What is Web developer? | Function, Type, Qualification, Salary | How to become a web Developer in 2022? | Tricksskill

What is Web developer? | Function, Type, Qualification, Salary | How to become a web Developer in 2022? | Tricksskill
What is Web developer? | Function, Type, Qualification, Salary | How to become a web Developer in 2022? | Tricksskill
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We all know that human civilization is moving rapidly towards the modern era, in which the Internet has an important contribution. Today we have become very dependent on the Internet. To start any business today it has become necessary to be online. Because of which the demand for web developers seems to be increasing in the coming time.

If you want complete information about how to become a web developer?, web developer’s course, salary, then in today’s article it has been written in detail in simple words.

If you learn the art of creating websites and applications, then not only will you be able to get a job in a good company, but you will be able to start your own business on a large scale, due to which it has become an important art in the modern era.

How to become a web developer? Everyone wants to get information about it. If you are looking for it, just follow the instructions below in order.

What is a web developer?

We want to tell you that this is an important post, where a person works to create an online page or portal so that the online public can be stopped at one place. Today we use the Internet to get different types of information.

Different types of information are available through different applications and websites. Creating a website requires certain qualities and art that a web developer is proficient in.

In simple words we can also say that web developer is a person who has knowledge of different computer languages ​​in such a way that with the help of those languages ​​he can build a website on computer. So that people can stop online at that place and collect any kind of information.

Today it has become necessary to be online for starting any business. The medium that is needed to be online is the website which is created by the web developer.

Apart from this, different company wants to improve its existence in online, due to which creating website and collecting information about it has become a very important art, whose future is very grand in coming time.

What does a web developer do?

The main function of a web developer is to provide people using the Internet a place where they can stop and collect the information they need. We all know that the Internet is mainly used to collect any kind of information.

Websites and applications are used to share that information over the Internet, which are created by a web developer.

If you find any kind of information on Google, whether it is in the context of buying any goods or in the context of understanding any work, all these types of information are presented to you in an attractive way in writing on one page. The page or portal which is called website. It is created by the web developer through various computer languages, which is his main work.

types of web developer

After understanding the function and definition of web developer, you have to understand its different types. In the coming times, the demand for this job is increasing rapidly, due to which this quality has been divided into different parts.

WordPress Developer

It is a popular type of web developer these days because most of the people want to create their website online through a Content Management System (CMS). In this process a system like WordPress comes in front of us and WordPress developer is knowledgeable of that system, who uses that system in a good way to build a website for a person.

Building such a website is very simple. For this you do not need to have any kind of computer language knowledge. This type of website is mainly used to start a new business. It is a fine art but its demand and price is very low globally.

Front end Developer


What does the website you are viewing look like? Front end developer is responsible for that. It is an important method of building a website, in which the theme of the website is designed. This process of building a website is also called client-side developer.

You should also know that every effort will be made to make a website as beautiful and attractive as possible. Its coding gets more and more complicated. Such a web developer must have thorough knowledge of computer languages ​​like HTML, CSS, JAVA.

Back end Developer

This is an important link in the category of website developer. The job of such a web developer is to activate the website. Coding is done for the website to function. This type of web developer role is not visible to any user. But the back end developer has a big hand behind the running and working of the website.

A back end developer manages all the databases of the website and prepares them in such a way that this is the most complex part of the website building process. How will the website look? After working on it, people work on the back end development of the website for a long time so that the website can run properly.

Eligibility to become a web developer

If you want to become a web developer then what are the qualifications you need to know about it, which is listed below in simple words, read them carefully –

  • To become a web developer, first of all you have to pass your elementary education i.e. 12th class, as far as you will understand the basic knowledge and working of computer.
  • Web developer must have a bachelor’s degree in a computer related subject. That is, to become a web developer, after passing class 12, study degrees like BCA, B.Tech. Where you have to choose your subject computer.
  • To become a web developer, it is most important for you to have knowledge of computer languages. The main work of a web developer is based on the languages ​​of the computer i.e. you should have knowledge of different computer languages.

Computer skills to become a web developer

If you want to become a web developer then you have to know that this job is a professional job that means you will get money and promotion according to your work. Because of which you should have an understanding of this work. For which you will need some special computer skills which are listed below.

  • To become a web developer, the first computer scale should be that you should have knowledge of various computer languages, such as – HTML, CSS, JAVA, C, etc.
  • Web developer is such a job in which you have to think about building a beautiful website that means your thinking should be creative.
  • To build different types of websites, you have to understand the needs of different types of people. That is, to move forward in this field, your communication skills should also be very good, due to which it is also very important for you to talk to people well.
  • To create a website, you have to use different types of photos in it, due to which you should have knowledge of some graphic tunes like Photoshop, Canvas, Picsart.
  • Understanding computer languages ​​becomes easy if you have an understanding of the English language i.e. to become a web developer it is necessary to have a little understanding of the English language.

How to become a web developer?

How can you become a web developer and get a good job? To understand this step by step is explained below, read it carefully.

Step 1 – Complete your elementary education.

An attempt will be made to explain the working of computer to you in different ways from class 10th to 12th. To advance in the field of web developer, you need to have a good understanding of computers. That is, while completing your elementary education, collect interesting information about computers.

Step 2 – Complete your graduation in computer subject.

BCA and B.Tech are mainly called courses to understand the knowledge of computer field. If you want to get a job in the web developer field, then read about these two major degrees through computer subject.

If you complete your graduation by choosing computer subject, then your chances of getting a job in this field are very high. Also, you will be able to learn the computer languages ​​used in web developer during your studies.

Step 3 – Practice different computer languages.

How were you in your studies?, It has nothing to do with becoming a web developer. But what level of knowledge of computer languages ​​you have and how you are able to use them will open other doors for your career as a web developer.

To become a web developer, mainly acquire the knowledge of some essential computer languages ​​like HTML, CSS, JAVA at a good level.

Step 4 – Apply for the job of web developer in the company.

Different company often keeps on releasing the application notification for the post of web developer. You will get this information from Google and YouTube. After collecting the information apply in all those companies and after passing the exam interview you will get the job.

This process can be quite complicated, the best way to make it simple is to get a job through the company that came in your college. Apart from this, you can work as a web developer by using various freelancing websites and earn money according to your work talent.

What is the salary of a web developer?

If you get a job as a web developer after following the above-mentioned instructions, your salary may vary from company to company. But generally a new web developer gets this salary from ₹ 25000 month to ₹ 50000 month, depending on your work talent.

As we told you web developer is a professional job i.e. you can start your own business in this field and also start your work through freelancing website, where according to your work talent you will get from ₹ 50000 per month. Earning up to ₹ 100000 per month can be done.


Who is called a web developer?

A person who has such knowledge of different languages ​​of computer that he can build a website, then we call that person as web developer?

What is the main job of a web developer?

The job of a web developer is to build various types of websites so that people looking for information online can find a place from which they can collect their information.

What does it take to become a web developer?

To become a web developer, you must have knowledge of different computer languages, as well as you have to study in the context of computer language.


In our today’s important article, we have told you all what is a web developer? ( Detailed information about job, type, qualification, salary and how to become?) is given. We hope that this information given by us has proved to be very useful for you guys and if you liked this information, then do not forget to share it with your friends.

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If you have any question or suggestion related to this article in your mind, then you can tell us in the comment box. We will try our best to respond to the feedback given by you as soon as possible and thank you very much for reading this important article of ours till the end and have a good time.

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