or .jpeg format and the file must be between 10 kb to 50 kb.
  2. Signature – The signature of the applicant and the co-borrower is required, which must be in .jpg or .jpeg format and the file size must be between 10 kb and 50 kb.
  3. Aadhaar Card  The PDF file of the applicant’s Aadhaar card should be between 100 kb and 400 kb.
  4. Registration Certificate (HS Registration ) – If the applicant does not have an Aadhaar card, then the PDF format of the applicant’s Class XII ( HS ) registration certificate, the file size should be between 100 kb to 400 kb.
  5. Pan Card  The PDF format of the applicant and co-borrowers PAN card is between 100 kb to 400 kb file size. If the applicant does not have a PAN card, the application can still be submitted but the PAN card is required at the time of withdrawal.  
  6. Bank Account (Bank Passbook)  Applicant and Co-borrower ‘s bank account details, which must specify the type of bank account Major or Minor. It also has to provide file sizes from 100 kb to 400 kb in PDF format.

In case  of any queries or problems regarding WBSCC, below are two names and helpline numbers, through which students can report their problems: 

  1. Mr. Siddhartha Sanyal (9748111907)
  2. Mr. Dinabandhu Kar 8240213067 )

Students from West Bengal who are interested in getting a loan under this WBSCC are requested to complete the registration of their application through the online process by 15 June 2021. It may not be possible to apply after that time. Follow us on this website to get all the latest updates on education and jobs. Thanks! 


  1. How to apply for West Bengal Student Credit?

A. You can apply online at https://banglaruchchashiksha.wb.gov.in and   https://wbscc.wb.gov.in website.

2. What is the educational qualification to apply for West Bengal Student Credit Card?

A. Must have  HS pass and higher education.

3. Is the last date to apply for West Bengal Student Credit Card 15th June?

A.    No, the application process has not started yet so don’t end June 15. If there is any update in this regard, we will post the updated information. According to the latest information, the website has not been made life yet due to some important reasons, the website will be made live from 30/06/3021 – this information was given by a high-ranking government official.

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