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Whatsapp account ban 2021 Reasons and Solution

Whatsapp account ban 2021 Reasons and Solution
Whatsapp account ban 2021 Reasons and Solution
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If your WhatsApp account got banned and you do not know what was the reason for this and if you think that your account has been banned by mistake, then follow the method that will be told to you and see if you are right then your account will definitely be open.

WhatsApp account banned

Although WhatsApp is not giving notice to any user before banning the account, we are going to tell you all the possible reasons for this.

So that you can keep your WhatsApp account safe. Let us know in points, due to the WhatsApp account being banned.

  • Chatting with a number whose number is not saved in your mobile and your number is not saved in the person’s mobile, in this condition your WhatsApp account may be banned. For this, avoid unknown numbers.
  • Before adding a number to the group, you must take permission from that person, failing which you can be reported and blocked. And the account can be banned.
  • Before doing any message in the group, keep in mind that there should not be a message that hurts any feelings. And do not forward the message sent by anyone without thinking, even in such a situation your account can be banned.
  • Messaging repeatedly on a number and the person in front of you having trouble with this message is also one of the reasons for your account being banned.
  • Sending bulk messages or using bulk broadcasting
  • Messaging a contact list that is not yours, and taking any action against the privacy policy of WhatsApp is also a reason for getting an account banned.

If you have made any mistake from the above-mentioned points then your account can be banned, and if the account is banned due to these reasons then it is difficult to recover it, by the way, if you threaten someone or use some wrong words in the chat. If yes, then WhatsApp’s API can track the activity of your account by tracking these words. And accordingly can take action for your account.

How to open WhatsApp ban account

Your account has been banned by mistake or by someone reporting you with the wrong intention, then you can appeal for the same. To appeal, you have to contact WhatsApp, if you have not made any mistake and your account has been banned unknowingly, then you can try this.

With this, there is a great chance of getting your account back. So let’s know how to appeal from WhatsApp.

  • After opening WhatsApp, you will see an error message Your Phone Number is banned from using WhatsApp, click on the Support option below.
  • After opening the contact form of WhatsApp, enter your mobile number, email, and message in it.
  • One day after submission, you will get a reply from WhatsApp.

Note: If you have not done anything against the WhatsApp policy, then you should tell well in their message.

In this post, you have been given information related to the WhatsApp ban. If your account has also been banned, then contact WhatsApp in an above-mentioned way, hope you have got some information from this article.

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