How to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone ?

How to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone ?
How to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone ?
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How to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone?

Transfer WhatsApp Chat history, that too Android to iOS or iOS to Android. It is a complicated and technical work in itself. Which generally not everyone can do. But according to today’s time, everyone changes their Smartphone in an average 1 year. In such a situation, everyone may need to do a WhatsApp conversion transfer.

Somebody wants to transfer WhatsApp Chat from their Old Android Phone to New Android Phone Some old iPhone to New iPhone. If you also want that all your WhatsApp messages, videos, and images are not deleted and you can use them in the new phone just like the old phone, then you are at the right place. We are going to talk here about such a mobile technology by which WhatsApp chat backup can be transferred from one phone to another.

Whenever you buy a new phone, you have to transfer all the data of the phone from one phone to another and this is the most important thing. If you want to send WhatsApp chat history and it from one phone to another, then for this you have to use the method described here and this is the best and easiest way.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat History?

If you have bought a new smartphone and you want that all your WhatsApp messages, videos, and photos are not deleted, then you have to restore WhatsApp messenger data on the new phone and let’s know step by step how to do that. Now there is such a way on WhatsApp by which you log in, you get back a lot of data by yourself. But to transfer the media files that are there, the method described here will be very helpful and you will get it through both free and paid mediums.

Chat transfer is not easy but it creates a backup for you in the phone itself and through that, you can use the method mentioned here to transfer data from one phone to another phone. Here we are going to give information about computer software that easily transfers your data without any technical requirement.

Dr. Fone Restore Social App:

Dr. Fone is a part of the famous software brand Wondershare. Dr. Fone is specially made software which can help the users to run the mobile phone properly. You will get to see many of its apps on the Google play store and iPhone app store. Some of which are free and some premium i.e. paid.

Restore social app is a combination of all messaging applications. From where WeChat, Line and WhatsApp Chats can be transferred, India WeChat and Line are of little use from one mobile to another.

That’s why we will get information about WhatsApp Chat transfer here, but before that we know what are the special features of social app back up and restore app?

  • WhatsApp chat can be transferred from Android to Android phone , Android to iOS phone, iOS to iOS phone and iOS to Android phone.
  • WhatsApp backup can be taken from iOS & Android mobile phone and all messages can be exported and saved in the computer.
  • WhatsApp backup chats can be exported for printing.
  • All the data from these WhatsApp messages transfer apps can also be previewed and the necessary data can be restored.

Step To Transfer WhatsApp Chats :

As a requirement, let me tell you that to do WhatsApp chat recovery, we just need a Windows or Mac computer system – where we use Dr. Fone social apps can install and use restore application. First of all you have to download and save WhatsApp backup on computer, if you do not know how to download WhatsApp app files backup then click here –

After saving the backup you can download Dr. Download and install the fone social app, this is a small size computer software, so you do not need to spend much internet in it.

Step To Transfer WhatsApp Chats :
Step To Transfer WhatsApp Chats :

After downloading and installing the application, when you open it, you will get to see a page like this and many functions will be seen along with it. If we have to restore the messages, then we will click on Restore social app option.

Step To Transfer WhatsApp Chats :
Step To Transfer WhatsApp Chats :

You all know how easy it is to transfer WhatsApp Chat from Android to Android. You just log in to your Gmail account from old phone to new phone, backup automatic restore is done. But if we want to do it from Android to iOS or iOS to Android, then for this we need a Backup & Restore process.

In such a situation, if you want to transfer WhatsApp messages from an iOS device to Android phone, then for this you must select option ie 4 option from it, similarly, you can select other options according to convenience.

ios to android

Now you are ready to restore the file but you all know that iTunes is needed to do any work related to iOS device, in such a situation you have to first download the latest iTunes application, after that you have to click on the Retry option.

Step To Transfer WhatsApp Chats :
Step To Transfer WhatsApp Chats :

As soon as you click on retry, by connecting the phone to the computer – this screen will pop up in front of you, after that, all you have to do is click on the transfer button, all WhatsApp chats will be transferred from one phone to another. If you want to see WhatsApp chat backup & restore demo of how Dr. If Fone Application works then you can watch this video demo.

Friends, there is a problem in transferring WhatsApp data from iOS to Android or from Android to iOS. But this application of Wondershare has made our work easy. Dr. Fone to WhatsApp chat history transfer is so easy that you can find all your old messages, photos on your new phone in few minutes. If you have any suggestions about it then definitely write in a comment.

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